Angel Information

Angel Leader:

Evangeline Melek

Second In Command:

Open (Speak to Evangeline)


Angels are winged spiritual celestial beings who serve as the attendants of God. They live with God in Heaven and often act as messengers to mankind, bringing wisdom, prophecies, and warnings to a select few. Although they are mostly benevolent, they are also soldiers of God's will and vengeance, seeking out and punishing both sinners and creatures of evil who would harm, corrupt, and prey upon humanity, such as vampires.

Evangeline is the only High ranking Arch-Angel who has more power over the other Arch-Angels and Arch-Nephilims combined. She has the power that is equivalent to God, as she is, in ways, his second.


Celestial Hierarchy

Angels are classified in a hierarchy. Each is assigned a specific and eternal task both in Heaven and on Earth.

Heavenly Spheres

Seraphim - Seraphs for short, the Seraphim are considered the highest class of angel, a such, they are said to be among the oldest and most powerful beings in the universe, second to God. They are the direct beholders of God as they encircle his throne. The Arch-Angels, like Evangeline, are the only angels capable of holding this title.

Cherubim - Cherubs, also called Cupids by humans, are a type of angel that seem to be at the very bottom of Heaven's hierarchy. They are tasked with pairing important bloodlines together by means, as it is their chore.

Throne - Thrones symbolize God's justice and authority.

Dominion - Dominions preside over the nations on earth and regulate the duties of regular angels.

Virtue - The virtues are responsible for the movement of celestial bodies, such as stars, moons, and planets, and are the ones who keep the cosmos in order.

Power - Powers collaborate with the principalities and are also the keepers of history. Their job is to keep other angels in line and order.

Principality - Principalities collaborate with the powers.

Archangels - Archangels are the chief angels of high rank and reputation. As generals in God's army, archangels are responsible for religion and looking after holy relics. Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Uriel, Azrael, Raziel, Raguel and Orion, Zadkiel are among the archangels.

Gurardian Angels - Common angels who do not have any specific task fall into this category. They are, in essence, the working-class of angels, and are therefore considered the lowest in rank. Although not their official office, these angels act as messengers of the higher classes, giving messages, orders, and directions either directly from the Archangel or from any other angelic authority. Many bring messages directly from God. Also they are gurardian angels protecting humans.

Lesser Angelic Beings

Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels are wicked or rebellious angels that have been cast out of Heaven and down to Earth or even Hell and become demons themselves. Although coming from different spheres, the fallen angels are seen by Heaven as the lowest of the angels. Lucifer/Satan is one of them.

Nephilim - Nephilim are a hybrid race that are half-human and half-angel. They are the offspring of a human and an angel.



Angel pregnancies will last a full term of 6 months or in the case of a procreation with a shifter, 7 months.

Angel x Angel will be a Angel

Angel x Human will be a Nephilim

Angel x Vampire will be a Nephilim

Angel x Werewolf will be a Werewolf

Angel x Nymph will be a Angel

Angel x Shapeshifters will be a Angel

Angel x Phoenix will be a Angel

Angel x Mermaid/Merman will be a Mermaid/Merman

Angel x Witch/Warlock will be a Angel

Angel x Fairie will be a Angel

Angel x Succubus/Incubus will be a Succubus/Incubus

Angel x Heretic will be a Angel

Angel x Cambion will be a Angel

Angel x Dhampir will be a Angel

Angel x Siren will be a Angel

Angel x Nephilim will be a Angel


Powers & Abilities

Though they are just as beholden to God as humans, angels were created superior to humans. As such, they are immensely powerful and wise, making them one of the most powerful supernatural beings in the entire supernatural universe.


Angelic Possession - As disembodied spiritual beings, angels can inhabit the body of any living creature and use it as their own. However, they must have the vessel's permission, basically, they need the vessels to say 'yes'.

Telepathy - Angels can communicate psychically as well as hear and read minds and thoughts and also possess a telepathic union among themselves called "angel radio" which they can access and block out at will. They can also experience the dreams and emotions of others.

Soul Removal - Angels can rip the souls out of living humans.

Molecular Manipulation - Angels can perceive, move, and change the molecular structure of matter. Angels are known to have turned people and even whole cities into salt.

Sonic Cry - Angels can raise their voice to ear-shattering levels.

Flight - Angels are exempt from and independent of gravity. Additionally, they are exempt from fear and possess bravery above and beyond that of a typical demon killer, as well as unshakable resolve, will, and inner strength.

Invisibility - Angels can alter human perception to appear invisible and to make no sound.

Superhuman Strength - While possessing a human, the angel's presence within a vessel dramatically increases their vessel's strength to rival or even surpass that of a human, vampire, werewolf, demon, and even their own kind. Their strength however varies from angel to angel. Higher-ranking angels are stronger than low-ranking angels.

Superhuman Speed - Angels can travel on foot around the earth seven and a half times in one second. They can out-move vampires without effort.

Superhuman Stamina - Angels are exempt from fatigue, hunger, and dehydration. They endow their vessels with inexhaustible energy and relieve them of their need to eat, drink, sleep or breathe.

Superhuman Agility - Angels can cling to shear surfaces and move with flawless grace, balance, and dexterity.

Immunity - Different angels and arch-angels have immunity to certain weaknesses that other angels see as weaknesses (i.e. holy water, holy fire, etc.).

Clairvoyance - Angels can see invisible beings and forces that mortals cannot.

Weather Manipulation - They can influence the weather and storms.

Healing Touch - By touching a person, angels can cure any bodily wound or disease.

Healing Factor - An angel's presence greatly boosts the immune system and self-regenerative abilities of their hosts and heals him or her instantaneously of any bodily wound or disease. They can even cause the wounds, diseases, and toxins of another being to heal instantaneously.

Superhuman Senses - Angels possess heightened senses.

Cosmic Awareness - Angels have a conscious awareness of all things that happen.

Resurrection - They can raise the souls of the dead from the afterlife. Angels can even bring the dead back to life. However, they must know where all the pieces of the original body are, and they must have the soul of the subject.

Telekinesis - Angels can move objects without physical contact.

Teleportation - They can appear and disappear instantaneously into and out of thin air with out occupying the space in between.

Vanquishing Touch - This is among an angel's most lethal abilities. By touching the head or face of any human, demon, or demon-related creature (vampires, werewolves, witches, etc..), the angel can flood the creature's body with its celestial light, destroying any demon and making the body uninhabitable to the souls of living or undead creatures. This practice is often called "smiting".

Immortality - Angels have eternal life.

Invulnerability - Angels are nearly indestructible.

Power Immunity - They are immune to most powers possessed by lesser beings.

Superhuman Durability

Regenerative Healing Factor - Despite their superhuman durability, it is possible to injure Angels. However, their unique physiology and mystical energies enable them to rapidly recover from almost any form of injury.

Magical Manipulation - Angels can use this magical energy for various effects only a few which have been shown. Known abilities include the ability to project fire bolts, shapeshift. They can also summon celestial armor and burning swords at will.

Winged Flight - The Angels possess large bird-like wings that protrude from their backs, who allow them to fly at incredible speed, and defy the laws of gravity. It has been shown that angels can fly with their wings on show, so they may be symbolic.

Astral Projection - Angels can project shadowy forms of their wings onto surfaces at will. If one is killed by Angel Blades, its wings are burned onto the surface on which they died.

Dream Walking - Angels can appear in people's dreams, they usually use this to communicate, when they can't find the person they're looking for, or want to talk privately.

Electromagnetic Interference - Angels can manipulate electrical appliances.

Protective Charm - An angel can protect an individual from most forms of physical damage. This degree of protection is linked to an angel's power.


Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced) - The Angels have trained in and battled for Heaven since the dawn of creation.

Magic - Being from a higher plane of existence, Angels have performed feats that can only be described as magical in nature. The ashes of an Angel's wing can bind a Heavenly soul to anything.

Enhanced Intellect



When at full power, Angels are supremely powerful entities and have few weaknesses compared to other supernatural beings such as demons or monsters. However, there are many means that can be used against angelic beings. 

Harming, Misleading, Banishing and Trapping

Angelic Exorcism - There is an exorcism chant to expel angels from their human vessels and send them back to heaven.

Angel banishing sigil - This sigil is capable of banishing angels, even an archangel.

Angel Depowering Sigil - A sigil capable of depowering an angel. Archangels are significantly weakened though not fully depowered by this.

Angel Depowering Spell - It is capable of depowering nearby angels if certain trail along with the sigils.

Angel Imprisoning Sigil - It could temporarily imprison them. When imprisoned, they can lose their powers temporarily. The sigi canl also block any sound from inside of the warded room to be heard by any angels in outside of the room.

Angel Proofing Sigil - It prevents an angel from entering a room, or listening sounds coming from inside.

Angel trap - It's another way to trap angels besides Holy Fire.

Alcohol - A whole liquor store's supply of alcohol is sufficient enough to cause a normal angel, cut off from heaven's power, to become intoxicated.

Angel Suppressing Sigil - It is used to give control of a vessel to the human the angel is inhabiting.

Anti-Christ - A cambion, destined to be anti-christ, is said to be able to char the entire Host of Heaven, yet it is not tested. Only thing a cambion could do so far was turning a cutt-off angel from heaven into a toy figure.

Angel Ward - Angel wards are enochian-based symbols that prevent the entry of an angel from a certain location.

Brain Penetration - They can break into the angel's "factory settings" through this method.

Enochian sigil - When Enochian sigils are placed on human rib cages, they prevent any type of angel from detecting and finding them. They can also be used to prevent angels from entering a building, capable of weaken the angel and they can also prevent an angel from hearing a conversation of those in a warded room.

Eve - A being older than the angels themselves, she can suppress their powers through her mere presence alone.

Expelling Angels Spell - This spell banishes all angels from Heaven, causing them to fall from sky. The spell also burns the wings of angels and weakens them significantly.

Grace Removal - An angel's grace is what supplies it with Enochian magic, and therefore if it is removed they will be rendered powerless and mortal. Grace can be removed by slitting their throat with an angel blade and drawing it out of their vessel and/or spirit. The grace can then be consumed by any angel or placed inside a vial.

Hand of God - These items contain a portion of God's power and it can harm an archangel to a certain degree.

Hexbag - Hexbags can used to prevent angels from detecting and finding someone.

Holy Fire - Encased in a circle of flames created from Holy Oil, the angel is trapped. The trapped angel still can use some of their powers. Touching the flame will kill the vessel and the angel. However, it cannot kill Michael, being only able to banish him.

Hyperbolic pulse generator - It is capable of exorcising an angel, including an archangel from their vessel.

Lucifer's Cage - This cell can hold any angel without any internal means of escape.

Magic - If the right spells were cast upon a book, reading it could potentially kill even an Arch-Angel.

Enochian Brass Knuckles carved with Enochian sigil's - These magical knuckles can weaken, hurt and prevent an angel to use their powers temporarily.

Mark of Cain - The Mark is capable of corrupting even Archangels.

Vessel Expulsion - A vessel possesses the ability to expel the angel possessing them if they so choose depending on their strength of will and willingness to be possessed.

Weapons of Heaven - Lot's Salt can dissolve an archangel's vessel. All of Heaven's weapons acting together can seriously wound, and might kill, an Arch-Angel.

Weak Vessels - Having a weak vessel prevents an angel to use his full power.


Angel Blades/Swords - Any angel with the exception of archangels can be killed by stabbing him or her with an angelic blade or sword in a vital area of their vessel.

Angel-killing bullets - Bullets forged from melted-down angel blades are capable of killing all angels apart from archangels.

Archangel Blades - An archangel blade can kill any angel, including an archangel. However, it must be wielded by another archangel to kill an archangel.

Death's Scythe - This weapon is capable of killing angels.

Energy Focusing Sigil - This spell can kill any angel directly in the path of the exploding angel, atomizing any angels nearby and killing anything else while blowing the whole area up.

Falling - Falling from Heaven can be fatal to angels with many dying of it.

Higher Angels - Stronger angels can overpower a weaker Angel. Archangels are capable of easily killing lower angels with their own power.

Higher Demons - The higher ranking demons are able to fight, overpower, harm, banish, possess and even kill lower level angels.

Leviathans - Leviathans can negate powers of lower angels and easily kill them.

The First Blade - The First Blade can kill angels.

Primordial Entities - The Darkness, God, and Death can kill any angel effortlessly.