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A sinister affair costume contest winners

Scariest costume:

Sinn DeLaughrey


Cutest costume:

Aurora Laveau


Creepiest costume:

Luciana Cabello


Funniest costume:

Ronan Spencer


Spookiest costume:

James Herald


Sexiest costume:

Aurora Laveau


Overall Best costume:

Aurora Laveau


Best Couple:

Aurora Laveau and Vincent Dimare


Congratulations to all our 2021 costume contest winners! Comments will be open below if you wish to roleplay your winnings as well as continue the event!

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  • Nymph

    PointlessChubbyDungenesscrab-size_restricted.gifThough the both of them originally planned on only sticking around at this event for an hour, that hour turned into several as Vin had managed to distract her from everything around them as the two stuck to their own, only dancing together and barely mingling amongst the others which she felt bad for just because she knew his family were in attendance. However, until they came around, she didn’t mind remaining in the bubble they’d built around themselves. “Your drink,” she said as she returned to the area she’d left her boyfriend while she went to go get them drinks. “The wig was itchy,” she instantly said before he could question why she wasn’t wearing said purple wig as she’d taken it off on her way to the bar and tossed it somewhere she couldn’t remember, instead letting her blond hair cascade down her back.

    • Phoenix - Owner

      tumblr_inline_o5bi0mnkTQ1t5d5ze_250.gifvHe knew that if they stayed in their own space that they wouldn't have to deal with unwanted presences so that's why he kept testing his limit by extending the time a couple of more hours. He could see that his niece was preoccupied with having a good time with her date so he knew that he'd visit them whenever they had the chance. He had stayed put when she went to get the drinks only to have her return without the purple wig. "Thank you," he said, pressing a quick kiss to the apple of her cheek before he chuckled at her explanation as he took the drink. "I'm not judging. Already took the gloves off," he said, flexing his hands once they were free from the white cotton gloves. He did though reach for his top hat and placed it on top of her head. "And now my hat is taken care of," he smirked at her teasingly before he took a sip. "Besides, I think it's already safe since you won the best costume of the night and sexiest costume which is rightfully so," he said, smirking as his arm went to wrap around her waist. "I feel lucky to be with the winner of the night." 

    • Nymph

      10b1d4463983d0c7786f768ad1b7c7408c6172d3.gifvIt felt like a huge relief to not be wearing that purple wig any longer and seeing as she discarded it previously, it was obvious Aurora didn’t plan on putting it back on. Not that she was the only one, however, as he mentioned removing his gloves, she gave him a look of amusement before her expression had settled into a soft smile in response to the kiss he’d planted on her cheek, setting both drinks down at the table they were standing by. “I don’t think we’re the dressing up type,” she stated the obvious, playfulness in her tone before she went to take a sip from her drink and when the hat was placed on her head, the nymph took the initiative to pose. “I’m sure this makes my outfit look even better,” she said, sarcastically but didn’t bother taking the hat off as her body automatically leaned into his when he was closer. Upon the mention of her winnings, she shook her head a bit. “I still can’t believe I won out of all the other better costumes out there,” she said in disbelief. “But, you’re a winner too tonight,” she reminded him as the two even managed to win best couple.

    • Phoenix - Owner

      tumblr_inline_o06hkvLXb81rifr4k_500.gif"No, we certainly are not but we still do it,” he chuckled back in amusement before he went to take another sip. The liquor burning nicely down his throat before he had set it back down on the table beside them. He saw just in time to see her pose and he had to admit that she looked better in it than him. “I know you’re being sarcastic but you really do make it work,” he playfully retorted before his gaze remained on her; a smile forming at the mention of her winning to which he ended up giving a pointed look to her words. “Are you kidding me? You’re the woman of the night right now,” he said, giving her a wink. He then smirked slightly at the mention of him winning as well before shrugging. “Once again, only proves my point of you having the best costume,” he said because he had this costume to match her. Just then, a slower song had started to play overhead and the soft plucking of the guitar had swayed people into changing their dancing into something slower to match the rhythm. Reaching for the hat on top of her head, he could only guess that by the look he knew he had in his eyes that she could guess what the next words he would utter. “Care to dance?” He asked, setting the hat down on the table near them as he extended his hand with a soft smirk.


    • Nymph

      13e4274baa28c97cff8a137bbbe975971758dcd5.gifv?profile=RESIZE_400xThough she wanted a bit of liquor in her system if she were to stay at this party for longer, she wasn’t the hard liquor type of gal so obviously, she stuck with a glass of champagne which she enjoyed as the fizzy alcohol travelled down her throat. “Of course you would say that,” she said, giving him a teasing look in response though she was liking his hat on her now more than she liked that wig, which she barely liked but it was needed in order to bring her costume to life. Speaking of, it was obvious she was glad she’d chosen these costumes for them because clearly, the events attendees appreciated the attires just as much as she and Vin did. “Keep the compliments coming, I’m not complaining,” she playfully responded when he’d told her she was the woman of the night, her gaze however settling into a soft smile directed solely at him. “You and I both,” she then reminded him, because she liked his costume more than she liked her own. Hearing the song change, she knew it was a matter of seconds before he’d ask her to dance in which she acted like she had to think on it before giving him a grin. “With you? Always,” she said, softly as she took his hand.

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