Code Name -Scarlet moon

2030hrs - Chicago Illinois               7sNm.gif

Codename - Scarlet moon


“Bodyguard Duty “ henri mumbled under his breath as he stepped out  into thewer dreary night of October 31st as he opened the umbrella making his way  towards the back door of the black bentley  as he opened the  door  placing the  umbrella above the rain hit it like little needles  hitting tin  Henri’s mind was a little  else where  as he was offered another contract  while in Chicago  from a Miss Winters to protect a loved  while she lived in chicago  the look on the clients face  concerned him  as he couldn't offer full protection  from the company  as they never had the man  power but if he had a chance he keeps an eye on her  the voice  of  the childish client  echoes in his ears “ about time Gramps “  the client was a despicable man   and nothing was his vault  Henro had wanted to end the welches  life several times  especially calling him Gramps  but it wouldn't  look good on him a client being  murdered under his care “ This way sir  “ Henri said  in a pleasant tone  as he walked towards  the club entrance  “ Mr Sharpe “ Henri nodded as he lowered the umbrella as  the  security guard at the door  opened it to let them through .


8AAb.gifThe lights of the club flashed various colours  as he followed  his client into the club the smell of alcohol filled the air  Henri could   hear and see the  blood pumping through dancers  bodies  Heni often kept his sunglasses on  when he was close to people to  keep the fact he was a vampire  from  people as the client arrived at his seat  drinks were already waiting  for him   he  grabbed  a small glass containing liquor insisting on Henri taking  the glass but  he politely declines as he moved to the back of the seating arrangement te night passed slowly  as he began to watch  as his client had become erratic his heartbeat was  faster than normal  obvious as  the client went to the  bathroom  he must have taken a narcotic or two  as he looked around he sighed as his hunger became more  becoming a  permanent bodyguard  it was hard for him to  go eat when he needed to as he  pulled out his cell phone  he felt a tap to his right shoulder  glaring at the direction  it was  his replacement Henri nodded as he raised his hand to pat his replacements shoulder “ good luck “ he chuckled as he made his way to the exit.


The minute Henri stepped out of the building  he looked like the drowned rat  he mumbled to himself thinking  get some food and it will change his mood  as he walked down the nearly deserted  streets the odd  person running to and throw from door to door  stopping at  a side alley  Henri  walked down to the ladder  climbing quickly  to the flat roof  as he began to  scan his surrounding  for possible lunch 


What seemed an eternity passed as Henri prowled the rooftops for prey stopping  at a ledge   a face  triggered his memory  it was the girl he was hired to protect but couldn’t  as his  job instincts took over he followed silently  as he pulled out his cell  texting for delivery  to an abandoned warehouse he was aware of a  black van braking quickly   and the girl being forced into the van   he stopped   as he stared   at one of the men  walked into the alleyway    the hunger Henri felt  made him pursue  the man into the alley but he needed answers


Henri entered the alley the kidnapper was aware of him as he waved off Henri with a   nothing to see here “ a low growl escaped henries lips as he spoke “ where did they take the girl “ the man told him to walk away henries ears pricked as he heard the familiar  cocking of a revolver as he walked away Henri repeated his question” where did you take the girl as the rain stopped it reminded him of a film one of his younger workers made him watch seconds later  4 shots echoed the alley which Henri avoided with ease but made it look like he was hit as falling to the ground. the footsteps came closer ashe felt his sunglasses being removed he opened his eyes biting the kidnapper's arm as he stared at Henri's black eyes the scream in pain that often followed didn't as he let go the man ran further into the alley smirking as he rose to his feet he called in a  taunting tone “ run as fast as you can you will never escape me I have your scent now dear boy “ moving at speed Henri took bites of his target as he ran stopping at the other end preventing escape pinning the snack to the wall “ where is the girl “ Henri took bites from his prey every time he lied till the preys cell phone buzzed forcing it from the pocket he saw the message he looked into the eyes of his prey “I no longer need you” he bit down on the human's neck feeding till he stopped moving. Henri took a deep breath as he looked at the body as his eyes returned to normal  Alistair's voice spoke in his head scolding him for giving in to his hunger and taunting his food turning quickly as he wiped his mouth his cell phone rang as he answered he relaxed it was Demetri  “ need a cleanup crew 321 street east im on route to rescue a VIP”.

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