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Secret Santa Sign Up

Hey everyone! 

Here is where you can sign up your characters to participate in Secret Santa this year. 

You can put your multi-roles as well. 

You'll get the names of the people you have for Secret Santa some time next week so keep an eye for that. 

Happy Holidays everyone! 


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Night of the Spirits Costume Contest Winners

Bellow are the winners of this years Halloween Costume Contest as well as our honorable mentions! Thank you for all who participated and congratulations to the winners.

Please feel free to continue from the event in the comment section with your winnings.


Scariest Costume:


Luciana Cabello


Sinn DeLoughrey


Prettiest Costume:

Amelia Annalise Wolfe


Cutest Costume:


Catherine Chandler


Donovan Pierce


Most Creative Costume:


Monroe King


Sinn DeLoughrey


Most Gory:

Sinn DeLoughrey


Best Couple:

A tie between:

Annona Williams & Daniel Montgomery and Inés Montgomery & Zander Knighthawk


Sexiest Costume:


August Harwell


Stefan Aniston


Funniest Costume:


Rose Connor


Niklaus Williams


Overall Best Costume:


Inyana Cabello


Sebastian McMillian


Most Iconic Costume:


Illyria Alderidge


Vincent Dimare


Honorable Mentions:

Scariest Female - Inyana Cabello, Ashlan Rose, and Isabelle Cifuentes
Scariest Male - Adrien Benson, Aiden Russo, and Vincent Dimare
Prettiest Costume - Monroe King, Rose Connor, and Inés Montgomery
Cutest Female - Monroe King, Rose Connor, Amelia Annalise Wolfe, and Catalina Hanson
Cutest Male - Aedion Aveyard, Niklaus Williams, and Zander Knighthawk
Most Creative Female - Ainslee King, Rose Connor, and Ashlan Rose
Most Creative Male - Maverick Lee, Aries Starr, and Niklaus Williams
Most Gory - Luciana Cabello, Daniel Montgomery, and Scarlet Peralta
Best Couple - Monroe King & Sebastian McMillian
Sexiest Female - Amelia Annalise Wolfe, Monroe King and Orianna Kaldaka
Sexiest Male - Daniel Montgomery, Sebastian McMillian, and Ezra Grey
Funniest Female - August Harwell
Funniest Male - Aedion Aveyard
Overall Best Female - Anastasia Thornbrook, Monroe King, and Catherine Chandler
Overall Best Male - Noah Knightingale, Phoenix Delvaux, Gael Suarez, and Ezra Grey
Most Iconic Female - Monroe King
Most Iconic Male - Greyson Dimare and Sebastian McMillian
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Phoenix - Owner

Species Change Check In

Wanting to switch over to a different species? 

Just comment below your character name and what species you'll be changing over to

so your badge will be changed accordingly. 

You'll also have to add your new species leader and inbox your previous species leader to make them aware of the change. 

The species leaders page can be found ~here~

Thank you. 

~ Admin Team


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Phoenix - Owner

Requirement Check In

Hey guys! 

Please comment below if you have done all the requirements listed below: 

1. Read the rules and sign them.

 2. Add the crew on the homepage so you can recieve messages/updates from them

3. Add your species leader

4. Join the absent group 

5. Claim your FC

That way you can get your species badge.  

Please comment below if you have completed the list.

Thank you. 

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