Secret Santa Sign Up

Hey everyone! 

Here is where you can sign up your characters to participate in Secret Santa this year. 

You can put your multi-roles as well. 

You'll get the names of the people you have for Secret Santa some time next week so keep an eye for that. 

Happy Holidays everyone! 


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  • Shifter

    Iseul Seon

    Vincent Dimare

    Antonio St. John

    Donovan Pierce

    Phoenix Delvaux

    Charlie O'Donnelly

    Maverick Lee

  • Witch

    Brooklyn Smith 

    Charlie O’Donnelly

  • Human

    Amaia Novak

    Freya Humphries

  • Heretic

    Elizabeth Matteo

    Rebekkah Danielson

    Aspen Hastings

    Valkyrie Skye

    Danica Claire

    Makenna Emerson

    Acadia Dawson

    Aries Starr

    Alexander Storm

    Nicolai Branson


  • Shifter

    Sebastián McMillan 

    Morgan Cade 

  • Phoenix

    Lily Maiela

    Lena Parker

  • Succubus

    Amelia Annalise Wolfe

    Ainslee King

    Hope Eloise 

    Dawn Katherine

    Charlie Wood 

    Evelyn Grace McCarthy

    Brianne Wardwell

    Erik Dallas

    Arielle Whitmore

    Roland Stellan 

  • Siren - Owner

    Inyana Cabello,

    Liam Eaton,

    Zayn Alderidge,

    Greyson Dimare, 

    Roman Davis,

    Jacob Beckett,

    Vanessa Dominquez,

    Raven Cordova,

    and Stefan Aniston

  • Witch - Head Admin

    Anastasia Thornbrook,

    Luciana Cabello,

    Aurora Laveau,

    Isabelle Cifuentes,

    Monroe King,

    Inès Montgomery,

    Sophia Leblanc,

    Celeste Davenport

  • Siren

    Luna Holland,

    Rose Connor, 

    Ezra Grey,

    Adrien Benson,

    Adriana Valentine, 

    Clayton Parker, 

    Catalina Hanson,

    Catherine Chandler, 

    Nikolai Leeche

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