Character Creations

Need someone to play a specific character you created? Want to play out a particular storyline? Well, here is where you can request it!

If you're requesting, please comment using one of the templates below! Or if you're just looking for open requests, look no further than the comment section. Should any peak your interest, contact the owner of the post and get to plotting!


For characters:

Preferred Name:




Preferred Faceclaim:

Short description / bio:

Additional info: 


For threads:

What are you looking for? Friend / Enemy / Lover / Etc.

Preferred Method of Communication: Inbox / Comments / PC

Preferred RP Format: Forum / Comments / PC

Brief Description of RP Ideas: 

The roles that are available can be found below and the descriptions can be found in the comments. To contact the owner of the posts, just click on the character's name below and you'll be taken to the owner's profile!


Character Creation Roles
Axel Bennett
Brandon Miller
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