Leader of the Dhampirs 

Ezra Grey


Second in command:

August Harwell


Dhampirs are a Subspecies to the Vampires. While they are a Hybrid of their own, they relate more to the Vampires than the other Hybrids do.

Dhampirs are half human and half Vampire's. Sometimes they are often associated with names such as "Daywalker", "SunCrawler" "Abomination", or even "Warriors/Guardians". 

Since Dhampirs are half-human, they do not need a Daylight ring to walk out into the sun. Dhampirs are able to eat human food but in order to keep up their stamina and energy of their Vampiric nature, blood is often required. It is up to the Dhampir how they chose to live their life. 

Dhampirs are easier to blend in with the humans compared to their Vampire brothers and sisters. Dhampirs skin tone is normally about two shades darker than that of a vampire. While Vampires look cold, marble and pale, the Dhampir race has a very slight sun kiss tone to their appearance, making their beauty surreal in their own way. 

Due to being half-vampire, Dhampirs are a lot stronger and faster than humans but slower than Vampires. Dhampirs have the affinity to handle weapons thus giving them the unique abilities to fight better than their Vampire counterpart but still are under the command of the Queen. No Dhampir may use their weapons to kill another Dhampir or Vampire. If this rule is broken, the penalty will be death carried out by Ezra. 

Dhampirs eye color will not change when their vampirism is being acted on, they will still have the same color as what they were given. 

The life span of a Dhampir is roughly ten times longer than the humans, but considering the dangerous jobs Dhampir takes to protect the other species, some of the Dhampir will die within the typical human lifespan. 

The only way for a Dhampir to exist is a Vampire/Human or Dhampir/Human relationship. So Dhampirs will most likely end up with a Vampire or a Human to continue to build up numbers but it is likely for a Dhampir to end up with another Dhampir only to procreate with a Vampire or a Human to keep their race alive.  Unlike Vampires, Dhampirs can procreate more than once. 



The term of a female Dhampir will be 8 months

  • Dhampir x Dhampir will have a Vampire child
  • Dhampir x Vampire will have a Dhampir child
  • Dhampir x Human will have a  Dhampir child
  • Dhampir x Siren will have a Siren child
  • Dhampir x Nymph will have a Nymph child
  • Dhampir x Phoenix will have a Phoenix child
  • Dhampir x Hybrid will have a Hybrid child
  • Dhampir x Witch/Warlock will have a Witch/Warlock child
  • Dhampir x Succubus/Incubus will have a Succubus/Incubus child
  • Dhampir x Mermaid/Merman will have a Mermaid/Merman child
  • Dhampir x Werewolf will have a Werewolf child
  • Dhampir x Faerie  will have a Faerie child
  • Dhampir x Shifter will have a Shifter child
  • Dhampir x Heretic will have a Heretic child
  • Dhampir x Cambion will have a Succubus/Incubus child
  • Dhampir x Angel will have an Angel child
  • Dhampir x Nephilim will have a Nephilim child






If you have any questions please see Ezra.