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Residents of Vrevale! In honor of the end of summer, the Witch Council would like to cordially invite you to the first ever End of Summer Masquarade Ball! All are welcomed to attend and join in on the fun, conceal their identity for the night, dispel inhibitions, and bring your inner self to life. It's gonna be a mysterious, magical and gala affair!


Date: Sunday, September 1st at 4pm - 12am EST

Event Hosts: Anastasia Thornbrook and Donovan Pierce

Dress Code: Formal, masks are required

Event Theme: Masquarade

Event Type: Masquerade Ball

Venue: The Witch Coven Estate

Activities: There will be lively music and a ballroom. Drinks and food will be available to guests throughout the night, served by the waiting staff.

Storyline development and drama welcome! 

Please RSVP and comment your attire below.

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