Don't be late for a very important date!

Please join us for our annual Valentine's Day party as requested by the Queen of Hearts.


Date: Friday, February 25th at 5pm EST - Saturday, February 26th at 10pm EST

Event Hosts: Valeria Leroux and Thaddeus Woods

Dress Code: Womens ~ Queen of Hearts costumes or dresses that are red, tying with the Queen of Hearts theme, along with mini top hats. Examples: Costumes - hats/crowns

Mens ~ Tuxedos with top hats or matching King of Hearts costumes. Examples: Costumes - Top hats

Event Theme: Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)

Event Type: Valentine's Day party

Venue: Valeria and Thaddeus' Home

Activities: There will be lively music and a ballroom. Drinks and food will be available to guests throughout the night, served by the waiting staff.

Storyline development and drama welcome! 

Please RSVP and comment your attire below.


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