Residents of Vrévale! 

Hope everyone has been doing well!

I think it's about time for one of these. It's been eons since we've done one.

It's an activity check. 

This one is pretty much the same as last one except now you can add a song you think would be your character's theme song or just do your current favorite song. 

Please do this because a playlist will be complied at the end of it to show off our member's favorite songs just like last's check! 

Playlist from Summer 2020 HOM Members can be found below. 

Click me!

So all you gotta do is:

Character name:

Favorite song/Character's Theme Song: 

And your favorite gif of your faceclaim! 

This will be up starting as 

May 16th, 2021


JUNE 16TH, 2021

If you have any issues completing this, please contact an admin ASAP so we can work with you. 

If you FAIL to complete this check, you will have until JUNE 23RD, 2021 to contact an admin to get your role back.

If we don't hear back at the end of that week (JUNE 30TH, 2021) then you will be deleted from the site. 

Take care everyone and be safe! 

~ Sincere wishes from the HOM Admin Team

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