Adrien Benson
Second in Command to Luciana
General Information
name. Adrien Benson
age. 28 // 343
birthday. October 13

sexuality. Heterosexual
marital status. Engaged with Orianna
occupation. Night club owner "Lust"
current location. Vrevale, Maine

height. 6'3"
build. Muscular
hair. Brunette
eyes. Brown // Black when demonic side comes out

Family Background
mother. Adelaide (Deceased) 
father. Xenonius
sibling. None
other. Luciana Cabello-Leader

Into the Unknown - Orianna

Adrien was born to his human mother named Adelaide and to his Incubus father named Xenonius on Sunday, October 13, 1687. Xenonius decided to name his firstborn male child Adrien due to the Latin meaning of "Dark" and his last name of Benson meaning "Son" giving Adrien the meaning of "Dark Son". His poor mother had no idea the meaning of his name but still loved the name Adrien was given. At first, Xenonius was certain that giving birth to a dark child on the Holiest day would mean that his son was destined to become the biggest Irony that could walk this planet.

As Adrien got older he noticed less and less of his father Xenonius around and even though he was small, Adrien tried his hardest to take care of his mother but with him being only a boy, there was so much he could do. His mother never thought of Adrien other than her handsome baby boy so she didn't ever try to burden him with the hardships of helping around when he was still small. 

Every day his mother would compliment him throughout the day, calling him handsome, wonderful, etc. causing Adrien to believe this and soon developed the narcissistic nature he has today. The older Adrien became the more he questioned who he was. There were times were Adrien had nightmares about his father and everything he was saying, showing him the future that Adrien would have. When Adrien told his mother she only coddled him and made sure nothing would happen to him. 

Upon the age of 15, Adrien was once again visited by his father in person, this time telling him of his nature and all the things he will be able to do and if he wished, even become. Adrien had no idea what his father was talking about but Adrien grew up slightly afraid of his father just from the few nightmares that involved him. Upon hearing that Adrien was an Incubus, Adrien thought it had to be a joke. "Those are a mythical creature father." He said through his laughs until his father showed Adrien his darkened eyes to which Adrien stopped laughing.

"Do I look mythical to you son?" Xenonius said. Adrien shook his head as horror flooded him. "You are my blood, you are an incubus like I am. I will teach you how to achieve your full potential."

"What must I do?" Adrien asked in a small voice. His father smiled and chuckled so darkly it ran shivers up Adrien's back.

"Lose your virginity." And then his father vanished, leaving Adrien alone once again. 

~More to be written~

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