Full Name : Amelia Annalise Demetria Wolfe  

Nicknames): Lia (Annona) Mia ( Vincent)  Emmie bear (Ainslee)
Age: 27
Date of Birth: 11/01/94
Gender: female
Species: Witch
Marital Status: Engaged to James Herald 
Family: my cousin Ainslee and my Uncle Vincent (Winny) little sister Roxana winters  Aunt Rose Conner baby cousin Ivy 
Soon to be in-laws: Aurora Laveau (Uncle Vincent)
Aries Starr (Cousin Ainslee)
Religion: Uhm
Occupation: Singer, Medical doctor surgeon at the local hospital
Education Level: College degree  M.D
Tattoo: on her right shoulder  and on the backs of her calfs 
Fc: Demi Lovato
Background History  
Amelia is the daughter of Adella Winters and Oliver Alexander Wolfe She is the only daughter they have together. She was born in a small village in Scotland on November first in her home as her mother at the time didn't believe in-hospital care saying it was incomplete and lacking. She was a beautiful newborn with dark black hair and deep chocolate brown eyes. From the day she was born she had her father wrapped around her fingers she was a total daddy's girl till the day Amelia inherited her mother's witch heritage and not her father's which was a Shifter. He didn't treat her the same after that even though she still could access her shifter side when needed. He took to drinking and beating Amelia and her mother, As a young child she came into her powers early at the age of a year old which concerned her mother and father a lot at the time not realizing she had 'activated ' her powers so to speak as items would levitate and other such things just by Amelia looking at them. By the time she was six she was used to beatings from her drunken father and getting beat by some of her father's unhappy crowd of shifters, It is then on that faithful night after putting her mother in the hospital after her dad beat her almost to death and beat herself pretty badly that she met a man who would become very important to her.
(to be continued later)
 (Bios for everyone under construction)
Alex Clay Winters
(Bestie / Bestfriend)



Vincent Cael Dimare

 Phoenix leader


9269123076?profile=RESIZE_400xAurora Laveau

 (Nymph leader)

(aunt in law -Vincent)


9269126896?profile=RESIZE_400xRebekah Danielson

( first friend from town/ Older sister bond )

9269133687?profile=RESIZE_400xRose Conner

(Vampire Queen)


(Aunt )



James Herald
(Phoenix )
(Mine no touchy or I'll torch you)
 My fiancé ( man I love saying that )
Aries Starr
(cousin in law - Ainslee)

Ronan Kai Spencer 
( warlock)
( Adopted Big Brother)


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    Roxy never told me when your  Death  day  I mean  Birthday was soi do apologise but I heard from a  source you like motorcycles  so thought this may be of use  


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    Sorry I missed your birthday Bestie  you know how  work shifts can be    but any way



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    Sorry for the late response, Mia, but I nearly forgot we'd taken that picture!

    One of my faves, if I'm being honest.


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    Thank you for the song, I absolutely loved it. 

    I think that I may have to sing it for her some time. -He smiled fondly.- 

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    9409136471?profile=RESIZE_400x- leaves the rose in a  small vase on the table  with anote 


    - Hey would you like to go with me to the end of summer event 


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    It's official.. I think you've blown me away far more than your uncle ever has.

    And that's saying something!

    That's a beautiful song, just as beautiful as your voice is, Mia.


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