A witch ought never be frightened

in the darkest forest because

she should be sure in her soul

that the most terrifying thing in the forest

was her.

Terry Pratchett, "Wintersmith"


full name: Anastasia Maeve Thornbrook

nicknames / alias: Ana, Stasia, Tasia / Regent, "High Priestess"

gender: Female

age / dob: 26 / April 28th, 1993

birthplace: Vancouver, Canada

residences: House in Vrevale, Maine - Witch Coven Estate

orientation: Heterosexual

status: In love with her best friend

species: Witch

rank: Coven Leader / Regent

abilities: Dark magic, light magic, sacrificial magic, ancestral magic (regent abilties only)


faceclaim: Jessica Lowndes

height: 5'4"

build: Slim

hair color: Dark brown

eye color: Green - Silver when using magic

features: Coven tattoo on left inner wrist


positive: Charming, adventurous, brave, honest

negative: Cold, manipulative, pessimistic, sarcastic


Boyfriend Love of her life - 


Half-brother -


Parents -


Ploy -

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a change of heart 10.06.19 08.19.20 Anastasia, Phoenix
chaotic beginnings 06.29.19 11.06.20 Anastasia, Nikolai
right hand or family? 09.07.19 04.22.20 Anastasia, Jacob
 don't underestimate the wrath of a witch 09.30.19 11.01.20 Anastasia, Theodore
an unlikely alliance 01.11.20 01.11.20 Species Leaders



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  • Heretic

    Thank you for adding the wacky crazy me, Hope to Rp one day


  • Hybrid

    Thank you for adding me, look forward to seeing you around


  • Vampire - Admin



    -Continue to chant in banana language- 

    Come back!!!!!

  • Warlock

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    I know how you feel about the day but I couldn't resist getting you a little something. 

    (And also to make up for me falling asleep the other night >.>) 

    So happy Valentine's day cause I know you well. Liquor, chocolate and a cheesy pun that will make you cringe. 

    Also a reminder for you. It's my handwriting. -He smiles warmly at her.- 


    (Also replied to our PC RP and forum to make up for me falling asleep so please forgive me. -He gives an innocent grin.-) 


  • Warlock

    Merry Christmas, Ana! This will have to be the best Christmas that I will probably spend just because you're with me this time. 

    So. -He rubs his hand together in excitement.- Here are your gifts and I hope you like them. I may or may not have went a bit overboard with a certain thing but...

    they are there for a reason. 

    So to start it off, I figured I get you two things that are your weaknesses. Chocolate and liqour. I noticed your stash was getting low and well, I think we all know what happens when it's empty. -He winks at her.- 


    Next are two things. A bracelet and a necklace. The bracelet comes with a message for you.

    Since I've loved you since I knew you, this bracelet is to remind you that I will always love you even the darkest parts of yourself. Also to go with to remind you,

    I spelled the rose inside this amulet to never wilt. Another reminder of my love for you and as long as you wear it, I'll be there whenever you need me.


    Like I said, I went overboard with the jewelry but it has a meaning to it! Now this one is a reminder of a special night. The Halloween Ball. 

    It was the night where you knew my true feelings for you and it was just the beginning for us. 

    11927234_hi?$pdp_hero_standard$ On the back, it's engraved with the quote "Simply we are meant to be." I know you may look at that night with mixed feelings but I don't regret a single thing. So here's to Jack and Sally winning that costume contest. -He laughs softly with a shrug.- 

    This is the last of the jewelry, I promise. 


    So these three pieces are something I made for you! The necklaces are spelled, of course along with the ring. The necklaces are there to help you keep a calm and level head but 

    they also let you know when danger is coming your way. Touch them and I'll know if you need me there. I want you to be safe and knowing that these may help you will give my mind some comfort at least. 

    And the ring is to help you when you need to make some choices. I know how wrapped up you get in your mind when it comes to the council so whenever you're about to make a choice, the ring will stay golden if it's good, it will get cloudy if it's a bad one. Just something to help you in your line of work cause let's face it, love, you can be as hot headed as they come. Just another thing I love about you though. -He chuckles.-

    And this finally one. -He leaves a big box with a bow wrapped around it.- While it may not be a big trip, I still wanted to take you to one of my favorite places. Luckily it's so close, we won't be gone long cause it's a crime sometimes for you to step away from work. So, I figured a small trip to New York for dinner and maybe a Broadway show won't hurt, right? I got you a dress that I think you'd look amazing in. Never really seen you in red before and I'm pretty sure you'll take my breath away like you always do.


    Well, you already know that you fell for the sappy guy so just keeping up that rep you gave me. Cause let's face it, you're making me as sappy as the next guy but only cause I'm lucky to you.

    Merry Christmas again, my Ana. I love you.

  • Vampire - Admin

    Merry Christmas Anabanana! 




    Rosie Posie

  • Vampire - Admin

    Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa!


    Can you guess who it may be from? 

  • Warlock


    "It's as if every

    atom in my body

    gravitates towards you."

  • Warlock

    Can't help but wondering if this
    Is the last time that I'll see your face
    Wish I could say something
    You tell me I won't ever change
    So I just say nothing...


    A postcard from New Orleans arrives on her desk.
    "I hope one day you'll forgive me.
    Since when I have ever told you the exact truth, huh?
    Thought you knew me better than that."
    Was all that was written on the card with no name or sign off. 

    No matter where I go, I'm always gonna want you back...
    No matter how long you're gone, I'm always gonna want you back

  • Vampire - Admin


    A little bit!!

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