A witch ought never be frightened

in the darkest forest because

she should be sure in her soul

that the most terrifying thing in the forest

was her.

Terry Pratchett, "Wintersmith"


full name: Anastasia Maeve Thornbrook

nicknames / alias: Ana, Stasia, Tasia / Regent, "High Priestess"

gender: Female

age / dob: 26 / April 28th, 1993

birthplace: Vancouver, Canada

residences: House in Vrevale, Maine - Witch Coven Estate

orientation: Heterosexual

status: In love with her best friend

species: Witch

rank: Coven Leader / Regent

abilities: Dark magic, light magic, sacrificial magic, ancestral magic (regent abilties only)



faceclaim: Jessica Lowndes

height: 5'4"

build: Slim

hair color: Dark brown

eye color: Green - Silver when using magic

features: Coven tattoo on left inner wrist



positive: Charming, adventurous, brave, honest

negative: Cold, manipulative, pessimistic, sarcastic




Boyfriend, best friend, and love of her life

Ana and Phoenix have a long history together; they grew up in two separate families that hated the other and tried to pin the two against each other. However, their friendship was too strong to be effected by a bit of family drama. He was the most important person in her life and she cherished their close friendship as if it were going to come to an end any day now but things turned for the worse when Phoenix's jealousy got in the way and he hexed a mutual friend of theirs who happened to be human. Banished from the coven by her great-grandmother, Phoenix was forced to leave the city and Ana had gone years without seeing his face until he popped up out of nowhere and realized just how much she'd missed him. Lifting his banishment almost instantly, their friendship started up again after the two talked things through and as time went on, she realized she saw him as more than just a friend and come Halloween, they'd shared their first kiss and said their 'I love yous' after a near death experience brought them closer. That friendship quickly blossomed into a relationship and she can't possibly see herself spending the rest of her life with anyone else.



Second in command, council member, and most importantly, half-brother

For a majority of her years as regent, Ana had seen Jacob as nothing but her right hand man and the top of her witches council but things seemed to change drastically the day her mother had dropped a huge bomb; Jacob was her half-brother. Rumors had been circulating around this but Ana, being the hater of gossip within her coven, chose to ignore them but when her mother confirmed it, it angered her. Her mother had abandoned Jacob when he was younger, forcing him to kill her before he was attacked by a Vampire, causing him to transition from a Warlock to a Heretic. Her mother was resurrected years later by Ana's grandparents before falling in love with a human, whom she had Anastasia with. Nowadays, these two are just trying to get to know each other more as siblings and not just work associates.



Father and mother egg donor

Ana is a daddys girl, has been since she was a child as her relationship with her mother has never been the best but things worsened the day her grandmother stepped down because her mom, who assumed the regency would be handed down to her, was passed on so said regency could be handed over to Ana instead. Amelie was obviously furious with this decision and from then on, has vowed to make her daughters life a living hell while her father, who is human, prefers to stay out of the supernatural lifestyle the two women in his life live by. Amelie's actions towards Ana is also unknown to Chris, as he believes the two possess a healthy relationship as the two are both witches. However, little does he know the two can't even stand to be in the same room, let alone share a surname.



Ploy for the downfall of the Cabello's

When the siren's had chosen to take the city as their own and begin their mind games with its occupants, Ana was furious as the 'original' species (witches, vampires, werewolves, etc.) were here long before the sirens and succubi entered the city and claimed it. The regent was angered by this and vowed to make their lives a living hell and upon invesigation and talks with her great-grandmother who know resided in the Other Side (an alternate universe for deceased witches and warlocks, alike), she found out about their family history and so it only felt right to ruin their lives by resurrecting the one thing that they feared; their father.




Revenge is a dish best served cold (02.14.21) - Phoenix Delvaux

Right hand or family? (04.22.20) - Jacob Beckett

Don't Underestimate the Wrath of a Witch (11.01.20) - Theodore Carter

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Learning To Protect and Defend (02.15.21) - Amelia Annalise Wolfe

Chaotic Beginnings (11.06.20) - Nikolai Leeche

A change of heart (08.18.20) - Phoenix Delvaux

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  • Warlock

    Happy Birthday the biggest love of my life! 

    I know, I know, before you give me that look, it's a bit belated but my surprise took a bit of time. However, I promise, I did not forget because...how could I ever forget one of the best days of my life? -He smiles before leading her to an empty spot in the forest, before rubbing his hands together and murmuring a spell only to reveal a cottage.- 

    Happy Birthday. You know how conjuring up things like this isn't my strong hence why it took some time, however, I made sure it was perfect. It's a spot for us to get away without anyone knowing and even you can use to get away from just about anything. Figured you can use a bit of a home away from home. I hope you like it. 


    I will show you a tour later because you got some gifts waiting for you on the deck as well as a cake and dinner with yours, truly. -He said, taking her hand to lead her around the back so they have a good view of the lake as well as the crescent moon shining in the evening sky.- 


    I thought we could spend the first evening here, just us, celebrating your birthday. -He said, guiding her towards the table before reaching for her gifts.- 

    You know how I feel about your protection, especially at work and just well, living in Vrevale, so I thought I'd get you another pair. Plus, I noticed your spell book was getting filled up so I got you two more, except the last one can only be opened by you. The first one though has the spell to this place written in already so. I hope you enjoy them. 


    And lastly, because you know how much I have to remind you that I love you because it's a must. I can't complete my day without doing it. -He chuckles gently.- 

    So I got you a necklace with a special message inside and lastly, something for the office. Yes, I know I'm cheesy to add a photo of us but you know how I get with you. A big ol' cheeseball. 


    I really hope you do like your gifts as you deserve nothing but the best. I love you with all my heart and any day I spend with you I'm grateful for. And just for another birthday surprise, I'll let you smash my face into the cake if you'd want to. -He winked before kissing her forehead.-

    Happy Birthday again. 

  • Warlock

     * leaves a baskets   at your door with a card 


     To Ana 


    Happy birthday  hope you enjoy them10446547269?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • Vampire


    Expect a response to our thread soon, sweetheart

  • Warlock

    Has anyone ever told you that you are the best gift giver? 

    Thank you truly for my birthday gifts. I love them and most importantly, 

    you're just about the only person that I'd want to spend today with.

    I love you with my whole heart. 

    Once again, you blow me away, Anastasia...how did I get so lucky, huh? -He chuckled but holds warmth in his hues.- 


    Now...I got a delicious cake here but yet...none of my face yet? 

    Think you might wanna hurry before I dig in. -He teased.- 

  • Warlock


    Well...aren't you the best thing I've seen in months? 

    I've missed you like hell. 

  • Thank you!! I can't wait to get back to writing again and meeting everyone!! ~Ali

  • Warlock

    Happiest of birthdays, my love! 

    I couldn't imagine not having you in my life so today is truly one of my favorite days to exist.

    I love you with my whole heart and I will always be here for you, no matter what. 

    You will always have my heart. 

    With this birthday wish, I also come bearing gifts for my beloved. 

    So to get started, I got you a cake because how could I not? It wouldn't be me to not tell you that I love you so it came with a message.

    Second, some roses and a gift basket of snacks with vodka because alcohol is a must. Plus this will also go with your other gift as well. -He winks.-


    Second round of gifts. I got you more grimoires because you can never have too many, ya know? Then an obsidian necklace to protect you from any negative energy and overall protection. I also spelled it to where it'll cloud up pure black if anything bad is around or if anything is coming your way. Third, I will always remind you of this because it will always be true. 


    Now for these three! As a surprise, I have turned one of the guests room into something I know will be put to good use. With how much you talk about wanting to stay home from events just to get drunk and watch movies, I'd figured I'd set up a home theater for you. As well as have a popcorn machine in there so we can have freshly popped popcorn for any movies we watched. Then I also installed this into the kitchen because we both know how you feel about liqour. Now it'll have your favorites. -He chuckles.- 


    Happy birthday again, my better half. I'm so happy you're in my life. 

    I am forever yours. 


  • Witch


    I feel so honored that you wish to have me join the council being the new girl in town and all.

    I am excited to build a connection with you and the council!

    Thank you for the gifts as a welcome.

    I shall try not to cause too much mischive. 


  • Phoenix - Owner

    While our characters are enemies, I thought I'd still leave something on your page. 

    In honor of this month being our site's anniversary,

    consider this an immense thank you for being on our Admin Team and for doing a wonderful job as Head Admin!

    We can't imagine having a better admin team than we already do so thank you. 


  • Warlock


    "You are the person

    I'll never stop looking for

    in a crowded place." 

    Even if said place is one of these horrid events...

    Just thought I'd stop by again to remind you how much I love you.

    Feel like I haven't said that in a while or not nearly as much as I should. 

    I love you. 


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