Ashlan Rose.
Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
full name.Ashlan -- Rose
date of birth.April 16
age.Here ; Here
faceclaim.Melissa Benoist
dating status.Dating
occupation.SIC to the Nymph
tattoos/Marks.Left Leg
Back and Right arm
build.Hourglass & Athletic
blood type.Here
preferred hand.Right

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Nymphs are female nature spirits from Greek mythology which are well-known for their beauty. While they're often the offspring and/or companions of gods and goddesses, they themselves are not typically regarded as goddesses in the same sense the Olympic gods are, as it's possible for them to be killed. Still, they're not considered mortals either, as they won't ever grow old or be affected by illness.

Nymphs are typically friendly in disposition, although there have been some exceptions. They're often associated with dance, music, love and promiscuity, and known to engage in love and sexual behavior not only with humans but also with other forest denizens such as Fauns and Satyrs. Historically, each Nymph or group of Nymphs is intrinsically linked with a specific location or landmark. Many are associated with water bodies, to the point that the alchemist Paracelsus used the term "Nymph" as a synonym for his water elementals, a.k.a. Undines.

The Nymphs are essentially physical incarnations of the forces of nature such as water or wind. They are a mysterious race, believed to have been created to preserve what is called "The Great Balance" As a result, they are spirits of neither good nor evil and will aid the side that is necessary to preserve or realign the afore mentioned balance. Depending on what type of Nymph the female is (water, land, wood,..) they have the ability to control a specific element.

Nymph legend says that they were created by an entity believed to be the source of all things natural to which they refer to as Shialakzoran, which literally means “Nymph mother” in ancient Esirian. This may also refer to Aurosozahnah, High Goddess of Nature from the ancient days prior to the Mianorite invasion. Shialakzoran, though highly revered, has never been worshiped by the nymphs. It is due to the nature of their relationship resembling more of a bond between a mother and her children as opposed to a goddess and her followers. As such, nymphs consider themselves all part of one big family. They refer to each other as cousin, if speaking to a nymph of another element, but will refer to nymphs of the same elemental alignment as sister.

All nymphs are female, however due to their longevity it is not necessary that they procreate. Which prevents their population from growing out of control or dwindling. Nymphs can born from nature itself, one day appearing from a minor gust of wind or newly budded tree in spring. They may also be born through mating with other sufficient races (depending on the race, mortal or immortal). Depending on the nymph, in the case of a female offspring, it will be born a nymph. This method of nymph creation is usually very rare, due to their nature of separating themselves from mortal society. 

Nymphs exist in an unusual state of limbo between life and death. In a general sense nymphs are immortal, however some nymphs can be killed or made mortal through rare circumstances, secrets that nymphs guard dearly. 


Nymphs appear human, but usually have an appearance that is tied to their natural object - a dryad's hair will usually match the leaves of her tree (in all seasons), for instance, and water nymphs universally have blue eyes. Whatever their individual traits, they are always beautiful and youthful in appearance.

In addition to not aging, nymphs are immortal - as long as their natural object is around, so shall they be. They can, however, be harmed, generally in any way that a human can be. They share the specific strengths and weaknesses of their natural object, however - a water nymph cannot drown, but a dryad will be especially vulnerable to fire.

Every spring after attaining majority (which in nymphs usually takes as long as it took their natural formation to form), nymphs experience a fluctuation in their hormones somewhat akin to an animal going into heat. To put it bluntly, they become extremely horny, and seek out partners with which to have rather vigorous intercourse. Repeatedly. It is incredibly rare for them to produce offspring from these liasons, but any child born to a nymph will have an affinity for their mother's natural formation, while taking after its father in terms of genetic traits.

Magical Characteristics:

As beings tied to nature, nymphs can communicate with plants and animals. Seeing as they control the elements, usually they and the elements get along, meaning they can generally encourage some sort of cooperation. In addition, nymphs can move through the woods without cracking a single twig or disturbing a single leaf, due to their kinship with nature.

Each nymph has a special tie to her natural formation, and can retreat into it regardless of normal impossibilities. A nymph cannot stray far from her natural formation without weakening. Her life is also dependent upon it - if something detrimental happens to her formation (a tree sickening, a river being polluted), she too will suffer. If her formation is destroyed, she dies. This relationship is not reversed - if a nymph is harmed or slain, her natural formation will remain untouched.

When a nymph is 'in heat', she exudes magically enticing pheromones, which are particularly effective on humans and satyrs.

Society and Habitat:

Nymphs from nearby natural things tend to gather in groups, but they can't wander far, and they don't have much interest in things beyond their natural habitat. With the pollution and industrialization prevalent in the modern world, nymphs are quickly becoming more and more rare. Under normal circumstances, nymphs cannot travel to another plane or world without severing the tie to their object, and therefore dying.

Wood Nymphs and Plant Nymphs are identified with particular species of trees. Often their bodies become part of the trees they inhabit. Dryads are associated with oak trees. Ovid tells the story of Daphne, the Nymph who becomes a laurel tree. The god of love Eros wounds Apollo the god of the Sun, with an arrow, causing him to fall in love with Daphne, daughter of the river god Peneus. A follower of Artemis and vowed to chastity, Daphne runs away from her pursuer. Just as Apollo is about to catch her, Daphne cries out to her father for help. The moment the cry leaves her lips, her skin turns to bark, her hair to leaves, her arms to branches and her feet to roots. Embracing the lovely laurel tree, Apollo declares it sacred and winds a laurel wreath around his brow.

Wood and Plant Nymphs: Dryads have green eyes.

Controlled elements:

Classical elements typically refer to the concepts in ancient Greece of earth, water, air, and fire, which were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances. However, there are actually eight known elements of nature: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Nature, Ice, Light, and Darkness. Each type of Nymph group are capable of performing two out of the eight elements unlike Aurora, who can perform every element (even though her main incarnation is a water nymph).

Wood and Plant Nymphs: Air and Nature

Elemental Abilities:

All Nymphs:

Enhanced Condition: The power to possess a physical and mental condition beyond the peak of human condition.

Environmental Adaptation: The power to survive and adapt to an environment.

Ecological Empathy: The ability to sense the overall well-being and conditions of one's immediate environment and natural setting stemming from a psychic sensitivity to nature.

Nature Unity: The ability to become one with nature.

Wood and Plant:


Botanical Communication: The power to communicate with plant-life.

Plant Manipulation: The power to manipulate plant-life

Plant Growth: The power to influence the growth of plant life.

Plant Mimicry: The power to transform into or have a physical body made up of plant materials



Nature life force: A nymph's life force is connected to the specific part of nature that they control (e.g. a dryad with a tree, a myceliad with a mushroom, etc). As such, if that specific part of nature is destroyed, then the nymph will die.


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Plotting Application!

Changing Tides - Aiden
Aid and Assist - Aurora
Unnamed - Name
Unnamed - Name

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  • Born in Russia
  • Close to fam
  • Nomadic life
  • Brother kidnapped at 21
  • Tries looking for him
  • Gets kidnapped at 28 
  • Gets turned into a Hybrid
  • Tries searching for her brother after killing those who kidnapped her
  • Runs into the Fae Queen
  • Gets a scar protecting her
  • Fae Queen gives her a diamond shape mark (is protection/means to communicate with the queen over long distances)
  • Join the league of assassins
  • Her mother finds her and tells her that her brother killed their father and he is in Vervale
  • Starts to hunt down her brother.
  • Still lives a nomadic life
  • Finds her brother and enlists the help of a witch to spell him.

This is where my story begins, on a full moon face to face with the one I used to look up to; my brother. No more do I think of him as kin more like an enemy who needs to be removed.



April 16


Ashlan Rose





Face Claim:

Melissa Benoist



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