They Call her The Devil's Daughter .8092976494?profile=RESIZE_584x
Name: August Harwell

Age: 231

Date Of Birth: December 6th, 1789

Species: Dhampir (Half Human/Half Vampire Hybrid) 

Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom

Place of Residence: Vrévale, Maine

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single, ...interested

Children: None

Family: Twin Sister, Athenia Harwell
Occupation: Mercenary, Ezra's Second In Command



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  • Dhampir


    Hearing her admit that she will always come back to him as well made his chest feel light as if a weight had been lifted. His rich, deep set of brown orbs followed her movements as she looked down, slightly worried that his absence was causing her to feel disconnected from him. As another kiss was placed up his lips his thoughts vanished immediately. How she had this effect on him she had no idea but he was not complaining. Leaning into her touch he almost missed the words she had spoken but his sensitive ears wouldn't allow him to miss such a beautiful voice saying three beautiful words. The corner of his lips twitched wanting to grin at her admission as he let out a small breathy chuckle. "I love you too." He had been wanting to say those words since getting to know her but his fears of not being enough or worthy of love always filtered into his mind but now that his feelings were obviously returned, he hoped she wouldn't mind hearing them everyday. 


  • Dhampir

    "I know, I wish I was around more as well. I promise I am trying to be around more, but know I am not leaving." 

    He places a small kiss on her lips once more. "You're stuck with me."


  • Dhampir


    How's that? Am I forgiven? -Smirks- 

  • Dhampir


    My dear no amount of sorries will ever do for keeping myself away from you.

    Please allow me to make it up to you? You name it love.

    Your Ezzy

  • Dhampir


    I had no idea you missed me but if you're going to look like that while I'm gone...

    perhaps I should stay away more often ;)


  • Dhampir


    Right I think we will, love, oh I mean

    Miss Harwell. ;)

  • Dhampir


    Then I won't be careful

  • Dhampir


    -Smirks- Well guess we'll have to see won't we love? 

    Be careful now my dear, cause you're fighting temptation

  • Dhampir


    Oh I can't wait for you to eat your words 

  • Heretic

    Thank you for adding the wacky crazy me, Hope to Rp one day


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"Miss you baby! Hurry back soon ❤️❤️"
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"The girl was relieved! She had a nervous ache in her gut but when he said it back- she was definitely at loss for words. 'Aw-' her eyebrows pulled together as she tried to muster the words together to tell him how thrilled she was. But instead she…"
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""I know. And I know you'll always come back to me. As I will, always come back to you Ezra." She giggled and looked down for a short moment before looking back up at him, meeting his lips once again in a satisfying kiss. Once the kiss was broken,…"
Aug 25, 2021
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"perhaps *she smiles and raises a brow.* I missed you so much. I know you've been busy, and I understand. And I'm not going anywhere, ... I just wish you were around more babe. ❤️"
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