"Nothing is softer or more

flexible than water,

yet nothing can resist it."

- Lao Tzu



full name: Aurora Emmalyn Laveau

nickname/alias: Rora, Rory, Aura

gender: Female

age: looks to be around her 30s, actual age unknown

birthdate: Sometime in December

birthplace: Somewhere near the waters

residence: House in Vrevale, Maine

orientation: Heterosexual

status: Enthralled by a certain Phoenix

species: Water Nymph (nereid)

rank: Nymph leader

face claim: Blake Lively

eyes: Blue (eye color changes with each element used)

controlled elements: Has the ability to control every element (water, ice, earth, nature, air, fire, darkness)

features: river waves along her right rib cage



> = Repied ~ < = Replying ~ !! = Overdue

aurora, vincent. - when two worlds collide (>)

species leaders - an unlikely alliance (>)

aurora, ashlan - a helpful hand (>)




Vincent Dimare ~ Fascination, captivation, her mystery

~ info goes here



Ashlan Rose ~ Second in command, close friend

~ info goes here

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  • Phoenix - Owner


    I should also be thanking you. 

    You're really the only reason I'm starting to look forward to these events actually. 

    I just know I'll always have a wonderful time wherever as long you're around. 

  • Phoenix - Owner


    One of the hosts from the Christmas event gave this to me. You really were stunning that night. 

  • Phoenix - Owner


    Happy Holidays, Aurora! I know, I know. I'm a week late but one of the gifts had taken a bit to be prepared so I hope you don't mind. 

    Alrighty, let's get started, shall we? -Smirks softly.- 

    First gift is a bit cheesy! Not gonna lie but I couldn't help it. I had got this at the aquarium and I saw how your eyes lit up at the dolphins so, figured I could add this one as a small one. 

    Second gift, I know how you haven't been able to go to swimming because of the water being at freezing temperatures so I figured that you can still see the waves as if you were swimming. It can project water waves all around the room so if you miss the water, you can just turn this on. 

    So this is what took some time, I know how much you care about your sisters but I do hope you will take that travel trip one day. So in case you do, these mirrors are pretty much like witching glasses. If your sisters has the other one and you do, you'll be able to use them to contact them even when you're underwater. So much better than FaceTime, I promise. 

    Then this necklace is a locket where you can do the same but also check on things wherever you are. Luckily, I'm friendly with some witches in town so they were able to spell them for me. 

    I do hope you'll be able to see the world one day, Aurora. 

    Then another gift is a necklace. Something to help you feel closer to your element as it's a necklace that has river pearls attached to them. 

    And lastly, I remembered how much you liked the hot chocolate at the café that day but I don't know if you're an alcohol type of person so there is both just in case you are! 

    I'm happy that I had met you and I'm looking forward to spending more time with you. 

    I can't wait to get to know you more, my captivating mystery. -He smirked.- 

    - Vincent

  • Shifter

    HO HO HO! A gift from your secret Santa!

    Merry Christmas!

    From one water lover to another


    A water lily necklace, freshwater pearl earrings, and a bracelet made from recycled plastic from the ocean.

    ~Secret Santa

    Any guess on who it may be?

  • Heretic


    Thank you for the add, Miss Laveau! 

    Should you find yourself interested in a thread, please don’t hesitate to pc or inbox me :)


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December 15


Aurora Emmalyn Laveau




Around her 30s

Face Claim:

Blake Lively



How did you hear about us?

The faeries told me

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