Catalina Hanson
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Catalina Hanson

Witch/ Council Member 
name. Catalina Hanson
nicknames. Cat, Lina
age. 26
species Witch
magic affinity Light magic. Dark Aesthetic.
date of birth. October 31
dating status. Interested in a Warlock
dating history. Who wants to know
orientation. Heterosexual
occupation. Council Member
hometown. Los Angeles, California
residence. Vrévale, Maine

Sara Hanson-Mother

Luke Hanson- Father

siblings. Lilah Hanson- Younger sister
other families. None
height. 5'3
hair. Brunette
eyes. Brown
scars. None
tattoos/marks. Coven Mark
Thread tracker
Donovan→ Dinner for Two.
Donovan Pierce

“I'm a Witch, I don't wait on Karma."
Like a sour patch kid, sour, sweet, gone.
Sarcastic nature, uncontrollable mouth, but loyal to no end
Anything a with can do, I can do better
The moon was coming to a full one when Sara Hanson's water broke right before a ceremony of blessing that was to bestow upon her in the coven she and Luke, her husband, was in on October 30th. Sara spent hours in labor and on October 31st, when the moon was full at 3 am Catalina was born. Being the first daughter of both the Witch and Warlock on All Hallows Eve upon the witching hour during a full moon made not just her parents ecstatic but also her whole coven. They considered Catalina to be a Witch who will do great and wonderous things considering the circumstances of her birth.

As Catalina grew, her parents never hidden the fact of her being a Witch, one they hope would be powerful enough to become High Priestess, the equivalent to a leader of their coven. She spent her whole childhood learning spells and rituals in the school of Witches she attended as well as in her home. The more she grew, the more powerful she was becoming, surpassing other Witches and Warlocks in the majority of the spells and rituals, that caught the eyes of her whole Coven. Soon afterward they shared the idea and belief of her parents. When Catalina becomes of age and in full power of twenty-one, she shall be the next High Priestess.

Everything Catalina did from then on was to prepare herself to become the next High Priestess but at age ten, her mother announced she was once again pregnant. Later that year her sister Lilah was born and all the attention that was on Catalina focused on the new addition to the Coven. Even though Lilah wasn't born on any special day nor did anything special happen during her mother's birth, there was a certain magical quality that Lilah possed that Catalina did not. Catalina grew jealous and resentful towards her younger sister.

By the time Catalina was in High School her resentment only grew the more her parents focused on teaching Lilah magic than Catalina, and since she was not High Priestess yet, she couldn't order her parents to pay more attention to her and her ideas for her Coven, their only focus was on her sister. Leaving no other choice, Catalina soon lashed out at her parents by deciding not to become High Priestess. Instead of studying she snuck out to see the other Witches and Warlocks of her age and occasionally stay with only the Warlocks she liked until the next morning. Her attitude grew dark and so came her sarcastic nature against everyone but it was worse on her parents and younger sister.

Senior year in high school all Catalina could think about was the endless parties she got invited too and as she came home to brag about them to her sister who was only in eighth grade now, Lilah instead adored everything Catalina had to say about how popular she was. Catalina was stunned, she thought that Lilah would resent her and try to pick a fight with her but Catalina saw Lilah's hazel brown eyes shine with fascination. Not letting her disappointment get the best of her Catalina brushed it off as if it was no big deal.

Come the night of one of the parties, Catalina snuck out only unaware that her sister was following her. After hours of drinking there did she realize that Lilah was there, causing Catalina to become furious as she thought her sister was spying on her.

"What are you doing here you little brat?" Came her harsh tone at her sister.

"I just wanted to come with you to a high school party! I thought that if maybe I come to one of these that next year when I come to high school, I'll be popular like you!" Lilah's voice was so small and so embarrassed under her sister's gaze and for the first time since Lilah had been born, Catalina felt like the big sister she was supposed to be. She couldn't allow Lilah to be here with her, not just because she thought it would be super lame to have her kid sister be at a party with her, but this type of crowd would not handle her being here lightly.

"Listen, Lilah, you need to go home. Right now. You cannot be here." For the first time, Catalina's voice towards Lilah wasn't mean or rude, more so of an urgency for her to leave, for her own good. But before Lilah could even turn away to leave, there stood three Warlocks who were complete bullies to younger students at Catalina's school.

"Who invited the little party crasher?" Said one of them in a distasteful tone.

"Back off Jared, she was just leaving," Cat warned him, her scowl seeming to have no effect on them.

"Well if that's the case, we'll show her out." Spoke a different one named Hunter. Cat knew exactly what was going to happen if Hunter showed her out the door. He would lead her around to the building and have ways with her that Lilah was not yet ready to experience.

"No the fuck you are not!" Catalina yelled at them causing nearby partygoers to turn their heads.

"Don't be such a bitch Catalina," Hunter growled taking Lilah's arm suddenly.

"Cat.." Lilah's scared voice snapped Catalina into a trance to where all she could think about was getting Lilah home safely.

"Get your fucking hands off her." She yelled as she blasted a small energy of magic at him.

"Oh..so you want to play Cat?" Hunter remarked when he composed himself of her hit, "Let's play."

Almost as if everyone was on the same page, a giant circle formed around them as they fought magic with magic. Cheers and threats came from all around and she couldn't figure out what side she was on, all she could focus on was making sure Hunter knew that he had pissed her off for touching her sister and two, well she was just usually pissed off at him so this sort of event gave her a reason to let off some steam.

"You know Cat, it's such a shame to have to mess up your beautiful face." He smirked sending another spell towards her, one blocked with ease, "Once I'm through with you, I'll make sure to let your sister know how I'm good at other things too."

Catalina knew it was a taunt for her to let down her guard and become distracted but Hunter's words only did the opposite, it made her see red. Gathering all the energy she could she felt the heat crackle around her "Fuck you!" She screamed and sent a blasting spell, one that was infused with much more power than simply just to go back and forth with. As she unleashed the spell at Hunter, she saw him fly across the room hitting the wall with a sickening bang. His limp body fell to the floor as did the blood from the impact on the wall.

For a single moment, there was silence, then everyone started screaming as they ran out of the house, leaving Catalina frozen with what she had done. Lilah graciously pulled at her arm and lead her home in haste, crying the whole time. As they ran through the front door Catalina got out of her sister's arm and ran towards her room. She had just murdered someone. Accidental sure but it was still murder. She had to leave, had to getaway. She couldn't go to jail over this misunderstanding. So quickly she packed a backpack full of clothes and small items of food from her kitchen.

Cops were soon arriving at her house and she knew her time was running out. Quickly she sought out Lilah and made her promise to tell the cops that Lilah didn't sneak out, that she stayed home. Lilah agreed and then for the second time that night, Catalina snuck out of the house and ran. She ran away from the home and the only place she had known, the only place where she had a future of being. That future grew smaller and small as she ran


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