Catherine Chandler

name. Catherine Chandler
nicknames. Cat, 
age. 36
date of birth. October 15
Human, aware of supernaturals
dating status.  Single
dating history. Theodore Carter- Ex
Julian Easton - Boyfriend (Deceased) 
occupation. Detective for the VPD
hometown. London, UK
residence. Vrevale, Maine
parents. Don't know them


other families.


height. 5'6
hair. Brown
eyes. Hazel
scars. None yet
tattoos/marks. None
Roleplay Tracker
Theodore → I have to let you go (complete)
Julian (Void)→ Mixing business with pleasure

"It Turns out you can't control your heart, Damn thing just does what it wants”
Come find out
   Catherine was born to a woman named Martha Robson and a man named Jared Chandler on October 15, 1983, in London, UK. At the time of her birth, Martha and Jared were both unhappy about having a baby girl, Martha more so than Jared. Still, they accepted the fact that they had a healthy baby girl and named her Catherine. At first, it seemed like Martha and Jared were coming around to the idea of having Catherine around until Martha told Jared about how Catherine wasn't her first child. Martha had given birth three years ago to another baby girl named Marci who was quickly adopted. Anger filled in Jared as Martha told him the story and wanted nothing more to do with either her or their new baby, so he left later that night.
Being a single mother again, Martha tried to support both her and Catherine but as a newborn babe, her needs were a lot more than Martha's. Faced with a choice of either going back home to her parents, who made her get rid of Marci in the first place, for help or giving up Catherine, Martha chose her own selfish ways once more and left Catherine at an orphanage.

   The orphanage wasn't entirely too bad, to say the least. Catherine got to be around kids mostly her age her whole life while trying for years to get adopted. Upon reaching the age of fourteen she had given up hope that she would get accepted into a loving family and made the most of making a family at the orphanage who were in the same boat as her. She had come around to referring her orphan mother as her actual mother, considering Catherine never knew who her birth mother was, and protected the younger kids from anyone who messed with them, even if it was the other kids in the orphanage.

  Upon the age of eighteen, Catherine knew she had to leave the place she was starting to call home, the orphanage couldn't take care of her anymore now that she was considered an adult, she moved out the following day giving every kid that was left behind multiple hugs and warm wishes that they get adopted. Many asked Catherine where she would go and even though the world scared her a bit, Catherine left a smile on her face and told them, "Wherever the wind takes me."

   Catherine soon became part of the working class picking up odd jobs and even worked as a waitress for two places just so she could get out of the homeless shelter she had been living in and purchase a boat ticket and passport to America. It took her almost a year but she never felt more happy or proud of herself than at that moment. The boat ride wasn't luxurious but it was enough for Catherine to sit out on the deck the whole time and watch her leave the country she knew as home and enter a world where she had no clue what was next. Still, Catherine was hopeful.

   Upon entering America the boat stopped and docked in Maine near a town called Vrévale and Catherine set out on foot to find this town and seek employment. Upon her travel came a car too nice for Catherine to ever afford and pulled over to talk to her. Inside was a male who wore bright sunglasses and kept the inside of his car pitched black as possible. "Hey, sweetheart you need a ride?" Asked the male, sending a shiver of unease down her spine. Catherine knew not to get in the car with strangers, so she shook her head no but politely told him that she was okay.

  Then it all happened to fast, she saw him get out of the car and come towards her but Catherine was to slow to really do anything to stop him from grabbing her by the neck and expose a set of fangs. Screaming away what her lungs preserved for oxygen, Catherine flailed until she decided to finally fight back. She managed to punch the male in the nose hard enough. Surprised by her strength the male vampire let her go and Catherine took the millisecond head start toward the running car and quickly got in to lock it and drive away as fast as she could reaching the speed of almost one hundred and twenty miles. How she didn't manage to crash was a mystery.

   Catherine managed to reach Vrévale safely and headed towards the nearest police station to inform the clerk what had happened only she didn't seem as surprised as Catherine had been even when she said that a Vampire had attacked her. Still, the clerk said she would send people out to investigate, then inspiration hit it, perhaps Catherine could join the police force. While at the station Catherine received as much info as she could about the police academy and got to work filling out paperwork.

  The academy wasn't much different than being at the orphanage, she shared living quarters with other cadets that were there and soon built another family that both helped and pushed her to become one of the best cops for Vrévale. She graduated at the top of her class and pushed to become a detective over the next five years. Luckily she got the promotion when someone stepped down and recognized all the good work Catherine had been doing.

 Catherine has been a detective ever since and soon got around to snooping in places where she shouldn't have been, coming across a file of a report that she made when she first arrived. Flipping through, it said that they ended up finding the vampire that had attacked her and made sure he was 'dealt with'. What it was Catherine knew it wasn't talking about jail and she also knew that she wasn't crazy when she told the clerk that she had been attacked by a Vampire. Her world started to spin as she read more and more files about other supernaturals that were more than Vampires, and their place of safety was Vrévale.
giphy.gifTheodore Carter: Ex-boyfriend. 

When Catherine first found out what Theodore was, she wasn't afraid of him, in fact, she accepted all that he was and what he had been through in his past. It started out slow between them as Theodore was wary about being involved with her but when Catherine was attacked by a rogue vampire, Theodore saved her and since then they started falling in love with each other. They moved into the same space but after a few months together, it was turning out that their worlds were too different for each other. Theodore ended up breaking her heart and since the break up she hasn't reached out to him. 


Julian Easton - A love lost

Julian came into Catherine's life when she was at her lowest. After her break up with Theodore, Catherine dug into work, making no time for herself unless it was to sleep, shower, and eat. Deciding it was a good idea to go out for a drink one night, she met Julian at the same bar and instantly found an attraction to the male. She quickly learned he was another vampire and no matter how hard she tried, she could not stay away from him, and as he joined the police force the day after meeting each other didn't help either. They realized they were crazy about each other during an undercover mission they worked on. It wasn't a happy ending for either of them as one day she received a call that the man she fell in love with was murdered. Heartbroken, Catherine repeated her cycle of digging into work. 



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    Oh boy. Cap's gut is always right. 

    Well I'm born ready, partner so I'll see you out there. 

    Remember, I always got your back. 

     ~ Vin

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    Any clue of who it could be?

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    So your first gift, I figure it was fitting. And it may or may not be a subtle hint at my identity. 


     Get it? Cause you're a detective and also a hooman. Us supernaturals just finds hoomans adorable. 


    If you think I'm gonna give you a mug with no coffee then you'd be very wrong, Ms. Chandler! Plus, being a detective in this chaotic town requires an insane amount of caffeine so enjoy! 

    Also here's another pasrt of your gift. A little break here and there from your work and this looked nice so hopefully you like it. 


    And lastly, here is something to remind you of home. 


    Is it cheesy? Possibly, but hopefully it'll make you chuckle or smile. :) 

    Merry Christmas again, Catherine! 

    From your Secret Santa."

    Can you guess who it may be?

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    Missing these moments with you, Miss Chandler.

    I hope to be home with you soon.

    All my love,


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    My dearest love,

    I'm looking forward to every moment I get to spend with you in the weeks to come.
    I want our time in Paris to mark the beginning of us and all that we are destined to be.
    Though much remains uncertain in my life, I am assured of two things when it comes to you;
    the first being that I adore every little thing about you, and, the second, my desire to be with you.
    I love you, Miss Chandler.

    With all my love always, 


    P.s. I've reserved a table for two for breakfast tomorrow, croissants and coffee? 


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    3629325956?profile=RESIZE_180x180After a short trek in the woods together, Theodore halted his steps and turned back to face Catherine with his lips moving to mouth, "I love you" to you her without making a sound. He could see the surprise in her eyes, which he couldn't help but find amusing. "Oh Catherine," He mused with his lips curving at the sides to reveal a charming smile. It was a lingering smile, soft and sincere; one that only surfaced when she was within his orbit. "Isn't it obvious?" Enamoured by her, he shifted his weight forward until his movement was forbidden by her chest.

    Once chest to chest, he raised his right hand and cupped her cheek with his palm, though he hesitated slightly, knowing that his cold touch would initially come as a shock. Within seconds of their skin coming into contact, he felt the warmth vanish from the surface of her cheek. Concern pooled in his forest-green hues, am I hurting her? He thought and then proceeded to murmur an apology, "I'm sorry," while affectionately brushing his thumb across the surface of her cheek. He was incredibly strong and given that she was a human if he wasn't cautious, he knew that a simple movement made on his part could accidentally harm her. That was his greatest fear, hurting Catherine by mistake. He had to take things slowly, which wasn't something that came naturally to him. Nevertheless, after gaining a light grip of her waist with his left hand, he shuffled his feet forwards so that the tips of his crimson suede boots met with the points of her shoes. It had been a long time since Theodore showed such affection to another, it could be argued that he was incapable of loving anything more than himself. However, with Catherine in his life, he had changed, he now had something to fight for and a reason to be good. If there was any chance of redemption for his soul, he believed it to be in loving her; she was his clean slate, his second chance to do things right. 

    "I hate to admit to this, but I do possess a heart, and I'm choosing to give it to you, Miss Chandler." He admitted with an unblinking gaze. Every word spoken was the absolute truth, he couldn't deny it nor could he continue to hide it. "Catherine..." He paused, removing his hand from her cheek to instead lift her chin with his thumb, and with a sheepish half-smile, he inched his face closer to hers to deepen their eye contact, and held his breath for a moment. He couldn't quite believe what he was about to say, "I love you, Catherine." He said it again, though this time out loud, which caused him to feel more vulnerable than confident. Where he'd mouthed the words to her only moments before, now his feelings were sounded and out there. There was no way of taking them back. Catherine would now know that when it came to her, the blonde-haired Vampire would do anything and everything within his power to have her love him in return. "And I fall more in love with you every day that passes." He added, raising both of his hands to lovingly support her head with the thick strands of her chestnut-brown, straightened locks caught between his fingers.

    tumblr_njovki0AyP1tym1rio1_500.gifWhat he did next had never felt so natural; so necessary. With his gaze falling away from the most captivating hazel-brown eyes he'd ever had the pleasure of getting to know, for his deeply-set eyes to then linger upon her ruby red, bow-shaped lips for a few seconds, he couldn't help but draw her form closer to that of his own. He wanted to learn the taste of her lips, though a part of him still remained fearful of losing control. Slowly, he inched his head forward and exhaled a slow breath, hoping to banish away his nerves. He wanted to prove to himself that he had restraint and self-control. He wanted to show her how much he adored her without relying on his words. So, without delay, he willed himself to close the gap between their faces until his lips were met with the warmth of hers. With his lids fallen, blinding him of their surroundings and the sunlight, he felt connected to the human in ways that he couldn't even begin to describe. The taste of her lips blessed him with promise and hope for the future. His grief over Julieta ceased to burden his mind, and for the first time in over a thousand years, Theodore no longer felt as though he was suffering. 

    He felt free - free to love again. 

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