Clayton Parker
NAME: Clayton Parker
AGE: 29
HAIR: Brunette/black
EYES: Hazel brown
BUILD: Skinny but muscular and athletic
TATTOOS: Many varieties in different places
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Interested in Raven
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
OCCUPATION: Business owner
LIKES: running through the woods, camping, bonfires
DISLIKES: seeing friends hurt, being weak
MUSIC: Country mostly, but all music

PARENTS: Hilary and Joseph Parker
SIBLINGS: Ashton Parker
EXPERIENCE: Since 2012/2013?.
CONTACT: Inbox, comment, PM, Main
STYLE: Third person, past tense storybook.
about this handsome man
Clayton is the leader of the Shapeshifters and even though he hasn't been the leader that long, he loves his pack and would do anything for his fellow brothers and sisters who need his guidance. Even though he can transform into any animal and human he wishes, his go-to animal has always been a wolf. In his spare time, he enjoys shooting his guns, archery, and many more things.

His Strengths would be that he has 
 Marksmanship, Fast runner, Able to make anyone laugh. 

His weakness would be that he is Mortal, Has a soft heart for a certain lady, Would risk his life for his pack.

personality & appearance 
Clayton is 6 foot 3 inches tall, his body tone is skinny with an athletic type, muscular type. He often goes to the gym to keep his shape up, to give him the 'alpha male' in his pack. He is kind-hearted, funny, and a southern boy through and through.  He has dark brunette hair that almost looks black in certain lighting, hazel brown eyes, and a killer smile. 
how it came to be
Clayton was born in the heart of Tennessee on September 20th to his mother Hilary, and his father Joseph. Clayton was the second born son, three years younger than his brother Ashton. Growing up Clayton knew exactly what his family was: Shapeshifters. He had heard through not only his parents but from his older brother how his family was special, unique even as his bloodline came from the goddess Artemis, who was the reason shapeshifters even existed but the coolest thing was that Clayton's family was the bloodline of the one family Artemis granted to be able to transfer into another human. Although it was unlikely that Clayton would get this gift since he was the baby and would probably be for his brother, Clayton still pretended that he would have this ability, even though neither he nor his brother could shift yet anyways. 

When Ashton reached puberty, Clayton got to observe his shift for the first time and a part of it fascinated and freaked out the small boy as he heard his brother scream and cry in agony, hearing his bone pop, break and even move as Ashton transformed into a fox. Clayton was happy for his brother but he really wanted to know if he possessed the ability to turn into a man, and so did their parents.

"Alright son, let's see if you can transform into your old man." His father smiled down at Ashton who was still a fox, but as Ashton looked their father up and down, circling him he tried to transform but the best he could do was return back to himself and perhaps change the color of his eyes, turning them blue like their fathers. " don't have that ability." His father began and instantly looked towards Clayton, "You might possess it son, but we won't know until about another three years."

Clayton could only nod to his father while Ashton shot him daggers, "If you happen to get that ability, you can lose me as your brother. Forever." Then Ashton shoved Clayton aside, making the small boy look at his older brother with a hurting heart. In the short remaining time Clayton had left he spent the majority of his time studying animal biology, making sure he committed everything to his memory in order to fully successfully complete his first shift. When he wasn't studying he would often try to hang around his brother but it would always fail due to him helping out around the pack not that he was considered a member and had to pull his weight, so that left Clayton with one other person: his best friend, Raven. 
Raven lived just outside of the pack grounds where the normal humans lived and even though it wasn't a rule to stay away from those no in his pack, Clayton was always advised to just stay inside, but when he met Raven he would find reasons to go visit her but see as to how many of his pack members were busy today, Clayton took the opportunity to sneak out and spend a couple of hours with his best friend. 

In about three years' time, it was finally Clayton's turn to make his first shift. Clayton was nervous and even asked his parents if Raven could come to watch him, help him through the process. His parents obviously declined his wishes telling him that it was a sacred day for him and only the pack could watch him, much like how they did with Ashton, who was still lurking in the back, upset that he wasn't the one to obtain the gift. 



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