"hell is empty and all the devils are here."

                                        - William shakespeare


ic stats


full name: Isabelle Sofía Cifuentes

nicknames: Bell, Bella, Belle, Isa

alias: Queen Isabelle

age: looks 25, is around 400

species: Cambion

rank: Queen of all Cambions / Queen of the Underworld

residence: Home in Vrévale, Maine / Las Regalías Manor (where her duties take place - where cambions may reside should they wish to)

orientation: Heterosexual

status: Single

face claim: Emeraude Toubia

relatives: Mother - Unknown

Father - Lucifer / Satan / King of the Underworld




occupation (in her free time): Trains the younger generation of Cambions

date of birth: September 14th

birthplace: Madrid, Spain

height: 5'4

build: Slim

hair: Black

eyes: Dark brown / eerie, pitch black when abilities or emotions come into play

features: Upside down cross tattoo with there is no god inscripted beneath it on back of neck

beauty mark on the left of upper lip

necklace with red emerald

crown with red jewels


Demons are frequently depicted as spirits that may be conjured and insecurely controlled through the practice of exorcisms, their sole intentions are seen as being evil and vindictive. In contrast to these beliefs, Angels are looked to much differently; some find deep comfort in many, seeing them as beings who are there to help and assist in taking away one’s “demons”. However, not all angelic beings are good. Many are rebellious and evil and are seen as catalysts in the fall of humanity, leading to the predicaments of evil and sin.

The year was 1562 BC and one of God’s Archangels who possessed piety and beauty had just rebelled against him by seducing a human into sin, an act the ruler of Heaven would not tolerate. He wanted the Angel out of his sanctuary, and he felt the only way to do so was strip him of his wings and downcast him to the Underworld, where he would lead the demons and soon take the name “Satan”. The fallen angel reluctantly agreed, not that he had much of a choice, and so he was sent away to lead the other fallen souls before him. His power over the demons forced them to bow down to his every word, including his every bidding he had that regarded not only the humans on Earth, but the Archangels (Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel) above who were so eager to get rid of him.

Satan or “the dragon” as the Archangels would often call him, was angered by the fact that humans looked to his kind with so much hatred, judging them merely by what they were told as kids or what they read in books when in reality, the true devils were those who they thought were there to help them. When enough was enough, Satan declared war against the Archangels, fellow cast outs following in his every command in an effort to take Heaven and make it theirs. The leader of the Archangels, Michael and his angels fought back when the dragon forced his way in with an army of his own but the demons were not as strong as they thought they were and when the Angels stepped out of the battle victorious, Michael knew of one way that would punish Satan and the others; by hurling them down to Earth where they’d be forced to live amongst the humans in a country called Spain, where many other supernatural beings were known to roam.

This, however, would not be the end to the war that Satan felt had only just begun. The demon leader and his people had lost their horns, dark wings, and everything else that screamed monster, temporarily portraying them as those they lived amongst. Humans. The Archangels had also placed an army of their kind in the human realm as a way to watch over the demons which didn’t sit well with Satan who retaliated by starting up the war that his people had previously lost and this time, they would not fall until they were the ones victorious. The Archangels weren’t allowed on Earth, it was the one place they were banned from by God unless they chose to enter it in spirit, so their Angel army were on their own to fend off the demons who wanted revenge. This war would progress, going on for centuries and decades, ripping apart the country and every living being in it. During this time, demons and angels had began to “mingle” with the human women, enticed by their beauty and charm. This led to the making of many angel and demon children who would soon be stripped away from their human parent as soon as they reached the age of 13, their other parent forcing the younger generation to fight, even if it meant their lives could be lost forever.

As the demons fought to reclaim the underworld, Satan had just realized his first heir was born, an heir his human mistress had failed to tell him about and as a way to remove her from the child’s life, he compelled her to forget and to move as far away from the country. This child was something else and though it was thought that they were extinct, Lucifers daughter was a Cambion.

Isabelle la Diabla was born during a war that seemed to be never ending, her father giving her a last name that translated to ‘the devil’ in Spanish as a way to remind the girl of what she would forever be should she try to put it in the past which Isabella would soon try to do. As the heir to the demon ruler grew older, she saw her father for what he was; a monster. She watched and reluctantly assisted in the war Satan orchestrated until he’d come across a human who was also the product of a relationship with an Angel but had thankfully not become an Angel himself; Gael Suarez. Like Bella, Gael didn’t appreciate the blood that was shed throughout the war and the two soon worked together to try and make peace between both species, firstly by making a deal with the Archangels in order to force Satan back to Hell. Seeing as it was the only way to end the war, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel all agreed and as the walls to the Underworld were once again opened and the mortality on Satan and his demons were lifted, they were once again returned to Hell. The Angels who’d fought in the war were also forced to return to Heaven and as for the others who were born during the war, they stayed on Earth, hoping to restore Spain to the way it was before the war had taken it down.

When word returned to her that Satan had gone into hiding because of the ‘shame’ he felt for being cast away by his own child, the land of the Underworld was left without a leader, without someone who gave them guidance. It was Isabelle’s duty to return and rule as their Queen which she had for a short amount of time before returning to Earth, surprisingly finding comfort in the human world. She’d changed her last name to something more Spanish, Cifuentes, in honor of the country she’d saved. She would soon move to a city named Vrevale, however, a place also known for its supernatural beings and upon arriving in it with Gael, she was surprised to be named the leader and Queen to the Cambions living in the city as well as the entire world with Gael as her loyal second.

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September 14


Isabelle Sofía Cifuentes





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Emeraude Toubia



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