Henri Nathaniel Sharpe


Born 996AD

Turned 1016

Immortal age 1,005

appearance 20

Species: Vampire 

Human Family  Deceased 

Adoptive father: Alistair  ( deceased )

present-day job:  co-founder of a security firm 


Henri was born to a human family growing up he took an interest in archery and swordsmanship his father often frowned on it as it was not what a peasant would grow up to do his parents had always been farmers and it was told that is what would happen to him also when mercenaries passed through he asked to be shown techniques much to his fathers annoyance over the years a mercenary named Alistair took a shine to Henri bestowing him a  sword and bow to go with the training he had provided taking him into the field during the night to train him in all combat skills he could think of.


Late one night Alistair was training  Henri when smoke and screams  came from the homestead fearing what happened  Henri  ran without hesitation  towards the fire where he was met by his family slain before him he was met  by a axe being thrown directly at him   suddenly was knocked  aside by the dagger of Alistairs  as he yelled to Henri we have trained for this  do nor let your families death  affect your judgement   the two men raised there blades running straight into the bandit hoard  during the battleHenri became separated  from Alistair as he looked around frantically he was met  by two  blades to the chest chest as he slumped to his knees fatally wounded he could hear alistar running towards him shouting his name when he saw  his body  Henri Mind thought he was seeing things  between he was blacking out  but hesawAlistair  fighting like aman possessed  causing damage with his bare hands  some time later   Henri cameto by acamp fire  as he  looked he saw  Alistair attended to his wounds    he explained  he was fatally wounded  and there is  a way  to save  him  but  his life will never be the same  but he must do everything that he was  told but he had one condition  Alistair must  tell him why  he kept coming back every few months  with a disgruntled look on his face Alistair admitted henri reminded him of his son and that he saw  henri  as his son  the last thing Henri recalled before the darkness was Alistair's  eyes


Henri awoke 4- 5 days later with shock everything was so more intense his hearing his hunger his emotions he didn't know where he was or why he was feeling like this as Alistair walked in he explained that Henri was transitioning into a vampire and he must drink this  Henri had always trusted  Alistair till that moment the liquid touched his lips he spat out the blood tossing it till  Alistair shouted enough as the lady he did not recognise and she spoke calmly explaining she was the queen of Vampires and Henri was now one and she explained Alistair saw him as Jason and had spoken to her about turning Henri but the plan was brought forward due to your home being destroyed around an hour later she convinced Henri to drink another glass of blood and for the first time Alaistair called him a son.


for the next 4 years, Henri was taught how to control his abilities with the occasional visit from the queen he never fully understood why till when the new queen her daughter  Rose was queen.

  The Order

Ine a very stormy night  Alistair took  Henri to an abandoned  house   he was  much quieter than normal hey were met by another Vampire  which Alistair called Christian as he began to talk  Christian and Henri began to listen as Alistair spoke of an Ancient order  formed but then fell  during Liliths reign and now  the former queen 𝒮𝓎𝓁𝓋𝒾𝒶𝓃𝒶  had  communicated with Alistair   to remake the order to protect Rose with there lives if they had to  it had been a few months had passed since 𝒮𝓎𝓁𝓋𝒾𝒶𝓃𝒶 left and Alistair kept this word   but he had sensed something off and chose to  go after  them  . he turned to henri apologising for cutting his training short  "but the hunger will vary  on his hunger state  to keep  full foe the time being  but  I have trained you how the order should be   standing in plain sight striking only when you must   before  he turned to Christian  Henri is now your brother  in arms you do not hold anything fromhim  on the queens' activities  both men nodded  as Alistair stared at them both " look after  rose  while I am gone  I need to check out something if I do not return to not follow " that was the last time  Henri Ever saw  Alistair  again 


January  1017

A few months passed Alistair sent no word fear grew in his mind he was gone but keeping to his word he worked with Christian to map out the city for the order to move freely about the order grew slowly they only took in potentials and those willing to assist the order till one night he was awoken to a note being placed on the door where a human revealed the intent for an attempt on the queen's life and that  Christian had the same message over the next few days plans were drawn up between himself Christian and a Vampire named Vladimir who was a great tactician who had already planned for the queen's visit.

The day of the visit started smoothly like wind through leaves as   Henri and his brothers and sisters watched the procession until everything went to hell alone archer was seen from a building forcing Henri to investigate sending a warning to Christian by a whistling arrow sending guards in his direction which left the queen vulnerable as they got to the archer word was given the queen was taken without question Henri and Christian and a few others ran to the route to see the queen being taken arriving a few minutes ahead of Christian they plan was put into place each vampire took a target and then with drew into the darkness leaving the queen to be found by Christian.






Queen Under Intense Protection Services

QUIPS is a secret organization that was recreated by Slyvianna and another Vampire named Alistar when Slyvianna was still Queen when Lillith, the first Vampire created unsuccessfully tried to create a group of strong Vampires due to lack of numbers.
The purpose of QUIPS is to ensure that the Queen is protected from any threat no matter how small. The difference between them and the Queen's normal army is that the members of QUIPS consist of some of the stronger and faster Vampires. They are skilled at being undetected amongst others, making them one of the deadliest forces the Queen has up her sleeve.
QUIPS is loyal to the Queen Vampiress and consists of members of all genders and she is the only person who knows who is in QUIPS.

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