Name: Katherine Hayley McKenzie

Nickname: Kat, Kathy, Kitty Kat

Age: 23

D.O.B: 22 April, 1998


Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario

Current Residence: Colorado

Species: Werewolf - The Alpha

Occupation: Pack's Alpha (Model in her free time)

Relationship Status: I miss him

Face Claim: Phoebe Tonkin


Physical Appearance

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 95 lbs

Eye Color: Light Green

Hair Color: Light Brown

Distinguishing Features: The Alpha Tatoo


Personality Traits

Positive: Sweet | Calm| Friendly

Negative: Suspicious | Over-Thinking | Over-Trusting

So, you know those amazing, happy ever after crap everyone thinks they have? Well, I was not that lucky as other people. I didn’t knew I was born with this gift and also a damn curse. Who the heck would I had known that I was born as a werewolf when my parents just vanished and I walked the halls of the orphanages a part of my life until a family took me under their ‘wings’. Happy me right? I started having a good life until I accidently killed someone and when I say ‘ accidently’ I was practically in porpose because some powerful anger got into my body like a thunder and I just couldn’t stop or control myself. It was a strength beyond myself and it just felt.. strangely good. It was like I actually wanted for that to happen and at first really freaked me out. I couldn't eat after and I couldn't close my eyes without seeing that scene over and over again. Who wouldn't? I thought I was just a simple human God dammit! That explains i never felt sick or had a disease. I was just too strong from each and ever one of them.

I am SuperWoman! Or not..


Then was the damn day that I completed , officially or whatever you wanna say it, my werewolf ritual or introduction. My transformation was complete.And kids, don't try it at home. Better for all of us. Do you know the real definition of Freak? A person, animal, or plant with an unusual physical abnormality. That was the first damn thing that crossed my mind. I mean, Hello! Not every teenager's eyes turn into a dirty gold and all of a sudden long teeths come out and you have super evolution to all your normal human senses. If you tell someone that "Hey, how are you? Me? Oh, i just found out last night I am a freaking wolf and ,by accident, I killed a drunk man that tried to hurt me. Not much. It was quiet boring actually..". Anyway,  I only change at full moon but don’t think is easy. You know that feels when little all your bones crack and break in few seconds and you can’t do anything besides screaming and crying? That every little inch of your body just hurts?No? Well, news flash Sherlock... I was there before and it damn sucks! 


Moving on, my parents that loved me, just damn freaked out! They were so scared that as much they loved me they kicked me out of the house. Nice love right? I am speechless..  Although, if I was them.. I would probably do the same. Waking up seeing the child i adopted killing someone and turn into a wolf isn't exactly piece of cake for humans. Alone wolf in my hometown streets. I didn’t knew where to do, who to call. I wasn’t that friendly back then, not that I am now so but I needed someone to show me that’s going on with me and to find my parents. So, I did what a normal werewolf would do. Howl at the moon and wait for a damn miracole. And the great part that someone actually respond. Just to let you know, before we started to talk, we kinda punched each other. Just for fun? Do I look like I damn masochistic to you? Then shut it or you will be left without your tongue  and you can’t ask a thing after I finish my story. So, someone find me. A woman named Cassie. She learned me, literally, everything that I know now about werewolfs. Everything about my specie I have them at my little finger. But the only thing she couldn’t told me it was about my parents. No one saw them but she recognized my birth mark and guess what? It seems I am from the Cyne Wolf Clan. Shocked right? What? You don’t think I look amazing as a Queen? I am curious actually. No pressure.

Say something bad and I will break your nose.

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It seems is one of the two great families of the Crescent Wolf Clan, that means from the beginning of the whole werewolf story. So, I started searching other people from my clan. I needed answers and I wanted them right away. A walked everywhere, asking everyone, hurting many down just to get my answers. I was desperate. I knew my parents didn’t gave me for nothing. Probably they were afraid that I might get hurt or something. I feel they didn’t want to give me away. I don't want to blame my parents for giving me away because i am sure they were strong enough to protect me but I can't also stay happy but that is a think I have to talk with them and get the real logical explanation that I deserve. I am their daughter after all. For the first time I started to feel like I have a meaning. A purpose. It's hard to think you are just a freak that people run away from. I know what I am and I accept it. If i didn't, I wasn't here now, weren't I? I could end it a long time ago but I choose to stay strong on my feet and just fight back. Maybe it's a quality from my parents.. Or I am an idiot how believes in false hope. This too.


Currently, I am in Zone 2 in my species territory. I settled here but that doesn’t mean I gave all the research I did since I was eighteen. I came here because many from my Clan are here so where are many your powers double. For now, I am leading this part of the Clan because others were to scared to do so and they don’t have the guts to do that I do. I kill to protect my Clan, I kill to survive and I kill for myself. I don’t hesitate to do whatever I think is right. This is what I have to do. Go ahead, judge me as much as you want. I don’t care what you are saying. I am a creature of the night and as much as you want to say that ‘ Bells, everything will be just fine.’ I don’t believe you. Nothing in this world will ever be fine. The life I am living it won’t ever be normal smart one. So, you have two options. Join me in the hell ride or stay… the hell.. away. It’s simple right? Do I need to draw you everything or I talked cleared for any human that understands and has beyond the lowest HQ level?


Be aware, choose wisely. One choose and there is not turning back.

So, what shall it be?


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