Full Name: Lena Anise "Parker"
Nicknames: Len, Annie, Mockingbird (Vincent only)
Age: Looks about 23, is actually around 600 she forgets
Place of Birth: She forgets. Somewhere in Europe.
Hometown: Nowhere, she moves far too often.
Sexuality: Come and find out.
Relationship Status: Single
Species: Phoenix
Family: Vincent Dimare (honorary big brother), Rose Connor (honorary big sister)


Faceclaim: Rachel Hilbert
Hair: Blonde, naturally wavy
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7"
Build: Strong but lithe, like a dancer 


"I can take you straight to heaven if you let me~"

The best way to describe Lena is a free spirit. She enjoys going out and having fun, she's a huge tease, and her sense of humor can be quite sarcastic. She's also not as pure as those blue eyes of hers may lead you to believe as she's a big proponent in personal freedom and will happily stick it to assholes without blinking, usually by robbing them which she's quite good at getting away with. Although Lena tends to stick to casual relationships, those she lets in she'll be loyal to for life and being a lover instead of a fighter at heart does not mean she won't kick someone's ass for those people. Her mouth is her biggest thing that gets her into trouble, her strong sense of right and wrong leading her to shout down anyone she feels is doing someone else dirty.




Info to come



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  • Phoenix - Owner


    Merry late Christmas, Lena! I know I'm late but something took forever to get here but it's finally here! 

    Alright, I got you a necklace. It's meant to keep you safe because I'm protective and you're family. :) 

    Then the second necklace to a little something to remind you to keep your passion about dancing! I'm a bit cheesy but you already know this, Len x)

    Lastly, it's a bit personal. I don't have much family anymore and I consider you like my little sister so. This once belonged to my mother. -he pulls out the dagger- 

    You may not be into weapons as much as I am..unless you are which I haven't heard about this. Anywho, this was once my mother's and I want you to have it. 

    It'll also keep you safe if I can't be there and I know my mother would have liked you as well. -He grinned.- 

    Then I can't forget snacks so here are some cookies! 


    Hope you like them, kiddo. 




  • Shifter

    HO HO HO! A gift from your secret Santa with a small message!




    Happy Holidays!

    For Lena Parker

    Any clue of who it could be?

  • Phoenix

    Look what I have for you!

    Help me Through the Flames


    Through the Flames (Thaddeus and Lena)
    “Hey, Thad we got the delivery in,” Joe called out to Thaddeus who was in the other room in their secret bunker below the broken-down subway station.…
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Lena Parker





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Rachel Hilbert



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