Liam Collins


Age 25  real age 365

Species  Heretic 

Face Claim Joel Kinnaman 



Mother and Father  - Deceased 

Home town - Destroyed 

Isobel Watson - Vampire- Ex

Positive traits  ( with humanity on ) - Remorseful - Kind and thoughtful 

Negative (humanity off ) - Sadistic -emotionless - unremorseful 

Liam Collins was born May 3rd 1632  in a small town outside of Dublin in Ireland his life was as normal as any other child of that time except the town was a coven of witches and warlocks and throughout the years growing up each full moon the town would sit and listened to the stories that the elder spoke of about the generations before them and  Liam's favourite was the tail of the warlock and nightwalker who fed on the blood of the living and the warlock injured the creature leaving the venom of the creature dripping as it fled the battleground.


August 22 1642 -  on Liams 10th birthday  word reached their ears  England had divided into civil war  and the country  was  in full-blown war  the chief had summoned the town to  discuss the  plan of action if  the  war  entered their back door  the town voted in spectacular number to shield the town from mortal view unless they walked in   10 years past  with no  disharmony  to the town till Aug 23, 1652, when Cromwell  invaded Ireland 


Word reached the people that a militia was being formed to defend against Cromwell's army the young men formed a small force to defend their home for several weeks there was nothing but a dead silence when the chief came to speak to Liam alone warning him that this course of action will send him down a dark path if he does not learn to control it. Liam's father always claimed the elder could see the future but some believed he feared change sadness appeared on his face as the elder told him to be careful my boy I will be there when you need me.


A few days later  the dawn of August 26th  the siege of their town  began a constant  barrage of cannon fire  and rifles echoed the  air as  the militia fought like the rest of the town  tried to save their homes   as dusk fell on the first-day cannon fire struck Liam  injuring him mortally days past  as Liam passed in and out of consciousness   from his wounds when  he woke    for the limited time  all he could hear was screams yell and  explosions till 5 days in he awoke to find the elder  overlooking him with a vial unsure what it was  the elder  forced it  into his wound that  was the last thing  he remembered   till he awoke   his  he could hear the blood  pulsing   around him before  darkness hazed his mind  the look of horror  on the elders face as he  died on the floor in front of Liam 


By dawn the next morning  Liam stood in the camp of the enemy he felt stronger his senses sharp as the dark haze faded as he looked at the destruction he wasn't sure how he has done it but it was by his hand the men were dead but he wasn't aware of how he killed them till he began the walk into town flashes of memories of an attack of a creature flashed before his eyes as he witnessed the destruction before him he saw his friend trying to flee he ran to him trying to comfort the dying man his eyes widen with fear as he stared at Liam as he said in his last breath “  Liam what have you done your a   monsterrrrr that word rang throughout his mind as he looked at his bloodstained his hands wondering what the Elder had done to him.


For  the next 100 years, Liam lived in the  ruins of his town feeding off the beggars and wanders who drifted through but the guilt of the feeding  upset him greatly  as he closed his eyes  the destruction  of his town replayed in his mind as the guilt ran through his body driving to his travel  to the wanders home  either watching the family were  unharmed or giving them silver to  give them a good  new life 


May 5


Liam Eason Collins





Face Claim:

Joel Kinnerman



How did you hear about us?

the dead told me

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