Name: Lily Maiela
Nicknames: Lil, Lils, May, Boss, Mistress
Age: Old.
Species: Succubus
Birthplace: Bakewell, England
Family: All died a long time ago
Occupation: Officially? Hotel manager/bar owner

Physical Attributes

Faceclaim: Saadet Aksoy
Appearance: 25
Birthday: June 7th
Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black
Eye Color: Bright blue
Height: 5'5"
Build: Curvy


Lily has been around for a while. As a succubus she knows just how to manipulate people and she's very, very good at her job. She comes across as charming, often sly, but she has an easy and charming smile and it's difficult not to get lost in her eyes. All of this is on purpose of course. For as much as she is a succubus and uses her powers to her advantage that doesn't make her a bad person. Most of her dealings in the underworld are actually to help those who can't do it for themselves and although her sense of morality might be slightly skewed she does the best she can for people.


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