Full name: Loey Danneel Kingsley
Nickname: LoLo, Lo
Age: 31
Nationality: Bulgarian
Species: Human
Religion: Athiest 
City of birth: Vrévale, Maine
The current place of living: Vrévale, Maine
Job title: Human Sector Chief/ Bar Owner/ Supernatural Hunter
Employing company: Houghlin's Bar n' Grill
Martial Status: Single - Looking 
Mother tongue: English
Birthday: July 4, 1989



On a warm and peaceful night in July, Loey Danneel Kingsley was brought into this world. Born on July 4th in the small town of Vrévale, Maine, Loey was born to Cassandra Kingsley and Alaric Houghlin. Her parents were crammed in the small hospital room of Vrévale Medical Center as they gazed down at their newborn baby girl. As the young couple were madly in love and what solidified their bright future together was the happiness they felt at being able to raise their bundle of joy together; the start of their family together. 

However, that all came crashing down when Cassandra’s family had found her. It had been only a few weeks since Cassie and Alaric were raising Loey until one night, Cassandra’s father arrived at their door. That night was filled with screaming, crying and pleading until Loey and her mother were torn away from Alaric. From there, Loey had a different upbringing than the one that was planned for her. Instead of growing up in her father’s small house, she grew up in her grandparents’ mansion with her mother and attended Maine’s finest boarding schools. However, Loey had always felt something was off about the relationship her family had with each other. She could always feel the tension between her mother and grandfather but she never questioned it. Though, she could always see the sadness in her mother’s eyes which her mother would try her best to show her the most amount of love and support she could give to her young child. Loey always appreciated that but she also hated to see her mother like this; almost like she was putting on a facade. 

The young girl never heard any stories of her father but one night, her curiosity got the better of her. She didn’t dare ask her mother, and her grandfather was always a busy man so mustering up enough courage the 8 year old Loey could, she went to her grandmother. She could see the hesitation in her grandmother’s features as she asked before she gave into Loey. While Frank Kingsley had thrown away Cassandra’s things from her past, Katherine Kingsley saved one photo that she didn’t have the heart to let go. It was the day Loey was born and in the frame was her mother holding Loey but then a man was also in the picture. Albeit, the man’s features weren’t clear as he had his head turned away from the camera’s view as he was too busy looking at his daughter, that was clear evidence that Loey had a father. 

“You hide that and you take care of it,” her grandmother told her as she smoothed out the girl’s hair before walking away. Loey held onto that photo, keeping it from her mother and grandfather; keeping it with her all the time. She even brought it with her when her grandfather started to send her to these boarding schools. She hated going to them as she wanted to be with her mother but the stern man Frank Kingsley was, he wouldn’t take any of her tantrums or screaming. So as Loey grew older, still attending boarding schools, she developed a rebellious streak that has stayed with the young woman as she grew older. 

Hating the pressure of the school put on her shoulders and the lack of friends she had, she started to sneak away from the school. The notices that the Kingsley family received of Loey’s detentions and truancy was enough for her to be pulled from these schools. While that would have been good news to Loey, it was only meant by a long and exhausting argument with her grandfather that resulted in Loey having enough. 

“You’re not going to keep me here! I’m old enough to be by myself!” She shouted as she started to shove her belongings into a duffel bag.

“You won’t survive out there by yourself! Don’t expect us to be there when you realize that!” Her grandfather shouted but her mother was pleading with Loey not to go. While Loey hated to see that look in her mother’s eyes, she knew she had to go. 

Traveling back to her hometown of Vrévale, Loey knew she would have a hard time but she was determined and strong willed. Even if she falls, she is going to get right back up and hit back even harder at the struggles she was going to face. So she found small jobs to help her get by over the next five years. When she turned 21, after getting fired at another job, she managed to find another job at a bar as a bartender. When she saw the sign in the front window, the man that hired her could tell she was going through a rough time so without much convincing, Loey now worked in the bar owned by a man named Alaric Houghlin.

However, what Loey didn’t know was that Alaric knew exactly who she was. Though, the man couldn’t exactly come out with the truth. How was he to tell her the truth after all these years? So, instead, he decided to keep an eye on Loey. Especially since the young woman was completely unaware of the supernatural beings that lived in the town. Though, that knowledge would come rushing at her one night in the bar. 

It was a late evening and here came wandering in a bloodthirsty vampire desperate to satisfy his thirst. When the last patron left, it was just Loey and him in the bar. When Loey was telling him it was closing time, the vampire went to attack her and lunged at her. Before he could sink his teeth into her flesh, he stopped abruptly before the vampire’s body went limp. Loey pushed the limp body off of her, she glanced over to see Alaric holding a crossbow and that’s when she saw the wooden stake in the vampire’s back. From that encounter, Loey was taken under Alaric’s wing to train to become a hunter like him. It was much needed training especially since they were both human. 

A couple of years passed and Loey had found herself in a new position. She now found herself to be among those supernatural people except now those creatures wanted an order in the town. They wanted peace and Loey had been selected to on the council to represent the humans in the town. Now Loey was the Human Sector Chief of Vrévale and she keeps an eye on things to keep the humans safe in town. 

(More to be Added.)



Mother: Cassanda Kingsley
Father: Alaric Houghlin
Grandmother: Katherine Kingsley
Grandfather: Franklin Kingsley
Significant Other: ~





Physical Appearance: Loey is known for her big chocolate brown eyes, petite yet Althetic build and long brown hair. (Which she sometimes has shoulder length.)

Skin Tone: Olive

Complexion: Clear and dewy    df2284c6806e04705cdeee8eb66e0bed.jpg

Eye Color: Chocolate Brown

Natural Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5 feet 6 and a half inches.

Weight: 130 Ibs

Body Type: Curvy, Petite

Build: Athletic

Birthmarks: N/A

Scars: A Few from growing up.

Dominant Hand: Right Hand

Age Character Appears to Others: 31

Dyed Hair Color: Tips dyed blonde occasionally

Usual Hairstyle: Buisnessy 

Tattoos: N/A

Piercings: Ears.

Makeup Style: Natuaral 

Face Shape: Heart

Facial Hair: None

Voice: What does it sound like? Raspy, feminine.

Distinguishing Feature: Bright smile, Bright eyes, and long brown hair.

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    I know I haven't been around very much but I hope you know your dad loves you very much, Loey bug. 

    I'm happy to have you back in my life, kiddo. 

    We still have some training to do but first...


  • Heretic

    Thank you for adding the wacky crazy me, Hope to Rp one day


  • Hybrid

    Thank you for adding me, look forward to seeing you around


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