full name: Luciana Cecilia Cabello

nicknames / alias: Luce, Luci, Lu / Queenie 

gender: Female

age: 28 (483)

birthdate: February 13

birthplace: Seville, Spain

species: Succubus

rank: Ruler; first of her kind

residence: Apartment in Vrevale, Maine

orientation: Heterosexual

status: Forever devoted to her soulmate

face claim: Megan Fox

eyes: blue, black when emotions and such come into play





() wicked ones ~ luciana & sinn

() something's not right ~ luciana & adrien

() blood ties ~ luciana, inyana, nikolai

() an unlikely alliance ~ species leaders

Open to new threads: YES




Sinn DeLoughrey ~ boyfriend, soulmate, love of her life

Sinn came into her life a few years after the sea had turned her into the first ever of her kind, drawing him to her instantly and though things between them were rocky from the very beginning as the two butt heads constantly, their relationship quickly turned into something more. However, with fights and arguments getting worse and worse once they actually became a couple, the two ultimately called it quits but with how drawn to each other they had already been, fate brought them back to each other years later and this time around, things were how Luciana hoped they'd be, with her spending her life with her soulmate and the love of her life.



Inyana Cabello ~ baby sister, best friend

After losing their family and having a father who literally tried to send them to their deaths, it's safe to say these two sisters have been through hell and back together which has only seemed to make their relationship stronger throughout the years. Even though she is her baby sister, Inyana is still the only person Luce will go to for just about everything as she confides in her more than anyone else. However, even if she is mayor of the city, Luciana still tries to make sure she is protected at all times, even if Yana doesn't necessarily need the protecting.



Nikolai Leeche ~ father sperm donor, monster, maniac

- info goes here


Adrien Benson ~ second in command, friend?

- info goes here

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  • Incubus

    I don't think I've ever seen someone who looked pissed off also looks so damn cute and sexy...

    I'm literally speechless, baby


  • Incubus

    Oh I'm still your pain in the ass my Queen don't you worry about that

    They only caught me on a good day is all. Isn't there a saying of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?


  • Incubus


    It took me a while but I finally replied to our thread! 

  • Incubus


    Well after that invitation, who would I be to decline? 

    Even though, you already know I'd say yes with just that one look in your eye. 

    My answer is absolutely yes. You'd make me the luckiest guy there. 

    Especially when

    You're there with open arms


  • Incubus

    I know I'm a couple of days late but I had to get everything prepared and it's all here!

    I couldn't forget how your birthday and Valentine's day fell back to back to each other so...I come baring gifts for both days. -He chuckles softly.- 

    I'm going to start with the lighter stuff. This is mostly stuff you can use in your office since it's practically your second home. -He teases playfully.- 


    A gift basket of liquor because you definitely need that. You can keep the stash in your office for when you have those days. A candle as well and I have to wholeheartedly agree with the saying on the candle. An amethyst pen because well, that's your birthstone which prepare for some of the same stone in your next gifts. Then something to remind you of our trip to New York because that will always be a good memory to me and you can keep it in your office to remind you as well. 


    Just as I promised, amethyst is something in these next to gifts. Both a ring and necklace to help ward off anything bad that will come your way because that's all I want is for you to be safe. Then I got you this little charm just because it reminded me of you. Black roses are rare but still just as beautiful. Then this is a locket with a message inside that I had engraved just for you. A promise. -Inside the locket had the words 'wherever you stray, i'll follow'.-


    Last ones! The first two I couldn't get but get from our trip. Chocolates from Spain because of your sweet tooth and this is an item I got from there. Just something to remind you of the good parts of home along with keeping that part close to you. Then after you mentioning you were a bookworm, I'd figure you could enjoy these classics whenever you find a quiet moment. Then just a keychain you can keep on your keys which is also a knife to keep you safe! 

    Happy Birthday and Valentine's day. I love you more than you know and thankful to have you by my side. 

    Couldn't imagine anyone else nor would I want anyone else.

    Hope you enjoy your gifts. 

    - Sinn

  • Shifter

    HO HO HO! A gift from your secret Santa!




    Any clue of who it could be?

  • Incubus

    Just like how I can't make promises that I would try...

    Because we both know I can't resist you.


    So I'm always prepared. 


  • Incubus


    And you can't seem to keep your hands off of me. Looks like cats out of both bags ;)

    PS. You may or may not have killed me with your page for a second there.

  • Heretic

    Thank you for adding the wacky crazy me, Hope to Rp one day


  • Hybrid

    Thank you for adding me, look forward to seeing you around


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February 13


Luciana Cecilia Cabello





Face Claim:

Megan Fox



How did you hear about us?

The sea sang to me

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