"No siren ever so charm the ear of

the listener as the listening

ear has charmed the soul of the siren."

— Henry Taylor



full name: Monroe Savannah King

nicknames / alias: Mo, Mon, Roe, Crazy Queen (Sebby) / Boss Lady

gender: Female

age / dob: 30 / December 23rd, 1991

birthplace: Atlanta, GA

residences: Beach house in Vrevale, Maine

orientation: Heterosexual

status: Fixated by a certain shifter

species: Siren

occupation: Drug lord by night, basic bitch by day

height: 5'6"

build: Slim

hair color: Blonde

eye color: Green

faceclaim: AnnaLynne McCord




Sebastian McMillian ~ obsession boyfriend

Monroe and Sebastian have a.. interesting history, to say the least. They'd met by chance one day and Monroe saw him as the perfect target, to mess with, that is. From that day on, though her original plan was to annoy the hell out of him every second she'd get, their banter turned more playful than serious and so she would honestly consider him as a close friend at that point. These days that friendship has began to progress into something more and she is happy to know that she'll be spending the rest of her life with the man of her dreams.

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  • Shifter

    You won't have to...

    Because I'm working on making things right. Talk more soon.




  • Shifter

    I miss you so very much baby

    Without you it feels like a part of me is missing. 



  • Hybrid

    After a long time, too long, I got our starter up. Sorry it took me so long! 

    Though, what's about to happen has been a long time coming especially after that night 

    when you left me there.


    Right Where You Left Me {Open to Monroe King and Angelo Carisi)
    The idea had always been sitting in Angelo’s head for a long time but whatever had been clouding his mind and judgment had always stopped him from ac…
  • Incubus

    Monroe, after wrestling with my muse for too damn long, I finally got our starter! 

    Time for these Illicit Affairs to go down, don't you think? 


    I've really enjoyed working with you as you can tell by my expression. 

    Illicit Affairs (Open to Aedion Aveyard and Monroe King)
    There hasn’t been a day that went by where Aedion didn’t regret stepping into Monroe King’s office. It had been a difficult time in his life when he…
  • Shifter

    Happy Valentine's day, my love 


  • Shifter

    “I think that has become my favorite part of my days now. Waking up seeing your face as soon as I open my eyes” smiling he reached over touching her cheek very briefly. Getting up from the table Sebastian chuckles softly grabbing their plates “Well I do plan on being there. At least just until I think you’ve got the hang of making us a decent meal” taking the dishes over to the sink he empties the plates in the garbage disposal before rinsing them and putting them into the dishwasher. Grabbing a kitchen towel , he turned back around to her smiling as he leaned against the counter “You say that 99a6333542d3d4ed2802fac8447e3cc13b3a5e43.gifv?profile=RESIZE_400xnow but if it happens I’m sure you’ll want to kick my ass for not being careful enough” he joked making his way back over to the table sitting down once again across from her as he took his glass up and takes a sip from it. 

    Nodding slightly as he slowly swallowed his wine he looked at her “Yeah I’m going to do that” there wasn’t any reason he wanted to keep the house. He should of been the one to done it before instead of depending on Jake to do so but right now he was glad that he didn’t since the house came in handy for the two of them to hide out “That’s good. If all goes well , she’ll be getting into the ocean before she knows it” he didn’t know how much longer it would be before the guys found Jed and got some headway on their plan to get back home but he was going to press them to make it happen and soon. He too needed to get back to his office before his board members tried to push him out for not being a part of his own company. Reaching across the table Sebastian took her hand bringing it to his lips placing a soft kiss onto the back of it “Well I think I know by now not to argue with you” he said chuckling “Come on…” getting to his feet , still holding her hand he walked around the table standing in front of her “If you loved my cooking more than you loved me I wouldn’t be entirely upset.. Because I’d know that at least there was one thing that I could do to make you happy. Even if it wasn’t being with me” smiling he brushed his thumb across the back of her hand noticing the blush on her cheeks “guess I’ll have to keep a doctor on call to bring you back to life because I’m not about to lose you” he said with a grin. 

  • Shifter

    Things were already being set in motion in an attempt to get their names cleared. Though he was told it was going to be hard getting hers cleared because of what she did for a living , he refused to believe it and told them to do whatever it took. He wasn’t going to be free and walking the streets with the woman he cared about still hiding unable to enjoy her life. But he wasn’t going to tell her anything until he had something solid to give her. Plus they still had the Jed issue to deal with. He was still in the wind but it was only a matter of time before they had him and then he could find out what he really told the feds about the club and their connection with Roe and her men “I would say that is the best thing” he said with a smile “I don’t think we would of had this much time together had things been normal” it was true they hadn’t any time at all together and he was always craving the moments they did “it isn’t as bad as you think , love” he said with a chuckle “Its like riding a bicycle. Once you learn its hard to forget” 

    4stU.gif?profile=RESIZE_400x“What kind of man would I be if I didn’t compliment and flatter my woman every once in a while” wiping his mouth with a napkin he smiled setting it on the plate and pushing it aside slightly. Actually sitting down and having a meal with her felt good. It felt real and was one thing he wanted to always do going forward even if they only managed it once a week. They spending time together and getting to know each other better was what was more important right now in their relationship “Yeah I know.. That’s why I’m considering selling it after we get our lives back” bringing his glass to his lips he took a short sip of the wine then settled it back onto the table “everything is literally packed up so like there isn’t much to do here” he’d enjoy being in the house he grew up in but they were some memories there he just didn’t want to revisit so often which was why he wanted to get rid of the house “We’ll find a way to get you back. So tell your siren I’m asking to be just a little more patient with me” reaching across the table he touched her hand giving it a gentle squeeze “I’d do anything for you , Monroe” giving up his house was nothing compared to not having her close to him and always in his life. They’d been living together now for weeks and to go back to anything else wouldn’t seem normal nor would he enjoy it “I figured you’d say that and its why I’ve prepared myself not to say otherwise” he said with a chuckle since he knew very well not to argue with her about her helping pay for a new house. Pulling his hand back chuckling he grabbed his glass once again “I can settle for that… for now” smirking he brought his glass to his lips taking another sip as he looked across the table admiring her beauty and the way the dim lights shone off her skin “Absolutely beautiful” he whispers. 

  • Shifter

    HO HO HO! A gift from your secret Santa along with a message!

    Happy Holidays, Ms. King!

    I hope you enjoy your gifts here. I'm afraid we haven't spoken yet but I do hope that can change in the future :)

    So your gifts! Here is a necklace with a siren on it along with a gem in case you needed a reminder of the sea. Then seeing your...profession, I figured these hidden knives could come in handy. No one would expect it and I've always found that to be the best strategy. Then a mini purse collection to carry your weapons in.

    Be safe and have a good holiday season!


    Any clue of who it could be?

  • Shifter

    This is our first Christmas together and I hope that we have many many more together. My gifts may not be much since we’ve been tucked away in hiding for a while now and so I couldn’t go out and get you gifts , but everything here has meaning to me and I hope that they do to you as well. 

    First of all ,  this right here I want it to be a constant reminder of the one place you miss the most. This was my mothers. It was passed on to her by her mother and she was to pass it on to her daughter. But since it was just me , I want you to have it. Maybe one day you’ll be able to pass it on to our daughter as well and it would remain in the family. 

    Now who says your man couldn’t be creative huh? Well , it's not the ocean and you can’t go in for a swim but … its my promise to you that very soon you’ll be able to be in those waters again. 

    8338356880?profile=RESIZE_710xSo you can always remember our night together at our first Christmas party. I found this old frame in my dad's things. He kept a lot of junk but this for sure came in handy -chuckles- 

    My old ipod -chuckles- I haven’t seen this since I was a kid. It's pink I know… I think my father was drunk when he bought me that for my eleventh birthday -shakes head chuckling- but I updated it with some of my favorite songs. Maybe you won’t be as bored here in this house anymore -smiles- 

    As promised… open plane tickets to the caribbean. With two new names ...Noah and Erin Clearwater -he said with a grin mentioning the two new names- We can go whenever we’re ready. If you still want to get out of this place. 

    8338381079?profile=RESIZE_710xI’m not done quite yet. I’ve got you one more gift -getting up he made his way down the hallway and came back a few minutes later cradling a small white puppy in his arms- Was tough keeping this one a secret overnight but we made a deal so we’re good now -chuckles- thought he could help keep your company when I’m not around -smiling he sat down next to her petting the small dog- And before you wonder how I got him without you knowing , Jake came over last night when you went to bed and brought him for me -smirks- 

    8338480870?profile=RESIZE_400xMerry Christmas , Baby

  • Shifter

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