Full Name: Niklaus Martin Williams

Nickname: Nik, Klaus, Nikky (only a selected few are allowed to call me this), and just about any other insult they can think of.

Age: 1173, Appears 32 years old

Nationality: Russian

Place of birth: Small village somewhere in Russia, believed to be present day Moscow

Current location: Vrevalé, Maine unfortunately

Education: Has various degrees and a wide span of knowledge. 

Occupation: King Alpha of the Hybrid Pack, One of the council founders in town

Mother tongue: Russian

Birthday: September 19th, 848 AD


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  • Witch

    "Hi again Nikky I just thought I'd leave this photo here for you to enjoy " -she giggles- 9262801670?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • Hybrid

    We've got to stop meeting up like this, Nikky but

    Fancy seeing you here

    Fancy seeing you here ~ Valeria & Niklaus
    ~ Flashback For obvious reasons, Valeria liked to keep her choice of work away from the real world and as of lately, she'd managed to do just that, s…
  • Hybrid

    Asshole- I mean, alpha. Pleasure to see you've recovered from our previous encounter though I don't plan on taking this threat of yours lightly..

    But since we're on the topic, how is little Maggie doing? I do hope you're keeping a very good eye on her because you've certainly crossed a line during that party and I don't forget.


    And It seems I need to give you yet another reminder when it comes to myself, I don't need your help so back off before I do make good use of my threats.

  • Phoenix

    Now, why on earth would I miss an event that my dear Valeria is helping to throw and on Valentines' day no less?

    Now, from what I have heard around the town is that you enjoy the chaos and destruction...

    who better to help bring that out than a man who is insane?

    I appreciate the warning but where my Valeria goes, I shall accompany her. 

    And should you ever lay a finger on her


  • Witch - Head Admin

    Politely take that picture off my page before I do it for you. Thank you.


  • Hybrid

    Infamous, hm? Well I'm glad my name has been getting around.

    I don't really care for you or your status, quite frankly but I guess I can attend this bonfire..

    I will see you there, your majesty. -Does a mock bow.-

  • Hybrid

    our thread is up hope to get a reply 

  • Hybrid

    " Hello Im Hope nice too Meet you hope to Rp with you sometime"


  • Hybrid

    Ohhhhh Brotherrrrr, Where are you?

    tumblr_o3bpgyjMK11v91iqeo1_540.gif?profile=RESIZE_400x Blood Isn't Always Thicker

    Blood isn't always Thicker
    THUD  The sound of her boots hitting the ground after jumping off the table, after dancing on it. The blonde was nearly drunk enough to go into the w…
  • Witch

    " definitely " she smirks then sings softly " Whose afraid of the big bad wolf? , whose afraid of the big bad wolf? - not me." 

    // she's a witch that at the full moon turns wolf do to a spell placed on her by her mother.//


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September 19


Niklaus Martin Williams




Appears 28

Face Claim:

Joseph Morgan



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