Full Name: Nimue Miruin Ariss (NEEM-way mu-REEN R-iss)
Nicknames: Nim, Yue, Mira
Species: Dragon - silver scaled
Rank: Guardian - Great Wyrm
Birthplace: Somewhere in Ireland
Family: Fionn Ariss (brother), Lysandra (honorary sister), the Dragons
Occupation: Detective for the State Police
Relationship Status: In Denial



Dragon Form:
Nimue typically appears as a large, pure silver scaled dragon. Lightning crackles along her scales and spines, offsetting a pair of acid green eyes. Her natural affinity is lightning but as one of the Guardians she has access to all their powers.


Faceclaim: Sophie Turner
Appearance: 23
Actual Age: From the time where cults practiced and darkness held the land
Birthday: She's not certain exactly, they tend to celebrate in October.

Physical Attributes:
Hair Color: Natural red head
Eye Color: Deep green
Height: 6'2"
Build: Strong and athletic

Nimue is used to being the most intimidating person in the room and uses her intimidating aura to great effect. She carries herself with tall strides, much like a soldier, and it's hard not to notice her when she walks into a room. She's a quiet person who usually prefers to let someone else talk themselves into a hole as opposed to using threats to get what she wants but don't let that surprise you - she knows exactly what she's doing. Her protective nature is extreme and she can and will kill to protect her own.

Nimue has an old scar marring the left corner of her mouth, the centuries rendering it mostly gone at this point. The best way to describe how she dresses is like a biker, she prefers dark colors and leather, clothes that are easy to move in and fight in should she need to.



There was a storm the night Nimue was summoned. Perhaps that’s why she was born with bright silver scales, shining and shimmering every time the lightning outside struck. It was as good a guess as any, not that the summoners cared overly much what color her scales were. After all, they’d succeeded. They’d summoned a dragon. Even if she was… tiny. Bright green eyes had regarded the cloaked figures around her, a strange and intelligent curiosity in them despite the scaled form. Then, before their eyes, she’d changed. Scales faded, clawed limbs became soft arms and legs, sharp fangs turned to small teeth, and instead of a dragon before them there was a baby girl. It was only then that they’d considered they might have gotten in over their heads, none of the texts mentioned a dragon shapeshifting before.

Their leader, a man this child would come to call Father, wasn’t perturbed though. He picked the little girl up and took her inside and to his family. What did it matter if she could shapeshift into a human? That only meant she could be conditioned to be even more loyal. At first she was allowed to do about as she pleased, the people around her watching as she grew but always taking notice of the small things about her. It wasn’t her Father that gave her a name, but instead her brother, Fionn. The young girl, now named Nimue, had always been quite attached to her brother’s side after all, as he was one of the few that didn’t treat her differently from the others. She knew she was different. The others weren’t locked away in a room for days at a time while “doctors” poked at them and prodded at them. She never complained, even as magic was sent at her, even as they attempted to cut through her scales with various instruments and took samples of her skin for testing. After all, if she didn’t complain she’d get to see her family and she was helping! Even if it was strange.

There was always a sense of repulsion that Nimue sensed from the people who lived with them that weren’t her family though. They seemed wary of her, almost scared. Which made sense to a degree. They smelled different from her family, far more squishy and a lot less secure. Perhaps they were the intelligent ones though. For her mind matured at a far faster pace than her body and it wasn’t long before she began to notice the little things that were out of place. The way her Mother avoided her Father, how both her Mother and Fionn acted so protective whenever she should be in a room with any of the others alone. The basement many of them would make their way into night after night. The smell of blood. The screams they didn’t think she could hear. The arguments they didn’t think she could hear, where her Mother argued with her Father that she was still too young, to leave her out of “this”. So Nimue began to grow curious… and to search.

The first thing she discovered was the basement. Simple enough to break into for someone of her strength who could channel lightning through her palms. The smell was overwhelming, the stench of years upon years of stale and rotting flesh and blood causing the young dragon to try and plug her nose from it. It was pervasive though, clinging to every surface. In the center, a table with a dais over top where the stench clung the strongest. She’d taken it upon herself to ask her Father about it after she’d gone out and immediately tracked him down. He hadn’t seemed angry, instead smiling and taking her under his arm while he guided her back toward the main building. She hadn’t seen Fionn and her Mother’s faces but she’d felt their fear and her Mother’s anguish.

From then on she was her Father’s poppet. He taught her anything he could, while encouraging her to continue undergoing the tests. Under his tutelage she learned to fight, to kill, and what exactly was going on. Her Father was a Warlock and all the people she’d grown up with? Mostly human. He’d taken them under his proverbial wing, teaching them all about the ancient dragons and Tiamat in particular. The summoning the night Nimue was born was specifically meant to show Tiamat’s favor upon them and had required a great sacrifice he’d explained. Nimue was to be their greatest weapon, which is why they had to learn all there was to know about her. With his supervision she learned not to question him, taking note of how no one else did. At least not in front of her. She was fourteen the first time he sent her out of the compound, under the guidance of his right hand, to “take care of” someone who was getting too close to the grounds for comfort. Nimue saw nothing wrong with it and disposed of the man as efficiently as one might squash a bug. Perhaps then it was a good thing that she still had Fionn’s presence in her life, because she at least saw the issues with her Father’s methods with others thanks to him. The way he ranted and raved and tormented those who were brought to him alive. So she never brought anyone back alive. Better that she kill them quickly than have them suffer at that man’s hands, especially the way she did.

By the time she reached sixteen she was a force to be reckoned with even without her powers. To this day she recalls the first time she fought her Father on equal footing and wiped the floor with him with no small amount of pride. She’d gone to see Fionn that night with the biggest smile he’d seen on her face since their Mother passed, her smirk almost dangerous in its intensity. Fionn was the only one who knew the truth. Nimue was growing sick of playing assassin, of contributing to their Father’s twisted games. She could sense that there was nothing in that basement, had been able to for years. After their Mother died Nimue had confided in Fionn, telling him her plan. That she’d continue to learn and grow under their tutelage until the day came that she could destroy them. Something had been holding her back though, a small part of her that still held them dear like family. If Fionn knew he didn’t remark on it.

Then came another turning point. Father should never have sent Nimue after this particular mark, she was far too careful. Of course she’d notice. The smell had hit her right away, familiar yet strange as she’d regarded the blonde woman before her. So she’d waited. Watched. She knew well enough to make sure she stayed out of the blonde’s sight and where she couldn’t be scented out. But her powers seemed different from Nim’s. She watched as, instead of calling lightning to her palm, she nurtured plants back to life and restored the soil. None of that erased the familiar scent though, one she’d never smelled so similar to her own. Nim, now fully grown, stepped out of hiding once she’d confirmed for herself that this target was in fact another dragon. Her Father had sent her to kill one of her own kind. Naturally she was unable to do it, she knew from reading the books that she was the only dragon! So now, finding another, how could she raise her sword against her? The two talked for some time, Nimue feeling more comfortable around Lysandra than she had anyone other than Fionn for years. Then, Nimue left, a promise to find Lysandra again the only assurance the gold dragon had that she’d see Nim again.

The weeks passed quietly after that, with Nimue in contemplation. With all of the knowledge she had adding up she was growing impatient but she still couldn’t bring herself to turn against her Father, even knowing what he had done. She’d refused to tell Fionn, but she’d smelled her mother’s blood in that basement. She knew the truth. The knowledge that he’d sent her against one of her own was nearly enough to send her into a rage but she’d kept her cool. After all she’s been fooling them about her abilities for years now, there’s no need to blow her cover yet. None of them, not even Fionn know the true extent of her abilities. Not anymore.

Her nineteenth birthday arrived with clear skies but Nimue woke feeling the storm coming. She’d always been able to. She was tired though, and sore from allowing them to cut into her skin again. They were confused as to why her powers weren’t continuing to grow and she sure as hell wasn’t giving them the answers. But she was tired, so tired, so she continued to lay there and feign sleep as people passed her locked down room. 

“Did you hear? The last ceremony is going to be tonight!” Nimue raised her head slightly, so she could hear the cultists conversation better.

“Yeah! We’ll have another dragon here soon. But according to the boss it takes some pretty serious sacrifice. He already gave his brother and his wife, so now to make the spell work he has to give up his last family-”

Nimue saw red and outside the rain began to pour. Any sense of exhaustion was ripped from her body as she marched to the door and, with inhuman strength, tore it down. They will not take Fionn. There’s no way in hell she’d allow that. She remains eerily quiet as she stalks toward the two cult members chatting, regarding them with draconic eyes as they shrink away from her in fear. They don’t get far, lightning skipping from her body to theirs and killing them on the spot. There are others of course. There are always others keeping an eye on her and she doesn’t react at all as they move to attack her. Let them. Their weapons bounce off of scales, hardened beyond what they could have ever expected as she continues her walk. They get close to her and she tears their bodies apart, rage flying out from her in all directions. She knows the commotion has reached their father when she feels one of his spells collide with her back. It does nothing against her scales.

“Nimue, how dare you?! I order you to stand down this instant!” The poor man. As she turns to regard him, blood and rain soaking her clothes, she smiles. For the first time in years the cult gets to watch as her body ripples, limbs elongating and teeth turning to blades. The giant silver dragon roars, lightning dancing between her scales and glowing from within her body. The storm intensifies around her, the likes of which the area has never seen before. Fionn is the only one spared as lightning fries the area, leaving a burning husk behind where once there was an unfortunately thriving community. It’s only once she’s sure that only Fionn is left alive that her rage finally begins to dissolve, the red clouding her vision fading as her form slowly shrinks and fades back to that of a human. Sparks still fly from her body as she searches out Fionn, who she knows is hiding nearby with the supplies like they’d been planning for so long. Through the exhaustion and now drizzling rain, Nimue smiles at her brother.

“I hope you have everything. All the books and such too. I didn’t leave anything behind for someone else to find, we don’t want a repeat.”

For the first time in years, Nimue seems happy. Through talks with Fionn while they travel in search of Lysandra, Nim’s idea, they decide to give themselves new last names as a way to shed the influence of the place they left behind them: Ariss. In any spare time they have, Nimue reads from the tomes Fionn smuggled away from the cult. Learning about the ancient dragons and the rites and rituals they observed, things unique to the dragons that are now so rare. It’s no accident when she encounters Lysandra again on the outside of a small town, waiting for the blonde dragon with a small smirk on her face.

“Told ya we’d meet again.”

Fionn was as much a surprise to Lysandra as Arryn was to Nimue. Now there’s not only one other dragon, there’s two! The stranger did temper her reaction somewhat but even that couldn’t completely hide her excitement at seeing another one of her kind. Together, Nimue and Lysandra made the decision to try and bring together the others of their kind, wherever they might be and no matter how few. To this end, Nim decided it would be a good idea to share the knowledge from the tomes she’d secured and that’s when the two came to a realization. They were born around the same time, in the same year. They were the oldest and so, the responsibility would fall to them to take on the leadership of their people. Nimue was not the type to take this information well. She’d seen what could happen when a leader was like her, and it took a lot of encouragement from all sides to convince her to join Lysandra for the ritual instead of getting Arryn to do it. But convince her they did and so the two women made their way to the top of Mount Vesuvius. As the two kneeled there together and began to recite the ancient rite, Nimue could feel power flowing through her. Here, where the intensity of the earth meets the power of the sky, all of nature became connected to the two. When Nimue opened her eyes again it was with the connection and power of a Guardian, a new sister at her side.

Time passed and the four travelled, getting into trouble along the way as any band might do. Dragons remain a fixture of fear among most and so Nimue always was a proponent of hiding their existence, something that Lysandra agreed with. So they taught the dragons to blend, to hide their small numbers in plain sight and not to give themselves away. The isolation was a lot though, no community meant to completely lock themselves away and so they began to discuss other solutions. Now, Nimue finds herself in Maine of all places, attempting to help an ancient and dangerous people live somewhat normal lives when she really has no idea what that means herself. What she does know is that not only would she kill to keep them safe, she’d die for the same. Lysandra, Fionn, and Arryn at her side, what does she have to fear anyway?

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    I miss you..when are you coming back?

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    So don't get mad...but something happened at the house while you were gone.

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    Super late in the welcome response but oh well, 

    It's good to be back by your side Nimue. 

    I look forward to many adventures with you

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