Roxana Winters

Full Name

Roxana Abigail Selene Winters


: 23




 restaurant owner (Dama Diablo)/ singer

 Marital status

:single but talking


Amelia Annalise Wolfe (half - sister)




Adella Winters


Ainslee Marie Elenore King 


Ivy Rose Starr ( Ainslee and Aries Daughter)


Aries Starr (Cousin in law)-Ainslee-



Vincent Cael Dimare 


Rosalia Conner( Auntie Rosie)


Aurora ( Aunt in law )- Vincent-



Roxy was born July 8 . She was named after her grandmother on her mother Adella side of the family. She had a decent childhood you could say her mother and father were together and had her. Regardless of the fact that she found out at the age of four that she had a older half sister by the name Amelia Annalise Wolfe by a different father then her own she idolized her big sister wanting to be just like her since she was small. One drawback that she has always had since she was born was her grandfather on her father's side hating her very existence because she was a witch like her mother and not human like her father Anthony Giesippe  Knight. Her grandfather hated witches and most supernatural creatures as he used his connection as the Chicago mob boss to try and eradicate them all from the city. Her Grandfather was bitter and angry as well as heartbroken when his wife at the time had passed away and was revealed as a Phoenix and left him to free herself from his horrible  mental abusive ways.

- under construction still-


- years later age 19-

Meeting Henri


         She had just visited her father at their home in Chicago that afternoon  a month after her  19th birthday before heading to work that night.

She was walking home after closing up the restaurant/bar that she worked at complaining to herself at her father's insistence to date one of is lawyer associates you know the type that got everything handed to them just because they were good looking . Not paying attention to where she was going do to being lost in her thoughts that she didn't realize she ended up in mob territory ( her grandfather's territory though at the time she didn't know that her grandfather was the mob boss) she was chloroformed and woke up tied to a chair surrounded by twenty mobsters with guns pointing towards her and unable to use her magic thanks to her mother's rule to not use it against humans in a threatening manner. The lead mobster of the group surrounding her perved on her so she spat in his face getting slapped as a result of it. As the leader told his goons to take care of the little bitch( Roxana) a  handsome man fell down covering her from getting shot. A man she now knows as Henri Sharpe a vampire. As she was under Henri in emotional distress she non verbally made two of the metal warehouse crates in the building crush two goons flat spraying their blood all over Henri and herself. As she laid under Henri she told him to ' eat his fill and kill these bastards' and he did so not knowing why he saved her instead of going after his desired target. After getting them selves to safety in side a cafe that was open Henri questioned her about what she was doing there in mob territory she didn't have any answer as to why the mob wanted her dead only that she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings when she was attacked by them.

It wasn't till much later down the road that she found out it was her grandfather that put the hit on her to kill her .


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July 8


Roxana Winters





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