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Full name: Sinn Cassian DeLoughrey

Age: Appearance - 28 years old / Actual - 201 years old

Place of Birth: England

Current Location: Vrévale, Maine

Occupation: Crime Lord

Sexuality: Completely uninterested

Relationship Status: You came into my life and became it.


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  • Succubus


  • Succubus

    You're my favorite place to go to when

    my mind searches for peace


    so I know no matter what

    obstacle comes our way, we will always

    find our way back to each other.


    Where I'm going with this is...

    mind making me the HAPPIEST girl

    alive (more than you have already)

    and accompany me to the

    luau on the 9th?

  • Succubus

    If that's so, I'll be waiting..


  • Succubus

    I mean, I can always try and keep my hands to myself but..


    No promises, baby.


  • Succubus


  • Succubus

    You still owe me that date.. Or


    Your choice. 

  • Succubus

    -Leaves this here and expects you to wear it.-


  • Succubus

    I know you made it very clear that you didn't want anything for this holiday you strongly despise but I have chosen to ignore your idiotic request, my Grinch.

    Merry Christmas, Sinn! You are the most important thing in my life (aside in Yana, of course) and I don't know what I'd do without you.

    First, a large bottle of Jack Daniels so you can drink away your hatred for Christmas and let loose.

    Next, because you bring me happiness whenever I'm with you, a wooden watch engraved with just that.

    Thirdly, a little keychain I am forcing you to attach to your keys because with how terrible your driving it, I actually want you to come back to me in one piece.

    -She chooses not to comment on the last gift, simply sending a wink his way after he opens the gift to find the mug.-

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  • Witch - Head Admin

    Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

    I come baring gifts from your Secret Santa!

    "Happy holidays, dude!"

    3767016731?profile=RESIZE_710x Can you guess who it may be?

  • Succubus

    "I said I wanted to be

    friends again but I lied."


    "I don't think I could ever

    be just friends with you."

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December 13


Sinn Cassian DeLoughrey





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Stephen James



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"Well after that invitation, who would I be to decline? 
Even though, you already know I'd say yes with just that one look in your eye. 
My answer is absolutely yes. You'd make me the luckiest guy there. 
Especially whenYou're there with open arms"
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