Amelia Wolfe  - fiancé

SPBQ.gifAmelia is the love of James life and one of the first people never to fear him she found him unconscious and stayed with him for days talking to him till he woke in flames he spent time with mia talking and adventuring into Vrevale not remembering much before awaking  James Recalls   Mia talking to him he fears hurting her even though she refuses to leave when the memories of the lab hit him after there adventure to the end of summer  Fair James fell completely in love with her and was shocked when he found out Amelia felt the same way when she proposed.









                                Vincent Dimare  - Cop and Phoenix leader 

Hniq.gifYes Phoenix leader  not the x-wing fighter  leader  lol Vincent helped  Mia take James to safety and now that he is awake Vincent helps  James to control his ability and the trauma  he received in the lab  Vincent has never gotten mad at  James for losing control even when he burns the brownies 










Henri Sharpe 



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    " since you're leaving me to move with the Phoenixes I have one last gift for you " 

    - whistles and out she comes-

    she has no name yet but I thought you'd like her9581474477?profile=RESIZE_710x

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    Yes I'll go with you James I'll gladly have you as a date 

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