sophia leblanc

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canon: Sophia Rose Leblanc

nicknames/alias: Soph, Phia, Phi, FiFi

gender: Female

age: 29

date of birth: January 4th

species: Shapeshifter (Lycan)

rank: Second in Command (beta)

orientation: Heterosexual

status: Engaged to her love

offsprings: 1 daughter, Evie


ic stats cont.


occupation: Ex-CIA Agent

place of birth: Victoria, Canada

residence: Cabin in Vrevale, Maine

face claim: Meghan Ory

Nationality: Canadian

height: 5'7

build: Slim

hair: Dark Brown

eyes: Green, yellow (when

in lycan form)


the hunt

Sophia and Clayton - in progress

i'm sorry, forgive me?

Sophia and Landon - in progress

thread name

character names - status
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  • Shifter


    Well, you see Phia, there is a logical reason as to why I haven't visited you and Landon yet...

    New shifter mothers are crazy. My mother told me so. 

    And I don't feel like you clawing my eyes out.

    But I do congratulate you and Landon on your beautiful baby girl. And as a result of my negligence, I brought you some whiskey.

    With six-shot glasses. 

    You're welcome


    Love you Phia.

  • Succubus

    "Hi Soph wanted to stop by and see if you would want to do a thread with me and the other mommy's on here that have young ones " 



  • Shifter

    Hello fellow shifter! 

    I'm curious if you'd ever be interested in having a thread with me?

    I'm looking for threads annnd


     what better way than to get to know the other shifters, huh? 

    Just hit me up if you're interested :)

    - Iseul

  • Shifter

    How are my two lovely ladies doing, I miss you both, sorry for being busy with work

  • Shifter

    HO HO HO! A gift from your Secret Santa!



    Can you guess who it may be from?
  • Shifter

    I'm Sorry, Forgive me?

    I'm Sorry, Forgive me? - Phi and Lan
    After going away to join the war efforts and helping to train others within the Army, Landon was finally back in the city where the woman he loved ho…
  • Shifter

    Guess who's back in town


  • Shifter


    Look out here comes the hunt

    The Hunt (Sophia and Clayton)
    "Alright Mom, I'm heading out for a while," Clayton said as he bent down to kiss his mother on the cheek goodbye. His mother was an elderly woman who…
  • Shifter

    Hey there welcome to HOM!


     To the Shifter Species! 

    I look forward to plotting with you some time perhaps getting a thread going 

    You can inbox me at any time and I'll respond first chance I get! 


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January 4


Sophia Rose Leblanc





Face Claim:

Meghan Ory



How did you hear about us?

I had a vision

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"The fact that you have yet to stop by and meet my and Landon's daughter is offending, Alpha.
But... I'm sure you can make it up to your favorite beta with something like, I don't know, a bottle of whisky?
-Arches a brow his way with a knowing look…"
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