"I don't rise from the ashes. 

I make them.

I'm the whole fucking fire." 

- Erin Van Vuren

Full Given Name: Vincent Cael Dimare

Name Meaning: Vincent - "To Conquer"

Age: Looks to be in his late 30s but is actually 1,014 years old

 Place of Birth: A small village near the Poiana Ruscă Mountains of Hunedoara, Romania

Hometown: Present Day Tobermory, Scotland

Sexuality: Does it matter? 

Relationship Status: You stole my heart but you can have it. 

Species: Phoenix - Leader of his own kind

Current Location: Vrévale, Maine



➤ Faceclaim: Ryan Reynolds aka The Legend

➤ Eye Color: Amber Brown Hues

➤ Height: 6"2'

➤ Build: Muscular

➤ Tattoos, Scars, Etc: Scars from previous fights and training, a tattoo of his clan's symbol



➤ Charismatic, Compassionate, Understanding

➤ Sarcastic, Closed-Off, Cynical

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(Bio to be written...) 




Aurora Laveau - Romantic Interest

Merely acquaintances, Vincent hardly knows Aurora but there's no doubt that he's been interested in her for a while. However, unknown to both of them, they've been placed in the same dreams and there they are rivals who can't stand each other. A ploy brought on the sirens is to bring them together is what makes them share the same dream but he wakes up with no recollection of what happens but he has been getting to known the Nymph leader. It is safe to say that he's even more entranced than he was before. 

Thread with Aurora Leavau ➝ When Two Worlds Collide


Rose Connor - Family (Half-Sister)

Vincent would have never guessed he had any remaining family left, much less a half-sister. After hanging out, or rather pranking the Vampire Queen relentlessly, he could never explain the connection the two instantly shared until a family secret had been revealed. The King, her father, had once been involved with a Phoenix protector, his mother. So thus, Vincent was born, making Rose and Vincent half-siblings. He's very thankful though that he was able to meet her and that he has found family once again. He may the younger brother but he'll protect her no matter what all the while annoying her as always. 

Thread with Rose Connor ➝ Love/Hate Relationship


 Rebekkah Danielson - Oldest and Dearest Friend

Vincent has known Rebekkah for the longest time as she is his oldest friend. He met her back in his home village as she stayed with his family for a little bit. He ended up falling in love with her and they were to marry when they were 19 years old but the night before, she was taken away to be turned into a vampire. While she is the Phoenix's first love, he considers her to be a special person in his life and a dear friend.

Thread with Rebekkah Danielson ➝ It's Nice to Have a Friend


Inyana Cabello - Long Time Friend Lost Love

Amelia Wolfe (Coming Soon)

Ainslee King (Coming Soon)

Lena Parker (Coming Soon)


When Two Worlds Collide - Replying 

Love/Hate Relationship - Replied

It's Nice to Have a Friend - Replying

Peril In Scotland - Replied

His Sweetest Niece - Replying

The Call of her Family - Replying

An Unlikely Alliance - Replied

Anya Grimaldi - Owe starter

Brooklyn Smith - Owe starter

Valkyrie Skye - Owe Starter 

Thank you for saving me from the darkness - Paused

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  • Witch

    -Amelia walks in holding a large tin -

    " thought you'd love some comfort food " 


  • Witch

    9276354683?profile=RESIZE_930x" you've been hiding on us again Uncle " she said 

    " anything I can do to cheer you up and make you happier?"

  • Nymph

    If you're lucky, you may just get more than just several.... who knows


  • Nymph

    I'd appreciate it if you come here more often

    otherwise who am I going to spend some quality time with that may or may not include a kiss?... or several tumblr_pfdi1bfAzm1t4w26u_400.gif

  • Nymph


  • Witch

    "Aunt Rora said I blew her away something you can't do " - she giggles- I love you uncle Winny how Aunt Rora shares the song I wrote for you both

  • Vampire - Admin


    I love you brother 

  • tumblr_inline_ort91slGeH1rifr4k_540.gif

    " Do you have any idea how hard you are to track down Mr. Dimare?" Ariella huffed " honestly it's exhausting sir " 


    " I was sent by a person you don't know but they know you very well like family you could say sir " she smiled 

  • Witch


    ~grabs your hands and pulls you to the park up to the gazebo and has you sit on the bench ~ 

    1405395697625.jpeg" Hopefully you don't get to tried of me playing for you Uncle Winny ,I'd love to sing for Aunt Rora at some point to as I don't think she's heard me sing"

  • Phoenix

    Hello Vincent! Thank you so much for the warm welcome, it's gladly appreciated.

    You have actually made my life a bit easier as I was told you would be some big help to me.


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Vincent Cael Dimare





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Ryan Reynolds



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