Name: Winterfred Sha Danyell

Age: Old As Time

Species: Nymph (Life Nymph)

Abilities: Produce and Manipulate Life


She is the daughter of Ra and lived her eternal life as a severnt to the Gods while being a God herself. One day she decided enough was enough and wanted to live for herself instead of pampering everyone of her father demanded her to serve. However, she was punished to live on earth. Her father, Ra, banished her to earth and forced her to start her life as a child like a nomal human. Although powerful, she had to relearn how to use her power and had to relearn her true self. On night while she was paractering her gifts, she went further with her studies than normal and everything returned to her. Who she was clear and now she remembers everything. Now that she knows who she is, what side of her will you be on? The good side or the bad side? Choose wisely. She will keep her name she earned on Earth, but above Earth she is called Isis, the Daughter of Ra.

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    Otherwise you won't get me as a stripper

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Winterfred Danyell





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