Zerine was born in 1787 to a local Lord of Romania, Vlad Dragomir. Vlad was secretly a very old vampire long since withdrawn from the world. This was until he encountered a human woman named Doria Varias. It is said that Doria once came to his castle in order to seek a wealthy patron who could fund her experiments. Doria was considered a local healer who has helped many of the peasants under Vlad’s rule with revolutionary medical treatments. But she had recently come under the persecution of the local church for suspicion of witchcraft. Their accusations were true, but Doria never used her witchcraft for evil and only to help the community. Vlad didn’t only agree to fund her practices, but quickly fell for Doria and they were soon married, Doria turned into a vampire by Vlad, and Doria gave birth to Zerine’s older brother Kaldor and eventually Zerine.


Zerine’s early life was quite peaceful, while her brother was an extrovert interested in the art of public speaking and swordsmanship, Zerine was more antisocial and often found with her nose deep in a book. She also took an interest in the magical arts of her mother at an early age. But this piece wouldn’t last long as hunters caught wind of both Vlad and Doria at Zerines 20th birthday. Both her parents fell to the hunters, as well as their leader, a mysterious and powerful individual who turned her father to ash with the single word, Zerine watched this happen and she witnessed her mother being set ablaze by the hunter’s torches not long after. She barely escaped herself as her brother Kaldor led her through a secret passage, and out of the castle. With only a single grimoire as in memory of her mother.


She travelled together with her brother for many decades, Zerine dug even heavier into scholarship and research, trying to figure out the identity of the powerful being that was her father’s killer learning a lot of powerful spells in the process. She eventually figured out that this being was named Zephiel, an angel of the Lord. So she scoured the earth for information on how to fight and protect yourself from their kind.


As the modern era rolled around, Zerine grew more distant from her brother as he dedicated himself to cause after cause participating in different revolutions and terrorist groups. For the purposes of human liberation. Zerine was fine with spending her days in research, and using her medical knowledge to help people in need. Despite her magic, Zerine applied to medical school, trying to learn more on how she could help others. Her knowledge of medicine was outdated and primitive, but Zerine was curious and persistent, while it took her a few tries. She eventually passed the entrance exam. Not having seen her brother in decades, she tries to live of her paycheck as a doctor, using her magic as necessary to save lives while keeping her true nature a secret, as well as taking blood from the blood bank in order to cleanse her thirst. But she has recently gone into research for finding other ways to satisfy a vampire’s thirst for blood.  Outside of work Zerine spends her time researching witchcraft as well as trying to track down her father’s killer. Becoming quite proficient in rituals combating demons as well as angels in the process. So, she has gathered quite a reputation in certain circles as an exorcist as well as a medium and a healer. In addition to being a doctor.



Zerine often appear cold and composed, she is easily bored by everyday topics, but incredibly enthusiastic when someone is capable of holding a debate about medicine, science, or the occult. She is not usually very sexually active, feeling she is often not able to relate to anyone other than an intellectual equal, which are few and far between. One notable past partner of hers would be the Dragon Mandred , who she has not seen in decades and is trying to strike down. She has very few friends, preferring to spend her time with her nose in a book, grimoire or otherwise, but she keeps contact with the close-knit group of occult enthusiasts who she likes debating various esoteric topics with.


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