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The past couple of weeks had been a challenge for the female witch and this time around, it wasn't because she was out causing mayhem somewhere like she tended to do every once in a while. A group of hunters were storming the city of Vrevale but what was surprising was the fact that they weren't causing havoc like hunters normally did, especially in a city that’s history revolved around the supernatural. They seemed to be minding their own business which raised suspicion and Ana agreed to leave them be like her grandmother had requested but that didn't mean she wasn't going to keep her guard up and do her own little investigating. She'd called in a council meeting that night and the group agreed to keep their distance because seeing as the regent knew she'd angered a handful of people source.gifsince her reign as coven leader, she'd have no one on her side should she try to retaliate against hunters who appeared to be doing absolutely nothing. It not only wouldn't look good on her, but it would make the other leaders in the city respect her. Though it seemed like Anastasia was too occupied with this hunter situation, or what she wanted to be a situation, deep down she knew it was just her way of getting a certain someone out of her mind which was easier said than done. Her relationship with Phoenix was a complicated one but following the last couple of weeks, it'd become stronger and all it did was make her nervous. From the kiss they shared to his near death experience to them proclaiming their love for each other; it was all just too much on the witch so she did the one thing she could think of doing and avoided him as best as she could even if she loved him with everything in her and couldn't stand life without him.

Ana and Phoenix were friends once, very close friends at that. She used to spend every moment with him when they were younger and the two were practically inseparable. Though, things changed drastically when he hexed a mutual friend of theirs, someone she was once interested in. Truth be told, she had a crush on Phoenix since they were younger because he was the only person who understood her while the other children in the coven teased and bullied her simply because she was going to be regent one day, which her mother just told her was a fit of jealousy and boy was it. It wasn't until the two were in their teenage years did she try to make him jealous and that's how Isaiah came in; he was an innocent human boy who caught her attention just as easily as she'd caught his but unfortunately for him, she was only using him to get her best friend to notice her in a way that wasn't just a friendship but her methods seemed to come back and bite her in the ass when the human was cursed with a spell not even the supernatural would want to deal with. The situation was much worse, however, because you could only imagine how a cursed human acted which was what angered Ana's family, especially her great-grandma, the most. The only option for the elder was to punish him by banning him from stepping foot into Vrevale ever again and Ana couldn't really argue with her seeing as even she knew what he'd done was absolutely ridiculous.

All in all, months into Anastasia becoming regent after her great-grandmother had died and her grandmother had retired from the leadership role, her mind returned to her former friend and though she knew her family would be deeply unhappy with her, she opted to lifting his banishment so he could return to the city should he please to.. However, she knew it was also because she missed him and surprisingly, though she knew he was angry with her for not staying in contact with him, he eventually agreed and from there, they repaired the friendship that was once lost. His return had also stirred up something deep inside so you could only imagine how overjoyed she was when he told her he was in love with her and had been for years. The female witch knew she felt the same but how was she going to say those three words back when she was the type of person who didn't express herself so easily? It wasn't until he was bleeding in her arms and on the verge of death was she able to scream the words to him, saying them as if they would be the last words she'd ever utter to him. What she didn't know was that her great-grandmother was silently watching the whole ordeal up above and when Phoenix did succumb to his injuries, she'd brought him right back, surprising the both of them because Ana originally thought she'd hated him.

She'd realized how strong her feelings were for him that night but after he'd spent the night at her house just to make sure she was safe, as she was doing with him, and returned to his own the next morning, she just couldn't accept any of it. This had nothing to do with the cliché she was a bad person and he shouldn't stay with her because of it but because of the fact that she wasn't a very affectionate person hence why she found it hard for herself to love someone so this plan, that she knew was absurd at this point, to completely ignore him from that day on began. He'd call, she'd ignore his calls; he'd text, she'd ignore his texts. He'd even showed up at her house once to see her and since her house was basically all windows, she was forced to hide upstairs like the pathetic person that she was until he gave up. Ana hoped he'd get the hint that she needed space which she guessed he did because his contacting her had come to an end. She couldn't help but feel bad then but what was she supposed to do really? She didn't know where he was staying and even if she did, her head was too far up her ass to actually go and apologize to him.tumblr_inline_mriz8gp6Q41qz4rgp.gif

Once she'd finished work at the coven house, Ana felt the sudden need to just go home even though was still early and the sun was just beginning to set. So, the brunette headed home and upon heading inside and closing the door behind her, tossed her shoes aside and set her personal items down by the door before making her way into the kitchen. She opened up the fridge, her eyes roaming over its contents as she tried to figure out what she wanted for dinner until there were several hard, urgent knocks on her front door. Ana's shoulders immediately sagged because she was hoping for a quiet evening to herself and instead of checking to see who was outside, her hand worked to open the front door anyways. Upon seeing Phoenix standing there, her shoulders tensed up and she looked like a deer in headlights. "Phoenix?"

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    tumblr_inline_onokqfxxqN1srwll0_500.gifOver the years, Phoenix had put Vrévale in the back of his mind. Phoenix had found a new home in New Orleans, Louisiana after he was banished from the Maine town. The witch community in Louisiana welcomed the dark warlock with no questions asked and with how much he had learned in Vrévale seemed to help. Though, for the first couple of years, a part of him wanted to go back especially since that was all he knew but within that time, he came to realize he really didn’t have much to go back to. However, the one person that would have made a huge difference to coming back was the one person that he had hurt; Anastasia Thornbrook. Phoenix and Ana were childhood friends and most of the memories from his childhood involve her. However, things changed once they started to grow up.

    When the two were heading into teen years, many things had shifted than to what Phoenix was used to. Their families had always pinned the two against each other once their powers had started to show and the competitiveness had also changed their friendship into something it wasn’t before. So to say the least, the two had started to put distance between each other and that didn’t sit well with Phoenix. Especially after finding out what she was growing close with a friend of his. In a fit of impulsiveness and anger, he had hexed their friend, Isaiah. Hexing a mortal was a big crime in the coven. Everything after what happened felt rushed and blurred. Confronting Anastasia about it after it happened and even after his banishment, slipping a piece of paper into his hand along with the hope of being forgiven as he was being taken away. He had waited to hear from her but what did he expect? Forgiveness? He knew deep down he didn’t deserve it. Especially when the look on Ana’s face as he was being pulled away was etched into his mind and haunted him.

    Suppressing everything that involved his old life seemed to work but it could only work for so long before the past would come back to remind of something he couldn’t change.

    A case a brought them together once again and after everything, Ana had lifted his banishment, much to his surprise. The two were concerned with a case of hunters that had hit the city, slaughtering a good number of witches and warlocks. Surfacing every decade, these hunters would harvest power from each witch and warlock they’d sacrifice, absorbing their power to survive. After they had found and researched more about them, it seemed that the time spent together also seemed to repair what was lost. While the threat remained strong in the city of these hunters, what filled Phoenix’s mind at the time was being able to be with Ana again just like they were before the bad blood was shed between them. Which only let his old feelings of how he truly felt about Ana resurface that he suppressed those years in New Orleans.

    After that night where he was on the brink of death, he had finally told her everything he felt about her. Truly being honest for once in his life since he tried to hide his true feelings for most of the time. However, he would have died a happy man that night once he heard those words leave Ana’s lips as she admitted her feelings for him too. Once he was about to cross over on the other side, he was met with the past regent that had banished him. Thinking she was about to punish him once more, instead she surprised him when she told him to go back and then reconnected his soul back with his body. He thought that night was going to be a new beginning of something good. That’s until he went home the next morning and the days to follow were different than he had expected.

    He figured Ana and he would be working the case together especially since everything seemed to be okay with them. That’s until his calls were left unanswered along with the texts he’d sent her. Concern started to fill him along with another feeling that accompanied that. Embarrassment. After showing up to her house a few times to check on her, he got the hint and immediately felt like a fool for that hopeful feeling in his chest that was there the last morning he was in her house.

    tumblr_inline_onokuwbWYB1srwll0_500.gifThough, reality didn’t give him a chance to dwell in this feeling and certainly snapped him right back. A friend from New Orleans, Felicity, had called him back to his old home. Which meant that he’d stop trying to contact Ana for some time, giving her the space that she seemed keen on keeping between them. Returning to New Orleans, he met with his friend only to find out that the hunters had hit through New Orleans and were intent on making it’s way to the Maine town. After helping the community that once welcomed him, he had rushed back to Vrévale to warn Ana.

    However, he felt that was impossible for this little game she was playing. Was he angry and petty? Yes. He was much like his father who was a pride son of a bitch. After he had gotten into Vrévale, he had got back luckily during the afternoon which meant he probably had a better chance of catching the High Priestess. He just hoped that he wouldn’t be iced out again when it really mattered this time to talk to her. He didn’t bother to go to the Coven House especially since last time, they all treated him like he was the scum of the Earth. He had a gut feeling to go to her home directly.

    Seeing her car in the driveway, he parked his car near the curb and rushed to her door. Even from where he could see by the front door, he could see her inside. He was relieved to see her coming to answer the door instead of ignoring him but the look on his face didn’t give any positive emotion. It was a mixture of anger and concern since her life depended on the new information he had found. Once she opened the door, it was hard to not drop the scowl and just be relieved but he let it remain on his expression as he stared back at her.

    “Oh, wow, so you do remember me?” He plastered a sarcastic smile on his lips before he scoffed slightly as he shook his head. “I figured you’d think of me as a stranger with how much we talked recently,” he said as he let the fake smile fade. Leaning against her doorframe, he glanced away from her and down to the floor so he wouldn’t lose track of what he was really here for. “I need to talk to you. It’s really important,” he said as he picked his gaze up from the floor. Though something in his eyes told her that he had no room for excuses to not have this conversation. As if to make his point, Phoenix had decided to walk past her and into her home, the paperwork in his coat pocket he had brought to show her the new upcoming issue.

  • Witch - Head Admin

    His fake smile and sarcastic words didn't go unnoticed by Ana because it was something she expected and the witch couldn't really blame him, she'd failed to stay in contact after that one night -90210-jessica-lowndes-37819817-500-286.gifsimply because she feared committment, especially with how strongly she felt about him. It was a feeling she would never get over and that scared her so in her mind, the better decision was to cut ties for a short period. Hell, her mother was against it even if the Thornbrook's and the Delvaux's didn't see eye to eye for a while. The elder knew what it was like to be away from the person you loved, it was hard on both parties. The High Priestess knew for a fact Phoenix would be angry with her, that was a no brainer and to see the anger on his face after finally seeing him after all these weeks made her heart clench and the guilt she felt to become stronger. It was never her intention to do this, but her ego seemed to get the better of her and here they were.

    It brought back memories to when she cut contact with him for over a century when he'd hexed their friend Isaiah. The human boy and her were getting very close, she couldn't deny that and when Phoenix hexed him for that and was sent away, she stopped talking to him. Ana tended not to give into her parents need to make them hate each other but with the lies they'd fed her, her young mind eventually believed them to a point where she put a distance between the two, an action she deeply regretted to this day. The warlock had this special place in her heart to this day, he was the closest friend she ever had 6ae958bbc2b87b2d4f1138d64d09ccf27907f2cfr1-250-250_hq.gifgrowing up and she missed having him in her life. Having him back in her life should've given her that push to keep him their, but instead she scared her adult mind into pushing him away once more.

    Her methods seemed to work for a while but now that she was actually face to face with him, Anastasia knew he wouldn't take lightly to it and who was she to blame him really? If the tables were turned, she would hate him for not speaking to her for this long after professing her love to him. She missed him though, that was a no brainer, but for him to accept the apology she knew she was going to give?

    When he pushed past her into her home, she didn't try to stop him and instead stepped aside so he could get in, closing the door right behind the two. The apology was at the tip of her tongue and before he could talk to her about whatever it was that sent him here, she wanted to set the record straight and explain to him why she did it just so he understood and didn't hate her because the last thing shetumblr_of7vj7LcTy1ushexco7_400.gifv wanted was for him to hate her. "Before you start, I want to apologize." The brunette began, hesitantly, her fingers subconsciously playing with each other. "I know I had no right to ignore you and I'm sorry. If you knew why I did it, you'd understand." Ana ended with that with a sigh before walking past him further into her home and instead of heading towards the door that lead to her study, she lead him to her dining room table, taking a seat in one of the chairs.

    It felt as though she was having him over for dinner and though she wished it was just that, Anastasia was both eager and anxious to know what it was he needed to talk with her about and upon noticing the papers in his grasp, she figured it was serious and from past experiences, the witch knew whatever it was had to be of great significance. "Okay," she said after letting out a breath as if she was mentally and physically preparing herself which just seemed extreme. "What do you need to talk to me about?"

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