Alex awoke to the Bleeping of his alarm as he stared blankly at the ceiling before sitting up to remember where he was as slammed his hand on the off button as he turned rubbing his face he yawned as he looked around to see the clock only read  6:01 am these days he dreaded his days off since Sophie left he had spent not much time there either keeping his self busy or picking up extra shift as he rose to his feet he moved towards the shower room waking up more as he walked into a closed-door " ow" he rubbed his nose as he opened walking into the room returning a short time later in running gear. Alex walked into the lounge dressed in Black trainers and shorts and a white cool running shirt the sun was just starting to rise as the orange tinge filled the room as he walked towards the kitchen since Sophie left the apartment was too big for him alone either he got a roommate or it was time for him to move on and move out.

Alex approached the premade museli breakfast as  hr stared out  into the  view of the city his  mind  detailing the route he would  take as he walked over to  the fridge opening to door to the bright light as his eyes scanned for the Sunny D     taking it out once he had  had it he closed the door returning to the lone bowel at the kitchen counter    he sighed as he took  the stool  looking at  theviewturning from night to day  as his mind drifted to the argument as much as it hurt   him separating  from her the  powersthat be   must have had  a plan  which  didn't   mean they were together  he   held  the spoon hovering  over the bowel as  he began to eat his mind went back to the  runroute he wasplanning to take as he ate  the radio turned on the local news report  she smiled  listening to the happy news  before he looked over at the  army  back pack he kept  10 kg of weight in it to train  he continued to eat till the bowel was finished   washing it down with  half bottle of orange  juice  before  getting to his feet   walking to thedoor as he  lifted the back pack.

DgPN.gifAlex walked onto the growing street as he looked around taking out the headphones he had kept in the rucksack as he the pack on his back securing it in place with the straps as he continued to look around the street as he smiled nodding to another runner who went past as he placed the earpieces in his ears as he looked around before pulling out his cell turning on his player the first song began to play ( rewrite the stars began to play as he turned on his heels and began to move at a steady pace towards the park he remembered watching the film as he could not understand the fad with it but the music he could he had to favourite songs rewrite the stars and the other side. as he ran past familiar places he acknowledged the people who said hi or asked him a question as he stopped at the end of the block the barista came rushing out to stop him as Alex stopped the barista said to him free coffee on your way back " Alex appreciated it ashe aways tipped the cost of the coffee he nodded thanks you ashe replied moving on to the intersection.

As he waited  Alex was   alerted to the sounds of sirens and they were getting closer as he looked around  stepping out from the cross walk as he  monitored the  enclosing sound  came closer before two  ambulances came past on their lights and sirens   Alex watched as they went past asathought to go after ran through his head  to go after them  but it is my day off as returned to forget about it  but he found  that his feet   started running in the direction of the sirend  hecontinued  to  run    but  sped up to  keep the sirens  in ear shot as  sophies words  rang in his ears " you and your white night syndrome "  he made it half way down the block before he stopped breathing heavily as he looked around  panting wondering where he wasas he walked further  down she looked at the street sign a bit of panic showed in hisfaceashe saw he was on are list area, of course, Alexcould defendhisself but  the block isknown to be a bad area  he looked around to see if there's away out but no no cabsat all  so he  began to move in a direction he believed would be safe.

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  • Angel

    Alex pulled out his headphones jumping a little as he turned hearing the hello ashe put his headphones back in his pocket as he caught his breath seeing the woman in front of him “ hey you didn't see two ambulances pass here on blue lights did you I kinda lost track of them  “he grabbed the post as he watched her “he let go as he felt more himself he could sense something but not fully what it was as he looked around” is this truly 34th avenue? “Alex stopped his side babbling ashe took a deep breath “ sorry I get sidetracked   im good thank you”  he tilts his head slightly “are you ok ?  “ he offered his hand “ Im Alex  but friends  call me clay “


    He looked  further up as he guided  his arm to the seat as he walked over  taking a seat “  not many people are up this time of day  early riser i take it “he smiled as he watched her “

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