A new Start ( open to James Mia and Vincent )

" Great start James Great start "  he mumbled to himself as he  stepped through the dreary   wet  morning he had left home several hours earlier  but his car coughed and plundered to a stop  several miles  back as  his coat and trousers began to soak through  he noticed a  sign up in the distance  he  quickly moved up  into a gently jog till he had reached the sign  as he covered his eyes to shield him from the rain  he read the sign Welcome to Vrévale!   " finally  " he muttered to his self as made his way to the closest building for shelter as he undid his jacket  his black shirt felt as wet as his jeans as he looked around his new environment  he pulled out a piece of paper with a hand written name  Vincent   he was  not sure if it  was a club or a person all he was told it was here in this city but  they or he could tell  James what he was or how he came to be  as he touched his hand the memories of unexplained fire sort   through  his memories and the burning bird dream  he shook his head  as he felt burning sensations in his hand again as he made hisway  out to the rain a knife  made out of  flames began to appear  as   the raintouched  his skin the weapon disappeared like it wasn't there at all.


James arrived further into town as the rain began to ease  occasionally stopping  to ask if anyone knew where Vincent was as he got shrugs and  no mates frustration grew as it had felt like hours since he entered the city but was no further as he  walked over to the bench several people caught his attention  that he was being followed  as he moved quickly from the bench hoping  it would get him to safety but  a dead end  as his heard quicken he heard a voice ask for his  wallet    a crippling pain  shot through his body  like it had down during all those incidents  he moved down a quiet side street as he fell to the ground slowly being met with kicks      he closed his eyes as he felt energy go through hum before blacking out   as he came around for a few seconds he saw they were gone  before he lowered his head passing out again 

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  • Phoenix

    Amelia was running late, Again if it wasn't for the fact that her voice was so good  her manager would have fired her long ago. Her umbrella was pelted hard as the rain came down.  Amelia looked at her watch noticing that the time was late enough that the front doors for the gig were closed by the bouncer so she knew she had to go into the side entrance in the alley.'I wish I brought my sneakers my feet are killing me and these heels in this weather I should've worn my sneakers and changed once I got there. ' she thought as she turned the corner to the alley.

    As Amelia turned to corner running towards the door she tripped over something  catching herself before she fell to the ground she looked over at what she tripped over it was a man who looked pretty beaten up. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, realizing that this wasn't the time to freak out she needed to get this man inside so she could help him the only issue was that she couldn't lift him dead weight like he was so she knelt down beside him and  said ' I'm going to go get help and I'll be right back ' running into the studio straight to her Uncle. 

    "Uncle Winny I tripped over a man on my way here in the alley I need your help to move him and get him inside so I can help him medically " Her voice shaking and breaking in places as she was terrified for the man as he was beaten badly." Please you have to help me please Uncle Winny"

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