A helpful hand — Aurora & Ashlan

Today began as an ordinary day for the Nymph as she woke up bright and early in the morning, had a bit of breakfast, before enjoying a hot cup of coffee as she gazed out of her window. Aurora watched as more tiny specs of snow fell from the sky and though snow tended to be a joyous sight to most people, she hated it. Nymphs typically didn't get along well with the cold weather but they could still cope with it.c507ca156a3675a6-.gif Water Nymphs, however, struggled more because of the fact that their main source of life was the waters, whether it be the river banks, beach waters, or oceans, it was all needed to survive but that wasn't necessarily possible when it got so cold out to the point where the waters froze up and so they were stuck with the water in their homes. It was a struggle at time but the Nymph leader tried to take her mind off of it by getting further into work, hence what she had on her agenda today.

Every other day, she typically liked to have a training session amongst herself and the other ladies in her clan and unlike other days when it were warm outside, she lead the others to a manor she didn't use unless it was absolutely necessary like today, for example. So, after finishing her coffee and breakfast, and freshening up, Rora headed out to the building they would be doing their training in. Thankfully for her, the others were already there, geared up and training amongst each other which made the blonde happy. Seeing as they were an all female species, their numbers were very small and they were looked TLxc.gifupon as a weaker species just because they had no men but proving they had the abilities to hold their own made her proud enough.

Slipping off her gloves and sweatshirt, leaving her in her leggings and tee, Aurora stood back and watched as they sparred with one and other, making sure no one went too overboard like the underworld nymphs liked to do even when she gave them direct order not to. This was meant to be a training session, not an all around fight that would lead to either injuring themselves or those around them, something the leader didn't tolerate. As she did look on, one girl caught her eye in particular with her fast moves and quick reflexes, realizing she was one of the newer additions to the clan. Walking over, she greeted everyone who she passed with a warm smile before stopping in front of the Nymph who appeared to be stretching now. "Hello." She greeted, politely. "Ashlan, right?" She questioned, vaguely remembering that name to be the one that matched the girl before her.

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  • Nymph

    DxaMjMGWkAABUJb.jpgAshlan was newer in town and when she was called upon by the leader of their species to join in a training session she did not hesitate to go. Though she was nervous Ashlan was generally a happy go lucky kind of woman and tried to only use her abilities for good. The idea of using them to fight seemed wrong, she dressed in her training outfit a pair of yoga pants along with a fitted athletic shirt. She wore her favorite shoes and went to the kitchen to make herself a smoothie while Aiden slept. Aiden had been her rock for as long as she could remember, the pair seemed polar opposites and like they shouldn’t work but they did.

    be4fa3b357448e085fd4f8be034f8b49.gifSipping on her smoothie with some pre-workout in it, she hummed to herself and did a little dance in her kitchen while she did. Checking her TikTok account to watch videos while she drank her morning smoothie. She giggled at the things she saw while she waited to finish her food.

    Upon finishing she drove to the location for the meetup, once inside she began to stretch and do a little mini workout until someone approached her asking her name. “Yes, that is me.” She said with a large smile holding out her hand to the fellow blonde. “Aurora, our leader if I am remembering correctly.” She smiled and squeezed her hand. “I like what you have here with the training, helps us all stay on top of our abilities” She smiled Ashlan was a woodland Nymph and her abilities were more geared towards plants and vines, she could create a dirt barrier if need be but mostly she geared towards plant life.

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