All or Nothing (The Witches' Council Thread)

The council had certainly grown within a short amount of time and once this had happened, Donovan knew that there would be a time where everyone had to learn everything about this town. That there was one important piece of information that not everyone knew. Only a few people on the council that were privy to one of the hidden secrets and Donovan was one of them much to his surprise.

The town’s history had many different versions but there was a figure that has remained almost as an urban legend around the seaside town. Esmeralda Cabello. Of course, there were stories about creatures living here that were beyond the locals’ imagination but there were also stories about how the divide that was currently happening in the among species and its origin. 

The deal that had gone down in exchange for peace in town was one that the Cabello sisters had made. The once founders of this town, the sisters made a deal that had resulted in the eldest becoming the anchor to the Other Side.


The witches and warlocks on the council that knew of this secret had the duty of checking on the anchor and making sure no one had tried to tamper or summon the siren back to life. That duty had remained uneventful as everything had seemed to remain in place as things had seemed to be perfectly calm around town. 

Donovan was one of the few to check on the anchor and it was a tedious task. He was also sure that he was assigned to check just because of the trek that had to be made to get there. Taking a boat ride to one of the coves that were far from the town before walking a few miles into the coves. After finally walking further into the cave, hidden within the stone walls, was the Anchor. 

He had heard from the spell’s effect that her body resembled stone as she was put there far away so that anyone would be able to find her. The barrier spell was one of the best that he heard his High Priestess had done to prevent anyone from finding out. 

So as the warlock held onto a lamp as he ventured to the very spot where she would be hidden, he was expecting to see nothing different. Just a damp cave and smooth stone walls but even as he got closer, he couldn’t help but notice the further he got, the more pieces of stone littered the ground. Trying to shake the feeling, figuring it was something else to do with the nature of the coast that caused more rubble within the cove, he just advanced with more caution. However, he almost dropped the lamp he was holding once he saw the sight before him. The sight he saw was a big opening within the stone walls that looked like a small earthquake happened. Rocks had blocked the way to walk any further because once where the Anchor rested, there was currently a big gap as if she were ripped away from the spot. He could feel the blood drain from his being as he knew what this meant once he delivered the news back to the witches’ estate. Out of all the days that this were to happen, he couldn’t help but feel as if a little luck was being spared. 

tumblr_inline_ppg6ib5aMN1vfa8vf_540.gifHe was aware of the meeting that was happening today and this meeting was one that was routine. To check up on things and even find out what type of tasks they would be assigned this month. When he woke up this morning, he was already picturing himself to tell her that everything was fine with the damned anchor after everyone but her and Jacob dispersed. However, he knew this couldn’t wait. This was something that everyone needed to be a part of to track down Esmeralda and he knew that having everyone would just make things easier. His mind was a jumbled mess as he felt everyone moved around him slowly as he was uneasy with this information. He was already picturing the thousands of ways Ana or Jacob would react on the boat ride back and then everyone else’s reactions. 

He learned the hard way that there was no cell service until he had reached town,so once he had made it to the port, he had rushed back to the coven’s estate. He figured that there would be no use in calling as he’d be there in no time with how fast he was making it through town in his car. Pulling up to the estate and barely putting his car into park, he had stepped out and strided quickly into the estate. Bursting through the main doors, he could see everyone was already there in the meeting area. He barely paid a glance to them, not even Cat as his eyes were on Ana. The meeting was already in full swing but he had no issue of pulling her aside. “We have a massive problem,” he uttered, his tone barely above a whisper but he knew she’d hear. “The anchor is gone. Nothing but rubble in that cave,” he told her in a grave tone before his eyes had glanced at everyone. His eyes met hers once more and within his eyes, it conveyed his urgency. “It’s time for everyone else to know.” 


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