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The past three months seemed to go by in a blur since Ana had been handed over the role of Regent by her great-grandmother, shocking not only her, but the rest of her family as well. It'd made sense fortumblr_nky2gtxFXL1rif8n8o1_500.gifv her mother to take on such a leadership role after her grandmother had retired and maybe if she was, she'd be forced to attend this meeting instead of her daughter. The meeting was over something she had absolutely no hand in doing; her great-grandmother, however, was the true culprit. 

The elder had a history of making irrational decisions regarding both her Coven and the outside world which many would think she had no right to but when Renée le Forté wanted something done, it would be done no matter the consequences. So, when the power split between the species and their leaders occurred, it gave her a reason to play some mind games and makes the others ‘suffer’ by going against them; while the witches allied with the Heretics, Vampires, Dhampirs, Werewolves, Shapeshifters, and Hybrids, the Phoenix’s allied with the Sirens, Nymphs, Mermaids, and, in the end, the Succubus’. The Cambions, Nephilims, and Angels had chosen to be allied with each other opposed to with the others while the Faes, on the other hand, had chose to not form an alliance with anyone and though the witches didn’t necessarily like that, they chose to put it at the back of their minds.

Those allied with the Witches weren’t all for the fact that the sirens had chose to claim the city of Vrévale as theirs the moment they stepped foot into it, saying they’d created the town from the ground up. The “traditional species” (Vamps, Wolves, Witches, Heretics, Dhamps, Hybrids, Shifters) as some might tumblr_inline_mwqm1jaY4k1rf4z3f.gifcall them, were angered by this and that was when they made their official appearance, and when the games began.

Renée had laced an athame blade with her dark magic, storing the ceremonial dagger away until it was needed later on. No one really knew much about the Cabello’s and their history but what was known was the fact that they were killed by the sea, only to return as Sirens. The eldest of the three, Esmeralda, would be the witch leaders target and when the three were allowed back on land, Renée took that as her moment to rid the city of them once and for all. She used the athame to kill her, shoving the dagger deep into the sirens chest until it pierced her heart. It happened so fast that no one really had time to react and not even a minute later, her sisters were met with the same fate and that was the end of that for a while.tumblr_oh6k4sE4DD1ushexco2_400.gif

In the Other Side, an afterlife Renée created after her death where supernatural creatures can "stick around" after their death in ghost form, unseen by the living, Esmeralda had approached the elder witch who’d killed her and her sisters, begging her to allow her sisters back on earth as living human beings. In return? She would be the afterlife’s anchor seeing as its last anchor had died. Renée, having ulterior motives, agreed and allowed the sisters back on earth, in Vrévale specifically but with a catch; Inyana returned as what she was before, a siren but Luciana was returned as something entirely different, a Succubus and not just any Succubus, but the very first of her kind, putting her through a world wind of misery, much to the elders pleasure.

Now, mere months after the incident had occurred, there was still this strong tension amongst the city. The allies still remained, and the species leaders and their people never typically crossed paths with their “enemies” without a scowl or glare being thrown the others way. This wasn’t a way to live, especially as members of the Town Council, and when the leaders realized this, a meeting was called in order to settle things and though Ana wasn’t entirely for what her great-grandmother had done, she agreed with her reasoning behind it so if the time came, she would continue to voice her agreement with her actions.

Dressed professionally, the High Priestess entered the meeting room in the town hall, being met with an empty room seeing as she was the first one there. Taking a seat in one of the empty seats, waiting for the others to make their grand entrances, knowing well that this meeting would be anything but civil.

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  • Vampire - Admin


    It had been quite some time since the Vampire Queen had moved to the quaint little city that was known as Vrévale and so far, Rose would say she was handling it nicely. She received a spot on the town council not long after her arrival and since then her people's voices were heard more and more every day. The daylight rings to ensure her people's safety was coming along beautifully, most of the Vampires had taken part in jobs and socializing with humans and other species. They were coming out of the shadows and into the light. Her vision was finally starting to fulfill itself. It made the Vampiress ecstatic to know that the possibility that the witches and heretics were willing to help out her people grew stronger and stronger with each encounter, and even brought a smile upon her face.

    That is until she heard the blaring of the alarm clock that she had set the night before. Flashing her amber hues opens, the Vampiress took in a breath before reaching over to her wooden nightstand were laid her phone and silenced the alarm. Even though she didn't need to sleep, Rose took the liberty to shut off her mind for a couple of hours. These past few weeks have been nothing short of chaotic between the breakup with her and Sebastian, to abolishing the royal marriage for her race, and now there was talk about a war or something with the other species and today marked a very important council meeting. Today was the day she was not looking forward to at all. Exhaling a long breath Rose threw off the creme colored silk comforter that rested across her body and proceeded to her wardrobe.

    Changing quickly into her knee-length red dress, she went to her on-suite bathroom to pin up her hair before she went to apply some light makeup and 3816349188?profile=RESIZE_710xred lipstick before walking back out to grab her black boots and denim jacket along with her black strap purse. "I should wear this more often." She mused to herself, pleased with her outfit choice. Pulling out her phone, she took a quick picture and smiled. After she was pleased with the picture that was captured Rose checked the time, seeing she hardly passed any time thanks to her Vampiric speed of getting ready, Rose took a moment to decide what she could do. "Coffee would definitely help if I am to survive this meeting." She mumbled. She had recently gotten addicted to drinking the sweet nectar of the gods since working at her part-time job of being a doctor. So with her mind made up, she sent out a message to Ana, Vincent, and Inyana asking if they would like a specific kind. She would get regular coffee for the other members. After sending that message, she quickly messaged her second in command, Marci, that she would most likely be away for a couple of hours so she was left in charge to make sure everything was taken care of for her people while the Queen was busy. 

    After her chauffeur was called around to the front Rose entered the slick black vehicle and was driven straight to the coffee shop. By then she had gotten a response from Ana about her coffee order. "Early bird gets the worm.' She chuckled, figuring the High Priestess must already be in the meeting room or on her way there. Once inside the coffee shop, she placed her order, Ana's order, ordered a dozen regular black coffees and since she knew her brother and Inyana so well, she ordered the first drink that came to her mind. Paying the cashier, she took the drinks and went back to her car, her driver helping her with the coffees before heading towards where the meeting took place. 

    "Go on about your day Arnold, I'll call you when I'm ready to be picked up," Rose spoke kindly to her driver, in return he wished her highness good luck and once she was clear from the car, he drove away leaving the Vampire Queen alone to deal with the headache she knows she'll soon get once the meeting is in order. "Începem," she whispered under breath, giving herself a small pep talk before she headed inside the large building. She knew exactly which room to go to so while perfectly balancing the coffee in one arm, she was able to open the door and spot the High Priestess, Ana.


    "Buna dimineata" She smiled telling the Witch good morning in her native tongue while going to set the large order of caffeinated liquids on the long wooden table that would hold everyone. Picking out the iced coffee that Ana had requested, Rose handed it to her and picked up her own shortly afterward."I thought that if I needed this for today, then so would others." The Queen smirked taking a sip of the golden liquid and moaned as it was heaven in her mouth.

    "On a scale of one to the apocalypse, how shitty do you think this meeting is going to go?" She raised a brow towards her friend before taking a seat beside the High Priestess and soon heard more footsteps approaching wondering who it would be next to walk through the doors.

  • Nymph

    People were probably looking at the Nymph like she was absolutely crazy as she walked out of the ocean water in nothing but her bathing suit, dripping wet and surprisingly, not shivering seeing as it was still wintertime and freezing outside. What they didn’t know was that Aurora did this sotumblr_odf7t0kAeI1up42jgo2_540.gifv often because of her attachment to the water that she’d become used to it. The cold air didn’t faze her one bit as she reached for her beach bag that she’d discarded before entering the water hours ago, pulling a towel out of it and drying both her hair and her body with it until she was semi-dry. She then wrapped it around her shoulders, slipping her feet into her flip flops and throwing the straps of her bag over her shoulder so the bag dangled against her side. As the blonde made her way to her car, she checked her phone merely for the time and remembered the council meeting she would need to make a presence for within the next hour, knowing she’d need to head home quick to shower and wear something nice even if she didn’t really want to show up to the damn thing to begin with.

    The Nymphs didn’t really have much of a hand in the drama going around and the war that had occurred not too long ago but in her eyes, the moment the sirens did enter this city, she saw how much improved it had become in the short span of a year. Before their arrival, Vrévale was a city that was spiraling out of control because its former council members didn’t know how to successfully lead a city that not only was full of supernatural beings, but humans as well, some of which who knew nothing about them. Both the Sirens and the Phoenix’s made this city what it is today so what was the need for such a messy war to begin with?

    Rora had a heart of gold and to know of what the Cabello’s had gone through broke her heart so it only made sense to become allies with not only the Sirens and Phoenix’s, but the Succubus’ and Mermaids as well. She was on their side as long as they needed her to be, even if that meant she would be forced to go face to face with the other species leaders who she never really spoke to, to begin with.

    Once she’d driven home, the Nymph went straight to the showered and after making it quick, she’d dressed in the nicest thing she owned that giphy.webphappened to not be a dress for once, pulling her pin straight hair up into a ponytail. She slipped her feet into heels and once she was okay with her appearance, Aurora headed for the door, grabbing whatever she needed on the way out. Here she was thinking she’d get to the Town Hall late but in the end, the blonde made it before a majority of the others, leaving her with the Witch Regent and the Vampire Queen, both of which who she wasn’t all too familiar with. “Hello there.” She politely greeted the two, nonetheless, noting the coffee cups sitting on the table but refrained from taking one seeing as she wasn’t a coffee person. Waking up early in the mornings was something she was used to doing and did so without much fight from her own body, so caffeine was never needed, especially since the taste of it disgusted her.

    All in all, the blonde went to go sit at the opposite side of the large table that was designed perfectly for the two groups with one side for one and the other side for the other. With Ana and Rose at the one side of it, Rora went to the opposite, sitting down in the first seat her hues landed on just as she heard the door to the room open, revealing the leader of the Succubi who she greeted with a warm smile adorning her features.

  • Succubus

    giphy.webpI’m sure this meeting will go smoothly. Don’t worry.” Luciana reassured her sister over the phone, though deep down, the female knew she was trying to calm her own nerves by saying the words out loud to someone else. Though this meeting could be a good thing for both the species leaders and the rest of the city, she couldn’t help but be nervous about the whole thing. The succubus was still trying to cope with what she was as well as the fact that she had to be a leader to a specie she originally thought was a complete myth because that’s what succubi and incubi are supposed to be right? You could only imagine the shock she felt when she found out she was the very first of her kind and the moment another was born, she automatically knew. It was a feeling she absolutely dreaded, as bad as that sounds, because when they aged, they would find their way to her and she would be forced to be a mentor to them and show them the way of their kind even though she, herself had a lot to learn.

    Knowing who the High Priestess’s great-grandmother was, seeing as she was the one who’d cursed her to begin with, Luce wasn’t too keen on being in her presence, even if Anastasia wasn’t the one tumblr_of85ncjNaK1visaumo1_r1_250.gifwho’d started the war between the two sides; she still was a part of a bloodline that ruined her life, something the succubus knew she could never forget, not only because of how much it impacted her but because it was just as bad, if not worse, as the abuse her father had forced her to endure. Living this new life was like reliving the hell she’d gone through when she was younger.

    I’ll see you there.” The brunette said before the two ended their phone call and Luce could go get ready for the meeting before she was late altogether for the damn thing and even though she wouldn’t have minded it, she promised the others who agreed to go that she’d be there.. After all, it couldn’t go on without her and she had a hunch that Inyana wouldn’t go if she didn’t and she wasn’t going to let that happen, especially because then they’d be leaving Vin, Aurora, and Devyn by themselves against the others who she knew would be there. So, after getting ready and surprisingly dressing nicely in a skirt, white blouse, blazer, and heels and fixing her appearance, she was heading out the door.

    The drive to Town Hall was fairly short and after sitting in her car for what felt like a decade, the succubus reluctantly got out and heading inside towards the room that was for meetings such as these. She offered everyone she passed by a warm, genuine smile before practically plastering a forced one on the moment she entered the room and noticed Ana and Rose on one end with Rora on the other. “Queen Rose, Anastasia.” She greeted the two as she went to take a seat beside Aurora who she gave a soft smile in response to the one sent her way. “Hey.” Her friend kept her from having to look at the Witch Coven leader to much because she looked so much like Renée that it was just hard to look at her at all. It just brought back those memories she dreaded so much.

  • Shifter

    The past couple of weeks seemed to have disappeared in the blink of an eye, at least that's what Clayton thought. A couple of weeks ago he became the leader of the Shapeshifters, since the last one, Sebastian, had stepped down for reasons he wasn't sure about. All he knew what that one day he was being selected as the leader of his species, taking on the form of other people, and all the responsibilities it came with it. Such as this stupid council meeting he was not prepared for. Sebastian didn't include much information about the council meetings whenever he went unless it was about the division, other than that Clayton was left in the dark as well as the others so he was both excited and nervous about how his first meeting was going to go. He knew the other council members from around the town and met very few of them so he was sure he would most likely sit quietly the whole time unless they asked him a question. 

    "Mr. Parker?" Came the voice of his assistant on the other line of the buzzer. Since Clayton was the leader, he needed someone to keep him informed but his assistant wasn't his second in command, she was just working under him to gain experience. 

    "Yes, Samantha?" Clayton responded once pressing the button.

    "It's time for your meeting," Samantha said cheerfully which made the shifter groan but still thanked her politely, "Thank you, you can have the rest of the day." Clayton didn't wait for a response, he knew the woman would eagerly leave at the drop of a dime. 

    tumblr_oskl6jyiie1wo1xiio3_500.gifGrabbing his jacket from the back of his chair, Clayton slide both his muscular arms into the cool leather before grabbing his keys off the small wooden desk and proceeded to walk out of his small office to find Samantha already gone. Shaking his head, Clayton kept walking until he was out of the building and into the parking lot where his dark grey truck was the only vehicle within eyesight. Once starting up his most prized possession, he turned down the volume to nothing and began to drive along the road while his mind began to run alongside it. The whole drive to the town hall, he kept thinking of scenarios of what to happen. What if they start a war right in the room? Why was this war happening? Who started it? All he knew was that he was allies with the Witches, Vampires, Wolves, and Hybrids, or otherwise known as the 'traditional' creatures. 

    When finally arriving at the town hall, he noticed a couple of other cars already there, no doubt the other species leaders, which relived the Shifter, 3836813308?profile=RESIZE_710xhe wasn't so early and he wasn't the last one there, which would seem like a really bad first impression of the new Shifter leader. Turning off the truck, Clayton took one more deep breath before exiting and walking up the stairs into the giant building. The email that the Head Witch sent him with directions helped him so much to figure out where he was going, otherwise, the poor male would've gotten lost. As he entered the large room, he saw the Head Witch and Vampire Queen on one side and the Nymph and Succubus leader on the other side of the giant table in the room. Great. Already causing a split amongst the leaders. Well if they were going to sit on two different sides, he was going to go to the ide of the rest of his alliance. But first, he grabbed a cup of coffee that was in the middle and gave a polite smile to everyone. "Thank you to whoever brought the coffee." He said in a hushed voice as he made his way to go sit on the other side of Anastasia. "Goodmorning your Witchiness and your Majesty." He gave a playful wink to both Ana and Rose before turning to the others, "Goodmorning to you two ladies, I don't believe we have met. I'm Clayton, I'm the new Shifter leader." He nodded his head towards the two before taking a sip of his coffee, enjoying how it was just a regular black coffee. 

    As another set of footsteps approach the door, he gave a small nod to who came in as a welcome.


  • Phoenix - Owner

    tumblr_inline_pp39uyG1NT1vjg4rh_250.gifv“Alright, everyone just calm down. It’s not going to be a big deal today,” he told his clan that started to cause a small uproar; a product of panic and cautiousness from everyone once he told them about this meeting. Before anyone could start the questions at him, he spoke up once more. “I will make sure our needs are heard, just like I always do. You guys might losing your head over nothing, alright? Keep the fort down while I’m gone, folks,” he said before he dismissed them and looked to his second. He just patted them on the shoulder; a silent agreement of keeping the panic under control. Grabbing his jacket, he walked out of his cabin which was practically open to everyone. That’s how it was when he grew up in a clan and that’s how Grayson and now Vin kept it. He knew his people also feared his safety since his own brother died when species reunited like this.

    It’d be a first time, in a long time, to say that Vincent was on edge to go to this meeting. Like most the people there, he would avoid it if he could go. Not that the possibility of something happening was making him dread the damned meeting, but he wasn’t wanting to waste his time to listen to some peace treaty happen. However, he knew how bad it would look if he didn’t show up, considering that Vin and Grayson were one of the first to come to the town that seemed to be only of humans at first. Until he first ran into one of the Cabello sisters. That’s when the town and his own world was turned completely upside down. Walking through the woods, he shook his head of thoughts of the past that threatened to fill his mind and even further cloud his judgment about this meeting. He guessed he could try to go in with an open mind but truth be told, he still rather keep his distance if he can help it.

    Checking his pockets for his phone, he saw he had missed a text from his sister from earlier and messaged her back a message to thank her for the gesture. Making it to where he parked his car, he hopped in and made his way to the highway. As he coasted down the highway, he tried to let whatever song on the radio drown out his thoughts but no amount of questionable radio hits could do the job. He still thought about the past which only led to his disbelief of this meeting. He wasn’t feeling hopeful or anything but only on guard and tensed which explained the grip he had on the steering wheel. He saw this town change in various ways and he only saw that change as inevitable. No piece of paper, even if it did involve some voodoo, was going to do anything for whatever change he felt was brewing throughout this town. It may soften the blow but even that was a wild chance since some things were not forgotten about what happened. Shoving a way of "moving on" down those people’s throats, including his, would not end well at all.

    Pulling into an open parking spot, he stared at the front door for what seemed like hours, not wanting to go inside. He already had a small idea of who was already here and one person made him not mind stepping inside while the other made him want to go down to the bar a block away. Pulling his phone out, he searched his contacts and found Inyana’s name. I can walk in with you. He put in a text, knowing maybe she would feel better walking in with him. Though, when no answer came, he decided to just go inside, figuring she was already here. Stepping out and shutting the door, he walked into the familiar building and walked to the conference room they always used for meetings. As he placed his hand on the door handle, he rolled his shoulders and thought to himself ‘here goes nothing’ before pulling open the door.

    diu3N1a.gifRight away he saw the divide already in the room which then followed the silence that hung heavy in the room. “Oh lovely, I see everything is still in one piece. You guys saved burning the room down just for me,” he joked as he shut the door behind him. “Good morning everyone,” he said and gave a small smile to Luciana and Aurora first before giving a nod back to Clayton. He figured he must be the new guy taking over Sebastian’s old spot. Grabbing a cup of coffee, he gave a wink to Rose. “And thank you, you little life saver,” he then took a seat right in the middle where the small division between them was created as he happily sip at his coffee.

    The only one didn’t even pay a glance to was the one that called a meeting. Her family had a hand in Grayson’s death along with Esme. The two brothers were once close to the sisters so he’s always had their back in this whole situation. Glancing over to Luce, he gave her a slight, knowing nod that he was going to be there for her and Inyana during this meeting. That’s when his eyes shifted over to Aurora who he really didn’t know but for some reason this time, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of familiarity about her. He shook the feeling off once the door started to open to reveal the next leader to join the party.

    • Siren - Owner

      As the very few of her people gathered around her, voicing some of their concerns about what was happening nowadays, Inyana raised a finger to them to silence them. “I know we are as rare as they come, but today everything you are worried about will be discussed,” With that she waved her hand, and they quickly dispersed without another word. She usually wasn’t so hard on her siren people but times were difficult for them and they were worried.

      Inyana was usually pretty good when it came to meetings due to the fact that she was mayor of Vrevale, but when it came to this specific one brought knots to her stomach. Her usually bubbly self wore a small frown, her chocolate brown eyes evidently filled with anxiousness. Her phone was blowing up with different texts and missed calls. As she saw Luciana’s name flash across her phone screen, she quickly answered. “I know, I know, I’m late… But I am so nervous.” She confessed. “I’m sure this meeting will go smoothly. Don’t worry.” Luce said on the other end as she  tried to reassure Inyana. Rolling her eyes, she bit back a sassy remark and told her sister she had to go. Throwing her phone on her office chair, and gathered everything she would need; papers, notes, inputs. Putting them in her shoulder bag, she grabbed her keys, phone and headed off.

      Hopping onto the freeway, she sped faster than normal, but eventually pulled up to where the meeting was being held and parked. Fixing her sunglasses over her eyes, she breathed out deeply. “Okay, yana, you can do this.” Putting on a smile, she walked into the meeting room where she has been so many times. “Hello everyone, thanks for waiting for me.” Inyana simply said, before she looked over everyone in the room. “Glad to see everyone in one piece.” Giving a smile to everyone, she plucked a coffee off the table, “Whoever brought the coffee, thank you.” Taking a seat next to Vincent, she set her stuff at her feet and slid the sunglasses on top of her head.

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  • Hybrid

    tumblr_mve474C5iW1snjamuo4_250.gifOnce he had received the letter, calling for yet another council meeting, Niklaus was not looking forward to this in the slightest. He glanced over the crisp white paper with the perfect calligraphy written with the time and date on it and scoffed, crumpling it up in a curled fist and tossed it into his fireplace. How he hated going into these meetings, hearing everyone bicker like little children fighting over candy or a beloved toy. He usually just sat back in his chair and tuned out their useless chatter. There weren’t many hybrids around Maine and whoever was like Niklaus, he usually made sure to keep a good eye on them so not many troubles came up. So he found these meetings pointless. Especially with Vrévale’s Vampire Queen there.

    Niklaus and Rose shared a complicated history and to be in the same room as the vampire made Niklaus irritated. He hardly even pay her a glance and once the meeting was done, he’d walk right out the door to avoid being in a room filled with giant egos. He was also guilty of being somewhat arrogant but some of the personalities of the other leaders were more than he wished to handle.

    Either way, he knew that his presence would be required, due to the fact that he now had people to watch over and he wouldn’t let anything happen to his kind. It was fair to say that Niklaus may have picked up the sense of loyalty and protectiveness over his people from his father; the former Alpha. Though, Niklaus would never admit that or even admit that he used to look up to his father. All those feelings were gone once he became the first hybrid in supernatural history and had returned to his pack. That in itself was a long story.

    Deciding to kill some time the morning before the meeting, Nik was running through the forest in his wolf form. A black wolf raced and dodged in between trees in the early morning before any of the hikers would come out and he’d risk being seen. Not that he cared too much but still, it was much needed for the hybrid to run freely in the forest without any distractions. It helped clear his mind about today’s events. He wasn’t much involved in the Cabello incident but he knew about it. Everyone did. If he was being honest, he probably would have intervened since he doesn’t care for witches at all but since the old High Priestess helped him break the curse put on him, he had no choice but be allied with them. It only angered him more, at the time, that the damn witches had his hands tied behind his back. With that thought in mind, maybe if they all signed the damn treaty, this would mean Nik wouldn’t play at the whims of the High Priestess any longer.

    As he ran to a cliff he knew well, he watched the sun rise, calming him in some way. Sometimes this certain forest reminded him of his home, where he grew up which only brought in thoughts of his mother and sister. With a huff before nostalgia threatened to overcome him, he turned around and started to head back home. He hadn’t been reunited with his sister just yet and with all these years, he thought she was gone, he had accepted it until news hit him with that she was still alive. After finding that, he had been looking for her but has had no luck. He pushed that thought aside as he would get ready for the day. The meeting would be in an hour so he dressed nice enough and headed out of his house to make the walk downtown. He could already guess who was already there as he knew the early birds from the previous meetings and with him always arriving either last minute, he didn’t make a chance to get to know the others.

    The walk passed by fast enough and Nik walked up to the building, opening the doors and heading straight for the elevator as if it were clockwork with a bored expression already on his features. Stepping off of the elevator once the doors opened to reveal the floor the meeting was at, he walked to the usual conference room but before he opened the doors, he took in a deep breath, thinking himself to just grit his teeth and get through it. Exhaling, he opened the doors and right away he saw the vampire queen. He glared daggers at her before he went to take a seat.

    tumblr_n58t2vyXUq1qb9is3o2_250.gif“For once, I’m not the last one filing in,” his English accent filling the silence in the room as he smirked softly. He took a sit next to the new man that must have been the Shifter representative. “You must be the new shifter leader,” Nik said, turning his attention to him as he took the seat beside him. “Do yourself a favor, mate. Run and never look back. This lot is more trouble than they seem,” he said with a sarcastic smirk before he leaned back into his seat. “Rose,” he greeted with a slight malicious grin before relaxing. This was going to be something to see.

  • Mermaid

    tumblr_nxnuy8Yidf1styifro5_250.gifEver since everything that happened over the course of the whole year, Devyn had been keeping to herself when it came to mingling among the other leaders. There weren’t many of her kind, not after some fled to travel around the world but the ones that did stay, she made sure that she was a rightful leader to them and made sure they were taken care or had their voice heard which is why she showed up to these meetings. The only comfort that she felt was knowing that Inyana, Luciana and Aurora were there among her but everyone else she had an uneasy feeling about. Some were arrogant that it was irritating to say the least and really the only one that came to mind was the hybrid’s alpha. The others were tolerable but a part of her still held a grudge for what happened to Esme. She knew the Cabellos very well but she had grown close to Esme when she first got here. Thus, she didn’t care to mingle with the others if she could help it. 

    She had the day off from the vet clinic today which she would have gladly gone in to get her mind off things but she wasn’t needed so instead, she spent most of her day by the ocean to clear her mind from this meeting. With her sketch pad and pencil, she just sketched with no picture in mind and let the sound of the ocean waves calm her. The slight breeze from the sea caused her honey colored tendrils to blow around her features. Like most her kind, being near the ocean brought her an indescribable comfort and she was thankful that she lived in a town where it was mostly seaside. That factor made it easy for her kind to blend in and still survive with their need for water. 

    tumblr_nysb4bIDGn1ufk5c0o2_250.gifShe knew it was time to head on into town and it made her stomach twist with uncertainty as to what awaited everyone at this meeting. Getting into her car, she tried to take the long way into town but it didn’t seem to work because she was in front of the building as if it didn’t take her long. Sucking in a deep breath, she got out of her car and started to walk into the building. While Devyn may have been feeling uneasy about the whole thing, she wouldn’t dare show any of that on her features. 

    Once she entered the building, her features were in a neutral expression and she carried herself with confidence and pride. She wasn’t intimidated by any of the other leaders by any means; she just rather not dig up the past as others loved to do in these meetings thus causing the fights that broke out. Without hesitation, she opened the room’s door to see most of the people were already there. She must have just walked in right after the hybrid alpha because his voice was the first thing to greet her when she walked in the room. 

    “Good afternoon everyone,” she spoke with a clear and polite tone in her voice before she spotted the tray of coffee in the middle of the table. Before she took her seat, she grabbed one of the last few from the tray. “Whoever brought the coffee, thank you,” she said after Niklaus took his own seat before she sat herself down right next to Aurora. She offered her a soft smile before giving another to the Cabello sisters. She then met the Phoenix’s leader's eyes to which she gave him a nod. She didn’t have bad blood with the Phoenix leader which she remembered what side they were on during the war between them all. 

    tumblr_n9jhwmyiAa1txv9fao5_250.gifGlancing away, she took a sip of the coffee and waited for the others to show up. She glanced around the table to see who else needed to show up as the awkward silence filled the room. She spotted the newcomer once the hybrid brought attention to him. She watched as he spoke to the new shifter leader which earned an eye roll from Devyn. She couldn’t help but want to smirk a little though which she resisted. It was true that this whole group probably didn’t seem any different from the other locals in town but if only they knew the truth. Still, she didn’t want the new guy to be regretting being here. She knew anyone here could handle their own including herself. 

    “Don’t listen to him, he just likes to get a rise out of people. You’ll be fine,” she spoke up before she raised a brow at Niklaus and relaxed back in her chair. Her attention was averted once she heard the door starting to open.

  • Dhampir

    “Breathe, just breathe,” Ezra told himself as he placed the training weapons he was just using away. The Dhampir leader was invited to the council meeting that he had no idea about until he became elected as the Leader of the dhampir race thanks to his old friend Rose putting in a ‘good word’ for 082fe900b87427e69ff1e4ec3b273c50.gifhim. Ezra felt more comfortable leading the other Dhampirs into battle than talking around a group of people he had no relationships with but if it were for the small group of Dhampirs that he lead, he would do it.

    “What’s the worst that can happen?” his thoughts continued out loud but he wouldn’t allow his mind to run into that subject, he didn’t want to think about the worst possible scenario. Still, to be on the safe side, he placed the holder of his arm dagger on his right arm, placed the tiny weapon in place before pulling down his sleeve. The Dhampir knew that it would not trigger or pop out unless he made a certain downward motion of his arm, guaranteeing the seclusiveness of the weapon and also making Ezra feel better he is protected. 

    Grabbing a leather jacket from the coat rack he placed the fabric around his body to keep him warm, not that it mattered much anyway since Dhampirs aren’t affected much by weather changes but with the weather dropping through the day thanks to Maine’s unreliable weather Ezra needed to fit in and that meant wearing a jacket. “I’ll be off now.” He told his clan as they waited by the door of his home. His home was a small sanctuary that the newly recruited Dhampirs liked to stay in until they find a home of their home or to feel belonged. Ezra didn’t mind the company so it was a win-win. “I’ll make sure to address our needs while I am there given how we’re still lacking in numbers. Just do me a favor and don’t tear up my house while I am away.” Ezra chuckled looking at his clan before leaving. 

    City hall wasn’t far thankfully but the male Dhampir wished he had more time to prepare his nerves for what he was walking into. Walking inside the building he greeted those who greeted him with a smile and a nod or a short ‘Hello’ but nothing more as he found the elevators to travel up to the floor that held the meeting. To his surprise, the whole floor only had one set of double doors and thanks to his advanced hearing Ezra could already detect voices from the inside. Taking another encouraging breath he exited the elevator and walked in the direction of the doors. With a slight pull, his vision caught nine people already inside making him the tenth to arrive. 

    “Hello,” Ezra spoke cautiously as his brown orbs surveyed the men and women already sitting until he spotted the Vampire Queen. “Hopefully I am not tumblr_okokw5EHcL1ql17bjo1_500.gifthe last to arrive making you all wait on me?”

    His feet shuffled until he found a chair that wasn’t taken next to Rose since she was the only person he knew here. Giving her a small smile in acknowledgment his gaze soon turned towards the coffee that was on the table. Grabbing a cup he gingerly sipped on the dark liquid as the doors opened up to someone new. 

  • Cambion

    The Cambion couldn’t lie, she wasn’t too excited to attend todays council meeting, especially because it would be her first upon taking up leadership of the Cambions and she had yet to get very acquainted with the other leaders aside from Gael and Evangeline, seeing as the Angels, Nephilims, and original.gifCambions had an alliance separate from the others. She did, however, hear how toxic these meetings could get but knowing she could handle just about anything, she got ready to head out after spending the morning watching her people spar at the training grounds of the manor.

    With her dark hues glued to the individuals who were fighting, she’d nearly forgotten about the meeting altogether, until she’d gotten a phone call from Gael letting her know he was on his way out. “Thanks for reminding me,” she spoke sarcastically into the phone as she waved at her people on the training grounds, clearly letting them know that she was heading out, receiving a few waves and nods in returns as she turned to head back into the mansion opposed to her spot on the balcony. “I’m heading out right now, I’ll see you there and tumblr_ol0ajx2EEh1v1821do4_500.gifvplease don’t be late.” Isabelle practically begged, emphasizing the please before ultimately hanging up so she could grab her black jacket from downstairs on her way out the door, throwing it over her shoulders as she slipped her arms into the sleeves as she closed the door behind and made her way to her car.

    The drive down to town hall was surprisingly short as she thought it’d take longer, or hoped it would so she wouldn’t get their before the Nephilim but sadly, she did. Their were a ton of vehicles parked outside already but she figured a majority were for the men and woman who worked inside so she didn’t know who was there already as she parked, locked up her car, and made her way inside, offering smiles to whoever’s eyes she caught before she’d made it to the actual meeting room, her hand wrapped around the doorknob. “We’re going to get through this meeting and go home,” she reminded herself, as if assuring the nerves sheoriginal.gif suddenly had as she turned the knob and pushed the door open.

    Almost instantly, her eyes caught site of the individuals who were already seated at the tables, but in sections, figuring these were the species who were allied with each other so did that mean she could only sit with Gael and Eve? “Hello all,” she greeted, throwing a soft smile to all the leaders in the room before noting the coffee cups on the table, not hesitating to take one for herself as she took a seat, taking a sip and welcoming the bitter taste that travelled down her throat. At the sound of the door opening, her attention flickered over to it, curious as to who was joining them next.

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