Amelia What's going on in third 24 hour shift at the hospital. How she longs for a break food and a nap but unfortunately for Amelia she was the only other surgeon in the ER for. The other surgeon Dr. Kathy striker was getting a patient ready for emergency surgery a nine-year-old girl who While hiking with her parents Checked and lost her balance and fell off the side of the mountain resulting in surgery for a tree branch through shoulder and severe trauma to the head. So Milyer stuck glued to her post for the time being. Things seem to calm down for the moment but Amelia knew better than to try to do anything because she knew is soon as she Went to do anything for us should get paid for some thing. 

So Amelia Stood at the nurses station making small talk with a few of the female nurses as The two male nurses are headed to the OR with Dr. Striker to assist  with the young girls surgeries. The ambulance doors banged up and is the EMTs came in bringing the patient was in a lot of blood and fast as it seems that the patient has no left arm to the elbow and has severe large lacerations all over their body. Amelia ran as fast as she could over them over to them talking to the EMT for the report so she knew what to do Medical wise.

" I need a full detailed report on the patient Mr...." Amelia trailed off as she stated to the EMT of whom she didn't know the name of. They then wheeled in the patient of what looked like twenty five years of age towards the O.R. Amelia noticed as well that patient wore, what some would if they we're on a farm.

Amelia listened as the patient screamed out in agonizing pain she had to calm him down a bit as it was his heart rate was very fast ' Sir I need you to calm down a bit I know it hurts and all that but I can do a assessment on you if I can hear my self think ' Amelia told the patient softly in a kind caring tone that made him quiet down quiet a lot . She whispered ' stay strong into the patients ear before he was sedated and hooked up to the machines as Amelia got ready to do the surgery she spotted the EMTs standing there waiting it seemed for something.



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  • Angel

    Alex tapped away at the console as he looked out at the dreary weather storm clouds had been around all shift since 8 am that morning lost in his drumming he jumped as a coffee and burrito in front of him they had a busy shift from a road traffic accident to burn victims in an inferno Alex's new partner spoke about " how we need this we haven't had quite shift Alex quickly took as many bites of his burrito as he could before the curse took hold at exactly 9 pm dispatch came through on with a call   "26bravo  motor accident highway  6 PD and fd on route "  Alex picked up the radio between mouthfuls "26 Bravo responding he passed his partner his coffee and what left out of the food to toss out before speeding off on lights and sirens as he thought about what injuries could be there before looking to his partner " I know you are new but what did I say about the s and qword at the start of shift " he left his partner thinking as they reached the highway.



    within a few minutes, Alex didn't see what he saw and for once said a prayer as he pulled out his equipment as he pressed his transmission button " main Ems plan one gonna need 2 more ambulances and alert the air traffic control" he walked towards the clearly torn up parachute and severely damaged car as he looked to his partner " take the car then join me at the parachutist " he knelt as he opened his kit beginning the primary surveys seeing the spirit of the man in front of him "it is not your time my friend fight fight " he began to splint and canulate as much as he could as he saw fd turning up he waved two firefighters " get my partner we need to load and go " Alex struggled to find a  bone that wasn't broken as he heard the trolly pull up he was assisted to put the patient on as they rushed to the ambulance loading to go quickly stumbling as the ambulance pulled off .



    Alex continued to work stabilizing his patients as he finally turned on the monitors he relaxed as he slumped on the side as the moans from the patient continued as he sat back to the paperwork the noise he dreaded came up as he looked at the erratic heart and low bp   " Drive faster "    Alex began CPR  on the heavily damaged body as many drugs he could as he did CPR  as he grabbed his radio as he transmitted " 26 bravoes to Vrévale!  hospital Vrévale!  hospital  eta  5 minutes coming in with   no parachute deployment victim in cardiac arrest need welcoming committee 




  • Witch

    -time skip-

    Amelia was tired she had only a few more hours till her shift ended for the night that is as long as nothing happened between now and then causing her to stay. She was curious though every patient she had to deal with was brought in by the same EMT and he had a habit of hovering around her watching her with the patients. Sure she was very young but she knew what she was doing more so then some in the hospital. She finished her second to last patient chart of the night looking up as the EMT she has seen all day come in with his partner has brought yet another patient for the hospital to care for. Amelia sighed going to get up to deal with the patient they brought in but was pushed back down into her seat Dr. Striker told her she'd grab this one for her giving her a little break for the break she was great full going and grabbing a coffee and muffin from the cafeteria seating down to eat . Suddenly feeling a sharp sensation in her head she groaned pushing the feeling away before eating her food . she felt as if she was being watched . Then her phone rang from an unknown number " Hello? Who is this?" She asked not realizing it was her EMT that had gotten her number from her co worker .

    ~song playing from her phone~

  • Angel

    Alex sat back as he dialled the number  for the dr that took his previous patient as he waited for the phone answers" good afternoon  this is Alex from  26 bravoes I'm just enquiring about the status of the previous patient  we brought in " Alex's ears  picked up as dispatch called   reporting it's their lunch   a small cheer came from his partner as  he pulled  into a parking spot  they both got out in quick succession  as they made there way back to the er  his thoughts were still on the patient as they walked in the double doors stopping just inside as  he waited  but nothing as  he looked at his phone he sighed in frustration as it ran out of juice  he walked up to the  reception desk  taking a pen  and paper writing 


    Alex winters    Ambo 26 bravo    

    Status on the previous patient 

    in canteen, if  I'm not here " 

    he handed it to  the receptionist as his partner  slapped his back " cheer up ill buy you a fry up " Alex chuckled as they walked" well it's your turn I brought the burrito anyway  he stopped as the familiar sound of a patient coding   starting going off as  he  watched an army of Drs run   it was one thing he never got used to  ashe wasn't aware of the critical till he walked past  he found that  the dying died as he  was near them often as  Alex made  a cross on himself he muttered like he always did when a body crossed" may they walk through the valley of death they fear no evil and walk till they reach father loving embrace " his partner looked at him before commenting  about how hungry he was   taking one last look  he turned following his partner to the canteen 

    • Witch

      Amelia was aggravated this one the third patient the EMT she now knew as Alex had brought in and she was irritated that something didn't seem right with him at all it was the end of her shift and she found out he was still on duty so she drove and sat in her car waiting for him ' What are you going to say Amelia ? Hi I'm Amelia and I suspect you are keeping people alive do to you having special abilities yeah that would go over well I mean if he is helping them how is it different than you from time to time like with the infant that came in not breathing with your powers it's not like I can say hey I'm a witch and I know you're a supernatural but I need to know which ' she was irritated at Alex and herself 

  • Angel

    Alex and his partner walked back to their bus with their containers of food looking down now and again chuckling as he looked at the smiley face on the container " I swear you tell the assistant todo that every time I  have a bad call " he got into the passenger's side as he opened up his breakfast pancakes, bacon eggs it was the supreme breakfast of first responders " he stopped as he had a   slight headache like he always did when the powers informed him of something a car was parked watching an ambulance " he wonders if It was his bus as eat some more he wanted to make sure it wasn't he looked to his partner " I'm just gonna check if the marrow drill in the back I don't remember seeing it .


    Alex climbed into the back as he pretended to look around " Nah mate it ain't pop back in and get " Alex slide out the back door as he knew he was in the vehicle blind spot he muttered pray as he turned invincible as he walked towards the entrance locking his eyes on the car he saw in his message he turned moving to the car as he watched he realised it was the dr he asked to call him as he moved to the back door it opened quietly and with each as  Alex muttered another pray he came back into eye site "    you know if you were going to rob my buss you would have succeeded with my partner being there all he listens to is enamel or whatever he's called loudly " he looked at the doc" or you can all this way to tell me the status of my patients"?

    • Witch

      Amelia opened her car door stepping out looking at Alex - " No I didn't come here to give you an update " -she glared at him with fire in her eyes - " I came to tell you that I know you're not human I don't know what you are yet but I'll find out one way of another and I'll be damned if I let you endanger my patients if any harm comes to any of them I'll come after you and believe me you don't want me as an enemy Mr.Winters I'm not someone who you want to have as an enemy I'm deadly in my own right " - she watched him carefully as she non verbally put a protection spell around herself  her mind twitching to set him ablaze in a inferno -

  • Angel

    Alex raised an eyebrow" im no spook have you just considered I'm  good at my job  and father gave me the gift of healing people he gave quotation marks with his hand" what makes me supernatural " he teased  as he received the message with the word again " he nodded in appreciation "and shame the first patient was having a chin wag " he raised his hand as his radio went off as he  listened in to a call  and hearing  his partner reply responding "   you coming   or are you gonna dream me up as some kind of monster " he ran to  the ambulance " give us two mins mate may have a doc attending 

    • Witch

      "You're right I'm sorry I didn't know what I was thinking forgive me and yes I'll be attending" Amelia got out of her car taking a deep breath. " Lead the way to the ambulance and I'll be right with you ." 
      Amelia thought that she was stupid to think that Alex could be anything supernatural she was just a bit tired was all. She got ready to follow him.

  • Angel

    Alex stopped ashe pointed to his rig “ you been staring at it “ he teased as the radio came to life again the dispatcher updating  with  just the words gang-related a serious look  covered his face “ we have armour in the back for you   get what you need we are leaving in 3 minutes “ he ran to the back of the  rig as he   opened aback seat revealing  3  bulletproof vests as  two    dark green with EMT in bright white he  picked up the  desert camo  vest sliding it back on as he fastened it before  passing the vests  to his crewmate  “ that ones for you and the doc “ he closed back doors as he waited  before  moving to the side door “ come on doc “ he looked around ashe tapped the side 

    • Witch

      Amelia grabbed what she needed quickly before jumping into the rig putting on the vest . She heard the gang related violence over the radio and took a deep breath knowing that what she was going to witness wasn't going to be pretty at all it never was with gang violence. She played with the jade necklace she had on gently listening to everything going on around her.

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