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f9e6b1a4758288f4415d18b49702e88e.gifMaverick was wandering the streets after a long day at the university on his way back to his apartment. He was ready to call it a day however, he wasn’t expecting the streets to be busy like they were as people kept bumping into him. As he approached closer towards his streets, that’s when he could hear the crowd and music. He had forgotten about the spring festival that the locals like to put on as it got warmer outside but he didn’t expect it to be so soon. Groaning to himself slightly, he knew the only way home was through this so he just shrugged as he advanced forward. It didn’t look bad at all but rather fun but the Phoenix just ended up being a little grump this evening.

Oberon’s reply

Looking young, Oberon passed for someone in their early twenties instead of his actual age which was three hundred and twenty-four. He had been in this dimension for just over one hundred years and was still not use to some of the customs they had. Taking over a busy area such as a street for a party when people were fearful of most other things was still surprising to him. He guessed that alcohol played a big impact in that. It made people here relax or get stupid. As Oberon passed through the people he got handed a drink. Not sure of its intention or if anything had happened to it. he put it down on a nearby table before making his own. He wasn't sure if he'd stay long as all the thoughts from others in his head were overbearing, only time will tell.

Mi Cha’s reply

Mi Cha sighed softly as a large male pushed past her, nearly knocking the young looking Fae over. “Aye!” She yelled out in anger. The streets were packed, due to the festival and she hated it. She was on her way to her and her brothers apartment, but stopped when someone yelled, “Tequila shots!” It made her ears perk up, so she quickly grabbed two shots and downed them. ‘Fae-in ain’t easy’, she thought to herself with a chuckle, before putting the shot glasses down on a nearby table. She could read what some of the lowlifes here were thinking, and she hated it. She wished her brother was here; just then she bumped into someone, causing the drink he was holding to splash all over him and her. He was one of her kind, “ 매우 죄송합니다.” She said over the music, which meant that she was sorry.

Oberon's reply

Scanning the drink options he noticed that many of them had been attacked by people already. He picked up the tequila and poured some into a red solo cup before someone hastily took it and shouted about shots. He added orange juice to it and some red grenadine to it before taking a sip of his tequila sunrise. Too much tequila, not enough grenadine to take away the sharpness with it's sugar syrup sweetness. Just then, he was splashed in the back with some sort of wet substance. He really hoped it wasn't something bad as he turned around irritated. She said something foreign to him but knew by her composure that it was an accident. "What was it?" he asked, hoping for the best. This was one of his favourite shirts after all.

Mi Cha's reply

Today has been the worst day for Mi Cha, and as of now it had gotten even more worse. She quickly picked up her red solo cup, and looked into it. It was empty, the contents of the straight tequila splashed down his back. “I am so sorry!” She started bowing her head in apologies. As he turned around, he looked down upon her like she was nothing, which made her feel angry. Standing tall, her chin lifted. “It was just tequila, it wont stain.” She said strongly, her mysterious dark eyes rolling. She meant well, and she felt as if he was acting more superior than her, even though he just asked what was in the drink she spilt on his back. “Either way, I’m sorry.” She wasn’t used to many fae’s in town, much less an Asian one as herself. All of the people like her, were her brother, and his girlfriend Rosalyn. “But if you need, I can give you a better shirt?”

Oberon's reply

She was a petite girl, much smaller than him in stature. Something about her peering up at him as they stood close made her appear awfully cute but he wasn't going to announce that out loud. And now she was in a huff, he couldn't help but smirk. "Just tequila?" he questioned further trying to annoy her further. She had over apologized at this stage so there was no point in letting it continue. "It's fine. Apology accepted or whatever." He wasn't tuned in to listening to her thoughts as their were too many floating around them currently so her next comment caught him off guard. "Trying to get me topless?" he chuckled. "I see. That was your master plan all along."

Mi Cha's reply

Her dark eyes met the man’s equally dark hues. “Yes, it was just tequila...” She said, her voice pitch getting higher with annoyance. If he was trying to annoy her, he was spot on, and she couldn’t help but clench her small petite hands. “Listen, I wasn’t trying to get you topless or whatever you just said, I was just offering you a better shirt. Yours is dirty now. Why don’t we go back to my place so I can wash it.” Just then she realized how forward that was. “Um, that came out differently... then i meant.” He was handsome, his voice deep and smooth. She liked hearing him talk, but why did he have to be so damn annoying. She would never admit that she fancied him, but the blush on her cheeks and chest gave her away. ”I just wanted to help you.” Was all she said, her pearly white teeth nipping at her pink bottom lip.

Maverick's reply


original.gifMaverick was going past the crowd, however, now he was holding a plastic cup like the rest and someone even placed a flower crown on his head. If they hadn't been passing shots around through the crowd like they were, he would have ripped the thing off by now but with how many shots he drank, he was a bit buzzed and started to feel pretty damn good as if he floating through the crowd. This was definitely a pick-me-up for him from when he left the university office downtown. As he continued to dodge people, he caught a familiar glimpse of his own sister near the table off to the side standing near a male. While he may have been the younger sibling, he was still protective over his sister and with enough of liquor courage buzzing through his system, he had no issue of going over there. "Hey Mimi," he interjected their little conversation by standing between them. "Who is your friend here?" With his height difference, Mav could have passed as the older brother but from his youthful features, he looked a bit younger than Mimi.




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  • Faerie

    original.gifAh, such a cute little rabbit. Hopefully, a snake doesn't come and devour her whole. She was so easily flustered and annoyed, that someone could easily play with her emotions. Mess with her until she was beyond repair and had lost her own identity, grappling at approval for those that decided to break her. Becoming totally co-dependent. "I think I'm good, but thanks for the offer. Maybe some other time." he teased before realising where he knew her from. She had come into Pleasing Petals before following her oblivious brother. Now Oberon was more guarded with his thoughts knowing that there was a chance she could read them. That day she knew that there was magic involved behind closed doors meaning she was a witch, faerie or something entirely different altogether.

    Next thing he knew the oblivious brother came to stand in between them as a humanoid barrier. The male faerie took a step back liking his own personal space. It was prevalent to him that the same good genes didn't continue on with the younger sibling, clearly idiotic or just tipsy to have a comprehension of what was going on. That and the fact that he couldn't sense magic meant he wasn't the same species as his sister at all. Maybe they weren't actually related? Although Mav's thoughts of brotherly heroics said otherwise. Oberon raised his eyes to the sky on that note. Realistically he wasn't that type of interested in the pair, sure he flirted with everyone but the Lee's weren't anything long-term to him flirtatiously. No one ever was to Oberon, who was unsure of the process of love for himself.  

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