Time of place: Centuries ago, around the 1700s in the winter

d7a4a8b6fa11808127f55407975e98dd08473940.gifvThe threats that their dragon kind had come across was something that made the Guardian worried for her people to say the least. Their existence was rare and that had caused hunters to have an eye on them. A rare prize that they could show off. That intention among others reasons was a threat to their existence and that was the one they were currently facing. 

Ever since Lysandra had found Nimue and Arryn, the sense of protection she had only grew once they had found more and more dragons like them. The Earth dragon would do just about anything to protect her people and that meant tearing down anyone who dared to threaten the safety. One of her worst fears had came true as one of the new dragons that they had taken in was kidnapped by a notorious hunter. 

Unfortunately for them, this hunter had covered their tracks very well and that only fueled the fear Lys had which then fueled the rage that she felt as thoughts flooded her mind of the worst. If it weren’t for her fellow Guardian, she knew she’d be in worse shape but since she knew Nimue had shared the same sense of protection for their dragons, she was assured that they would either find the lost party or make the guilty one pay for their actions. However, it was safe to say that this happening weighed heavily on her mind. Lysandra had worked alongside Nimue and their right hand, Arryn, for the past month to find any trace or sign of where to look until they had finally gotten somewhere.

A forest somewhere located in Bulgaria that has been rumored to hold a coven of hunters who specializes in hunting supernatural beings and that’s where it led them to. The guardian had pulled the hood of the cloak that rested on her shoulders further down as she ventured into the snowy forest with her fellow Guardian. Telling Arryn to stay behind, only because the others needed someone to keep them safe and protected as the mission was to retrieve the one that is lost. Lys listened with careful ears as they walked, making sure to see if anyone else was in the forest with them or worse on their tail. She kept her hand resting on the hilt of her blade that she had holstered on her hip. She carried it just in case she needed it and the cloak she always wore helped conceal the weapon. 

ab555c13130a0ffdda6346913af419f5.gifThe only sound she could hear was the snow the crunched under each step taken and the soft sound of their breathing until another presence was known. Upon hearing that noise, she glanced at Nimue as she stopped walking. “We’re not alone,” the look had convey as she knew that they could read each other well enough at this point. Taking a deep breath to concentrate, Lys pulled down her hood before waiting to draw her blade out. “Reveal yourself and I promise you won’t get hurt,” Lys’ voice was stern and authoritative as she spoke. She wanted to draw out whoever was lurking because quite frankly at this point, she had no time for distractions. While the Earth dragon had a friendly demeanor for most of the time, dealing with the social aspects whenever they had to come to a new place, there were instances where the friendliness would fall away and this was the time. She had no interest in wasting time so deciding to draw her blade out, she waited for whoever to reveal themselves to see what they would want and ready to deal with whoever may come out. Should it be a hunter looking for game, if not her, she knew that Nimue would quickly deal with them promptly. 

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  • Banshee

    Anya vaguely remembered her past life, mainly because it pained her to think of it as she’d gone through tragedy after tragedy in her human years before passing away to an illness she’d had since she was a child, ultimately awakening her into what she is today. However, that was easier said than done as the moment she woke up, though she was able to live in the same body, her specie was completely different hence her Banshee being born. It’d taken centuries for her to get used to the visions as well as her call to death and to this day, a mere hundred years later, she was still trying to get used to this life and what came with it.

    The one thing that made being a Banshee worse was the fact that she’d become an Eternal the moment she got used to things and though she’d eventually met her best friend who would help her run things within their species, she still stumbled across a few obstacles along the way. All in all, though, they’d 5eb8152423dfb4236a04b5654817249ee51d51dd.gifvmanaged to lead them to this day so what was a couple more?

    A bigger challenge would eventually come to the Eternals, however, when a hunter began to track their every move and with the species having such a small number to them, Anya wasn’t too keen on losing more members so her eyes were officially set on putting an end to this game of cat and mouse the hunters were playing. That would prove to be better said than done though as said hunters managed to cover their tracks whenever Anya and Sofia mad gotten too close to finding them which caused Anya to feel actual fear opposed to how calm she’d been early on with the mindset of getting rid of the hunters, unaware to the fact that they’d be the Banshee’s biggest challenge yet.

    With her leads eventually coming up short, she was trying to look elsewhere to where the hunters could be upon getting word of a possible hunter coven she’d heard were located in Bulgaria, the Eternals were on their way out the country to finish this once and for all, especially following the abduction of one of their closest members, practically meaning war in her eyes now.

    Touching down in the country in the middle of a snowy night, Anya had received new word on where exactly this coven was and that happened to be in a forest so the Eternals didn’t hesitate to head out there with their beings on guard just in case the hunters were expecting them. They were soon met with nothing but darkness, however, that didn’t stop them from cautiously moving through the forest because even though their voices were their weapons, theseee905bf1d28603ff84fe98cf086716b88af35e25.gifv hunters proved to be quite the challenge for them either way.

    It wasn’t until she heard a noise nearby that resembled that of footsteps did Anya pause before throwing a look over in Sofia’s direction, as if to tell her to prepare for a possible disaster that would come. However, the authoritative voice that spoke caused a more puzzled expression to cross her features as she stepped forward to make her presence known. “I’d hope not,” she said. “I promise, we mean no harm.” She began before pausing as she looked at the two before her. “You’re not human,” she suddenly observed, glancing at Sof once more before her gaze returned to the two strangers before her. “And by the looks of it, we may be searching for the same group.” She could only hope, however, that her suspicions were true but when it came to Anya, they always were.

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