Luciana stood with her back against the brick wall of the home she used to call her own, her ears perked up as they listened to the movements going on within. After what her father had viciously done to her and her sisters, never in a million years did she think she'd ever return to a place he resided. She was still afraid of the man, fearful of what he would do to herself and Inyana if he ever found out the two were alive. It was stupid to be afraid of him, especially since finding out he was human simply because of a deal he'd made with the witches; however, he was once willing to murder his own children, who knew what he was capable of with the witches on his side.

Her foreign thoughts quickly vanished when the sound of the front door slamming shut met her ears followed by the sound of a car starting and driving away, indication enough to her that her father had left the building and as quickly as his vehicle drove off, she was inside the home after forcing her way in. Luciana's hues were set on one thing and one thing only; his office. Since the day her mother was born, she always had a hunch that her father was behind it, whether he'd killed her himself or had someone do it and all she wanted was evidence, evidence that would give her a reason to end him once tenor.gif?itemid=11100514&profile=RESIZE_710xand for all. When telling Yana of her plans, she remembered her sister being completely against the idea but she needed to do it for the both of them. Wrapping her fingers around the very familiar wooden door knob, Luci turned it, half expecting the door to be locked but to her surprise, it wasn't and she was able to step inside the room that smelt of her fathers, a smell she didn't really care for as she approached the desk that sat in the far corner of the room, her hands quickly going to work.

With each drawer she opened, Luciana came up empty until she came across a drawer in particular that was locked. Using all the strength the Succubustumblr_nijsg8FKRy1u3aq47o1_500.gif?profile=RESIZE_710x could muster up, she was able to force it open and what she found inside seemed so familiar yet she couldn't remember from where.. Picking up the necklace, Luc inspected it, curious to know why a piece of jewelry could be so familiar to her. However, as she managed to pry the thing open, she realized why it felt the way it did; there inside the locket was a picture of herself, Inyana, Esmeralda, and their mother when the sisters were just young children. The necklace used to be her mothers and faintly, she remembered leaving it with her mother when she was laid to rest the day of her funeral. The question was, why was it here? Something didn't feel right and 4V07.gif?profile=RESIZE_180x180she was going to figure out why.

She didn't realize that she'd taken a seat until the sound of a door slamming against the wall was heard right behind her. "Shit." Luciana mumbled underneath her breath, guessing her father was home and was bound to be surprised by her presence in his office. However, before she could turn to see who was standing there, a few foreign words were mumbled and suddenly her entire body felt heavy. The last thing she remembered was the thud sound her body made as it collapsed to the ground before her eyes were forced shut.

The next time Luciana had awaken, her body couldn't move and as her eyes took in her state, she realized she was seated firmly in a chair with her arms bound at the wrists behind her back while the same fate met her legs. It wasn't until she completely took in her surroundings did the female Succubus freeze up. Before her stood a handful of men and women who she could already tell were witches but in the very front of them stood none other than the only man she feared the most; her father. "Father." She spat.

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  • Human-Temporary

    "What do you mean you lost her?!" Nikolai screamed into the phone. On the other end, he could hear one of the warlocks he was working with stuttering his excuse.

    "Well, shh-sh-she gave us the slip, we think she knew we were following-"

    "Morons! Where did you lose her?" He screamed once more at the warlock on the other end of the call then stopped to sigh out his frustration, "Nevermind that, I'll go to check around her place, you go somewhere that won't be within fifty feet around me." With that the human male hung up the phone before throwing it against the wall, hearing it crack from the force.

    He had given one simple job to the coven of witches he was working with, keep an eye on his daughters Inyana and Luciana. He needed to know their whereabouts, conversations, anything that they were doing he needed to be aware of in case they decided to plan something that involved his downfall, he could be one step ahead, but his daughter Luciana seemed to outsmart the couple of dimwitted warlocks that were assigned to watch her for the day.

    Running his hands over his face he took a moment to compose himself before acting rashly once more. After a good, long minute of taking deep breaths, he walked over to pick up his phone, assessed that only the screen had been damaged and walked to his room to grab his jacket and car keys. It was still early in the afternoon and judging by her routine from the past couple of weeks, Nikolai figured the best place to find her would be at her house or at her work. Luckily both were close enough together that if he spots her, he can alert the morons right away and keep an eye on her before the ceremony was to begin.

    tumblr_ltw9z8qH971qd3lh0o3_r1_500.gifStill in a frustrated mood, Nikolai walked out of the house, slamming the door behind him as he made his way to his car. "If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself!" He murmured to himself as he got in, started the car and began to back out of the driveway and head down the familiar road that would take him to the highway to get to Luciana's house.

    As soon as he took the exit to get on the highway, he heard the ringing coming from his cracked phone in the passenger seat. Reaching over to quickly grab it he sees that it was a female witch from the coven calling him. "Sir, we found her, facial recognition spotted her at your house. Less than five minutes ago."

    Nicholai had no words. All he could do was hang up as his vision started to speckle with red. Quickly dialing one of the morons that lost her in the first place, he was pleased to hear that he picked up on the second ring. "She's at my place. Get whoever is around you and meet me there. NOW!" Hitting the end call button Nikolai saw an opportunity to turn the car he was driving around in the middle of the busy highway, cutting through the gravel median, earning him a couple of blaring horns and possibly some words to match.

    Speeding home all Nikolai could think about was how did Luciana manage to sneak past him? Was she there when he was leaving? What could she possibly want from his home? That last question brought him to the thought of if she was there trying to kill him. Like Father, like daughter. He hated to admit it but Luciana was acting more and more like him as the days past and as much as he wanted to be excited about that, he just couldn't. Or wouldn't.

    By the time he has gotten to his home, he saw three other cars with witches and warlocks all waiting outside, ready for his arrival. Getting out of the car he had tunnel vision to the front of his door as he beelined for it. "If she tries anything, knock her out. We need her alive for now." He didn't wait for any of them to acknowledge what he said, he was so focused on seeing what the hell his daughter could possibly want. Slamming the door open he could see that just down the hall, the door to his office was slightly open. giphy.gif

    He could feel the energy of the witches behind him as he stormed towards his office, more furious than ever. As he opened the door he saw Luciana sitting in his chair but heard muffled words coming from behind him. Within a seconds he watched his daughter fall to the ground with a thud. "I said if she attacks, knock her out." He pinched the bridge of his nose and huffed out his annoyance. What was it with these witches and warlocks that couldn't follow directions?

    Turning on the balls of his feet he pointed out a random warlock and told him "You. Get a chair." Pointing to another random witch he told her, "You. Get the rope in the basement and enchant it or whatever you do to make her weak." Both of them nodded and ran off to do what they were told. Nikolai walked over to his passed out daughter and peered down at her, seeing her hair cover majority of her face he could still see the parts where it reminded him of the little girl she once was. How fiery her spirit was, how she would sometimes call upon him because she was afraid of the darkness, and for a moment Nikolai was lost in the memory of his daughter until the warlock came back asking where the human male wanted the chair. Sneering back he told the Warlock to place it in the center of the room.

    As his ocean blue eyes returned their cast on Luciana, he no longer saw his small child, instead, he saw the monster she was, the Succubus she turned into. Picking her up he carried her to the chair and sat her there and waited for the witch to come back with the magical rope. He had read that magic could make a Succubus vulnerable and he was counting on it being factual otherwise he would use something else to harm her. Taking the rope from the witch who had returned he bounded Luciana at her wrist and ankles, making sure it was good and tight so she couldn't escape so easily.

    "Get the blood while she's knocked out and make sure Ana knows that she's still alive. She should be happy I'm listening to this set of orders. And remind her again that I'm not happy about it." Nikolai grumbled. Ana had told him her plan for getting rid of the Cabello sisters and that Nikolai himself should not under any circumstances harm them until she was ready. Nikolai didn't like that, he argued that she brought him back to kill them, then that is what he should do, but Ana is a very persuasive person when it comes to making sure things are done her way. He could still hear how his bones snapped as he challenged her.

    JB-Yeux-SF-gif.gifAbout twenty minutes had passed since Luciana had been knocked out due to the spell the witches and warlocks cast. Nikolai had already gotten a sample or two of his daughter's blood and sent of them off to give it to Ana, now it was time to wait for her to wake up. As soon as he got the message from Ana saying that she got the blood, the human male heard his daughter start to stir as she began to wake up. Turning to face her, he came in contact with her muddy orbs as they focused solely on him.

    "Hello, daughter." He smiled wickedly to her, "Did you have a nice nap?"

  • Succubus

    Tugging harshly on the ropes that bounded her to the chair, Luciana let out a yelp full of the pain she felt, telling her one obvious thing; the ropes were laced with magic which sadly was a Succubus' main weakness. It was the one thing that could keep her still so she couldn't lash out at those who were keeping her captive. However, when her father did speak up, confirming her suspicions of him being very much alive, she couldn't help the sudden feel of fear come over her. Since accepting what she was, she learned to fear nothing and that's what she lived by daily; seeing Nikolai alivegiphy.gif and well after he'd been dead for centuries was like reliving the past and that was something she just wasn't too keen on doing but at this moment, the Succubus was rendered helpless.

    After someone close to her told her her father was alive, Luce originally didn't believe it. She figured it was just some little bluff someone was trying to feed her so she would be scared to even step foot outside again, so she took it as just that; a lie. She was there at her father’s funeral, watching from a far as his loyal subjects lowered the bastard’s casket into the ground so how was he alive? It was literally impossible. However, when she received pictures by a witch companion of hers who had told her of the witch leaders reasoning for bringing him back to life, she was fearing for not only her life, but for her sisters. Inyana most likely feared the man more than Luciana did and she'd be damned if he tried to lay a single finger on her head. So, she'd begged her sister to stay low for a while but knowing her and her duties to the city as its Major, she was going to do the exact opposite. In return, Luce begged her witch friend to put a spell on Yana that would hide her location from others and she guessed it worked because when she realized her father had people following her to try and capture her instead of her sister, it was a relief even if the thought of facing the man who'd been the reason behind her nightmares scared her more than anything else. It was worth it.

     0f4138c0a83c5b40d8657cb5bd119a3e.gifWhen she did have living proof he was alive just by seeing him exit his home, it told her enough and as if him ruining her life wasn’t reason enough to rid this earth of him, Luciana wanted to know if he truly did murder her mother, hence why she was even at his home today. Finding the necklace that meant so much to her made her believe what she had a right to and before she could snatch up the piece of jewelry and flee, she’d been taken against her own will.

    The Succubus was relieved, however, that Inyana was somewhere safe, far away from wherever she was because even if she was in for a long night, her sister wasn’t.. Until she realized Luce was gone, that is.

    “You’ve really out done yourself, dad.” She said sarcastically, glaring daggers at her father with her gaze narrowed into slits, she continued to stupidly struggle against the restraints, as if hoping to miraculously get out of them in order to wrap her fingers around his neck. If the magic wasn’t weakening her, she would probably look as angry and scared as she felt. “All of this just for little ‘ol me?” Her hues moving over the many unfamiliar faces in the room, guessing they were the witches and warlocks who made her capture possible before looking back at the devil himself. “What are you getting out of this?” Luciana questioned through clenched teeth.

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