Changing Tides - Russo and Rose

tumblr_inline_pozj9yNeyy1t9ndkh_400.gifvPacing the sound woke her from a deep slumber looking to the bedside clock the red numbers flashed 4:30 am. The nymph was beyond confused why she was hearing shuffling until she saw the empty side of the bed. The blonde slipped out of the bed pulling on her small bathrobe over her shorts and tank top. 

Gracefully she walked down the steps that were lined with vines, the home that she shared with her boyfriend had started to take on a Nature like quality the longer she lived there. The Nymph felt at home in the woods so the home had qualities of the woods within it to help her feel relaxed. Her fingers bumped along the vines until she reached the bottom of the steps.

Blood drops met her at the door she frowned and wrapped her arms tight around her body as she followed the droplets into the Livingroom. To the pacing man who was covered almost from head to toe in blood. “Are you hurt?” was the first question that left her lips as she looked him over. “Russo, what happened? What is going on?” 

The woman had started to adjust to seeing the blood. It still made her squeamish but something told her this time was different, he never paced like this. “Talk to me, are you okay?” She asked with concern written all over her big eyes.

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