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-- THE PAST --

Ana's grandmother had just dropped a huge bomb on not only her and her mother, but the entire Coven as she claimed that she desired to retire as regent once and for all, after leading the Coven for years after her mother, Anastasia's great-grandmother, had tragically died. The Coven were then under the impression that Amelie Thornbrook, Ana's mother, would take over as she was her grandmothers only heir. However, that decision was solely up to her great-grandmother who now resided in the ancestral plane, an alternate universe where the elders lived, watching over the witches and warlocks as well as the regents and council members in order to make sure any decisions they made were for the good of the Coven.

You could only imagine how much of a shock it came to be when her great-grandmother decided Amelie wasn't fit enough to be regent and instead wanted to hand the leadership role off to a twenty year old Ana who knew nothing about what it took to take on such a role; hell, she figured she wouldn't be regent until her own mother decided to step down because she was supposed to be the next in line.. Right? Amelie was outraged by this decision and since she couldn't take her anger out on anyone in the coven, she decided instead to shut everyone out which was how Ana's relationship with her mother went downhill. She instead realied on her grandmother to help her along the way from making decisions that concerned the Coven to choosing new council members to serve her seeing as those who served her grandmother only wanted to work for her, not someone who didn't know what she was doing. They would soon regret that decision as well as their judgement because Anastasia Thornbrook would become the most powerful witch in history..

-- months after --

Her grandmother typically allowed the council members to have meetings on their own and letting her know how things went later on. However, Ana knew that not everybody would tell the truth so she thought it was just right to be in the room during the meetings, where she could simply listen in and only voice her thoughts when something said was something she didn't agree with. Half way through this evenings meeting, her assistant had quietly entered the room, hurrying over to her and whispering in her ear that they had a problem that needed to be dealt with so she told the council members to continue what they were doing as she stood and followed the witch out the room.

tumblr_ogfeu9UinR1ushexco5_400.gifShe had sent out one of her more powerful witches to retrieve a daylight ring from a vampire who was causing havoc throughout the city. Ana had lost count on the amount of individuals, humans and supernatural beings alike, who this vampire had managed to kill and her only solution was take the one thing that allowed him to roam amongst everyone during the day. However, the last she expected was to be told that he'd killed her witch companion for doing just that. Clearly enraged, she ordered her strongest warlocks to fetch her this vampire so he could be properly dealt with for killing one of her own but it seemed her men were already ahead of her as their the male vampire sat in a chair with ropes laced with vervain holding him in place. Apparently they'd caught him before he could escape which made things that much more easier on the regent.

It had only been a few months but she already had this protective nature when it came to those in her Coven so when someone was hurt, she took her revenge on those who had harmed them in the first place and in this case, she had a deceased witch on her hands. "So you think it's okay to kill one of my Coven members." Ana stated as her green hues narrowed at the male vampire as she approached him. "You know what happens to those who hurt my people, leech? They get to feel my wrath."  She sneered and within minutes, her assistant had returned with a dark object Ana had specifically enchanted with her own dark magic, holding it tightly in her grasp while her other hand moved towards his hand, her fingers beginning to trace a symbol on his palm while her once green eyes flickered to silver. "Deja fou." She chanted the incantation until the symbol became visible where her fingers touched, the symbol of a hex. Her hues gazed up at the symbol, her lips curling up into a satisfied grin when she'd seen the new tattoo that adorned his skin. "Good luck with what's to come." She spat before instructing her men to throw him out wherever while she returned inside to put away her dark object, as if she hadn't just placed an insanity hex on someone that would not only turn to madness, but would become violent and have the strong urge to kill.


-- THE PRESENT --f218a37fed6c88ab707688e0e6e5f953.gif

Her great-grandmother was obviously quite annoyed with Anastasia still after she'd made the decision to resurrect a male from the dead who was bound to bring trouble to the city of Vrevale because every now and then, she visit her in her dreams, voicing her anger as well as her concerns. However, did Ana really give a crap? Not one bit so every warning was ignored. She'd been the regent of this coven for six years now and whatever she wished to do with it or whoever she forced to get involved with her choices was none of her great-grandmothers concern.

After getting off of the phone, her chest still rising and falling because of the anger she felt when Nikolai would continue to argue with her because the bastard didn't know how to listen to commands, there were several urgent knocks on the door of her office. Ana let out an annoyed sigh, desperately wanting to be left alone right now but when the knocks occurred again, she knew she couldn't ignore them for long. "Come in." The brunette called, her assistant entering the room but before she could speak up, another figure barged his way into the room and Anastasia immediately recognized the Vampire. Looking on towards her assistant, she gave her a nod to leave the room and shut the door behind her while the regent stood from her seat. "Well, well, well, if it isn't the vampire I hexed." She mocked, pressing the palms of her hands down against her desk as she leaned against it, cocking her head. "Theodore, is it? To what do I owe the pleasure." Ana greeted him with a smirk. "How's the curse been treating you these past couple of months, hm?" She questioned.

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  • Vampire

    ~ Past ~

    After assisting with the assassination of his Queen over a thousand years prior, the blonde-haired Vampire had no qualms with breaking law and order, he was a law unto himself; entirely uncivilised in his manner with no regard for those in powerful positions. With many ghosts from his past residing in the growing City on Vrévale, Theodore decided to leave his life in New York behind for Vrévale offered him something more - it promised him revenge against those that had wronged him in times gone by. He was confident that before the year was up he would have each of his traitors held at his mercy. And, there was no line that he feared to cross. It wasn't his immortality nor the fact that he was a Vampire that made him such a deadly force to be reckoned with; it was the anguish and rage; the bitterness and hatred within his heart that fuelled his uncontrollable bloodlust, driving him to kill most of whom he came into close contact with. If ever one did survive, it was never by mistake for he always had their souls marked for claiming in the future. It was simple, those that were smart knew to avoid him, it was only ever those whom he thought foolish that sought to provoke him, which he enjoyed greatly for it brought him some entertainment, and ensured that he didn't pass of boredom while in the supernatural City. Nevertheless, with numbers of missing people growing by the day, Theodore knew that it was only a matter of time before someone intervened... 

    3641095078?profile=RESIZE_710xIt wasn't until he received a visit from a young Witch who explained that she had been ordered by the Regent of her Coven, Anastasia Thornbrook, to remove and destroy of his daylight ring that Theodore well and truly crossed a line that promised of no return. Without hesitation, Theodore brought about a quick end to the young Witch after witnessing the woman cast a spell upon his daylight ring which caused it to burst into flames, instantly turning what he heavily depended upon into a small pile of ash. Watching the Witch's form thud to the ground with her warm heart remaining in his hands, he flashed his brows in surprise before discarding the vessel into the flames of the fireplace. "You know, this just isn't what I expect from someone that I haven't met." He cooly stated, lifting the deceased body from the rug with ease to then cast the slight form into the open lit fire. "May your Witch never be at peace, dear Anastasia." He spat his words, resting a cold stare upon the body burning in the fireplace with his ebony hues void of remorse. Within minutes, heavy footsteps set against the old, wooden floorboards of his living room sounded, creaking, promptly demanding his attention. "So, tell me, which one of you is Anastasia Thornbrook, hmm? I'd say it's you," He admitted with a raised brow, pointing a strong finger at the blonde Witch he witnessed enter into the room first. "On second thought, I suppose it could be you, or you." He mused, shifting his attention onto both of the brunettes entering into the room. "Hell, you could all have me fooled, you're all pathetic. Mind you, I'm impressed with this Miss Thornbrook..." He confessed, "The fact that she sent an army to collect me? Well, that's a compliment in itself. I take it she's one for risks and a little bit of danger." He explained with amusement crossing his well-defined features, causing his lips to curl at the side. Whoever the Regent was, he couldn't wait to meet her. While smirking, he raked a hand through his mousey blonde locks, allowing his ebony hues to fall upon the faces of the two males who were last to join him in the room. "How kind of you to join us gentleman. The Vampire, The Witches and The Warlocks, sounds like the title of an epic film, no?" He chortled, rolling his head side to side, stretching his neck, oozing an air of arrogance. 

    "Theodore Carter," The lanky Warlock greeted, making long strides towards him. "You are to come with us." The Warlock added setting a firm hand against his shoulder, and before Theodore could react, he felt the point of a thick needle being stabbed into his arm. "You only had to ask!" He bit back with his knees giving way beneath his weight. Immediately, he knew it to be vervain. With his bushy brows knitted together, he groaned, "Argh!" bearing the points of his fangs with the purple veins surfacing beneath his ebony hues. "Theodore Carter, it is by order of the Regent that you will be taken into our custody and punished for the crimes committed in this room today." The Warlock informed with a smirk, then ordered a fellow Warlock to assist him with dragging the weakened Vampire out to the car.   

    ~ Four Hours Later ~

    original.gif?profile=RESIZE_710x"At last! Here comes the mighty one, hello Miss Thornbrook." Theodore mused sarcastically, tilting his head to one side to study the tall and slender form of the brunette with a narrowed gaze as she entered into the room. "Must your minions be such a bore, Anastasia? Vervain?" Amused by the efforts that it had taken for the Witches to weaken him, Theodore couldn't help but ridicule and mock the situation. "I dare say, this takes me back a bit." He added, glancing down at the chains wrapped around his lean torso. "Is this how you like your men, Miss Thornbrook?" He further mocked with his gaze darkening upon her features. It was clear for him to see that she was outraged by his actions against her kind which only encouraged him. "You know, I've met some very powerful, powerful Witches in my time, Miss Thornbrook..." He added, following her every movement with a fearless, blank stare. "Oh but Miss Thornbrook, why would I, a strapping - albeit slightly clammy due to the vervain - one-thousand-and-something-year-old Vampire, fear you? ...A twenty-something-self assured-teeny-tiny-little-Witch, hmm? I suggest you step down from that high horse of yours and accept that a man like me cannot be controlled." He added, raising his thick brows at the assistant to enter into the room, he couldn't tell what was being exchanged, though what he did know, was that the object now held in Anastasia's hands was one she would use against him. Reading between the lines, relying on experiences from his past, Theodore could only presume that the leader of the Witches Coven was about to inflict him with a curse of sorts. "Don't tell me, you plan to send my soul to Hell? Before you do, allow me to inform you that I'm well acquainted with the place, and if I'm honest, I've missed it." Despite his bravado of not giving a damn, Theodore knew only too well the consequences of being hexed by a Witch. In the 19th Century, he met Roman, a Vampire hexed with 'Deja-fou' by a powerful Witch. Theodore had never known or seen anything like it before, Roman was driven insane by his memories of the past, not only that, he continually questioned his existence and that of others. Oftentimes, he believed himself to be drowning while stood on dry land. Worse of all, Roman's curse was never lifted, which eventually led to him begging Theodore to put him out of his misery, which he obliged. With his memory of Roman now at the forefront of his mind, Theodore willed his weakened state to find the strength to break free and escape, but all effort was rendered useless, and only served to further weaken him. "You don't need to this, Anastasia. Heed my warning, if you dare to inflict a curse upon my soul, I will slaughter your entire Coven." 

    ~ Present ~

    3641100183?profile=RESIZE_710xTwo months later and Theodore was barely recognisable, now that he was without his daylight ring, he was forbidden to hunt during the day and thanks to the hex inflicted upon him by Anastasia, he was hallucinating by the time the sun-set. By the time the hallucinations kicked in, he had no idea of how to escape from his own apartment. He was trapped in his own home which had been taken over by the angry spirits of those from his past; mainly that of his merciless Father. The cursed Vampire was growing weaker by the day - he could barely recall his own name. Trapped in a hell of his own making, memories of times passed circulated in his mind, at times, he believed those that were dead to be in the room, seeking vengeance against him. Never before had he seen such anger in Julieta's eyes. He couldn't tell the difference between his mind playing tricks on him and reality... not when it all felt so real. Even though he couldn't tell his left from his right anymore, Theodore was certain of one thing, which was that he only had so much time before the effects of the hex were permanent. Time was running out. Having no other choice but to leave his apartment during the hottest part of the day, he retrieved a black jacket with a hood and hoped that with most of his skin being covered, he would survive the journey across the City to the grand mansion, where the Witches resided. 

    Acutely aware of his actions, he snapped the necks of all those to pass by him. One victim had begged of him to release his hands from their neck, crying out the name 'Theodore' as if he should've responded to it. Disorientated by the burning sunlight, confused and angry, he continued to tighten his grasp, seeing only the face of his Father; Tudor Petrescu. By the time he reached the gates that granted him access into the large estate, he had left a trail of dead and unconscious bodies in his wake. Did Anastasia really think that such a hex would prevent him from going on a killing spree?

    YoTz.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xAfter making it to the front door of Anastasia's home, Theodore was quick to push through the open foyer of the mansion, shoving those that stood in his way to one side while he made a direct path for the office situated at the back of the mansion on the second floor. "Get out of my way!" He snapped, stalking his way up the staircase, stopping only for a moment to snap a baluster from the bannister to greet the Regent Witch and her assistant with it. "Anastasia..." He blankly greeted the brunette. Admittedly, he was somewhat offended by her abrupt line of questions, though it wasn't the context of them, mainly how she posed them; it was as if she were asking him about the weather. With a growing pulse of rage triggered within him, he tightened his grip on the splintered plank of wood, and moved slowly, taking calculated steps towards the table with his soulless gaze fixed upon her green hues. "Enough, Anastasia. Whatever you aimed to get out of this, rest assured in knowing that you've made your point, now let me go." He cooly instructed, mirroring her body language; setting his hands flat against the table to lean toward her. "You cannot prevent deaths within this town, Anastasia." He warned, pausing for a moment with furrowed brows, "Este inevitabil..." he stated in his native tongue, suggesting that deaths are inevitable. "For as long as one of my kind exists, lives will always be at stake. Pray tell, dear Anastasia, is it your plan to curse us all?" He raised his concern, deepening his gaze upon her features to cross-examine her expression before she could concoct a deceitful answer. 

  • Witch - Head Admin

    Ana looked on with a look a clear amusement etched onto her features, her eyes briefly taking in the wooden stake in his grasp before she looked at the male vampire once more. He definitely looked different from the last time she'd seen him and not in a good way either; he looked like he was ready to rip her a part and the female was practically waiting for him to come at her because she already enjoyed his suffering, a bit more wouldn't hurt. The high priestess was, however, surprised he even seeked her out because, even though she didn't go around hexing people, she has hexed a number of people since receiving her powers but none of them have ever came looking for her. They typically gave in to their suffering and eventually, as bad as it sounds, died. If a hex curse wasn't reversed by the casting witch within a certain time span, those cursed were stuck that way and in most cases, their curse lead to them going insane to the point that they ended their lives because that's how bad getting cursed by a witch original.gifwas; you wanted nothing more than to end your suffering and the only way to do so was to end your life once and for all.

    Anastasia never felt remorse either, anyone she hexed deserved it especially Theodore who looked absolutely mad. She could only imagine what chaos had occurred throughout the last couple of months but seeing as her witches and warlocks were still alive and though her coven was allies with a number of other species and their leaders, she could care less really. It wasn't her job to watch over him.

    To see him so serious when the last time she saw him, he was basically mocking her and threatening the lives of her people, was refreshing in a way. He certainly wasn't the cocky bastard she'd met months ago and by the look on her face, she found it hilarious. No one talked down to her and thought they'd get away with it.. No one. "What do you plan on doing with that?" The brunette questioned as she looked at the wooden stake once more, acting as if she was genuinely curious which she was. Seeing him this way didn't faze her one bit; it took a lot to scare the regent though she could tell her new assistant was reluctant to leave her alone with this madman because he truly looked like he was going to kill her. However, with movement of her hand indicating that her assistant could leave, she was soon left alone with him.

    She watched as he mimicked her movements, the two now having a stare off with him glaring and her slyly grinning. "Now, why on earth would I set you free, hm?" Ana asked, stepping away from the desk only to circle it so there was nothing between them anymore. Crossing her arms over her chest as she stood by, she cocked her head to the side, her piercing green hues never leaving his soulless ones. "After all, it was you who once said that you cannot be controlled and yet here you are, begging me to lift this curse." She pointed out, remembering the words he'd said to her before she hexed him. "I also remember you calling me pathetic." She added, tapping her chin. "Who's the pathetic one now, Theodore?" Anastasia wasn't planning on letting him free and lifting the curse but now, she had a feeling she could do a lot with a vampire under her control. She was allies with the Vampire Queen but that didn't necessarily mean she had to leave the vampires alone, especially this one. He'd killed someone who worked for her, she wasn't done with him yet.687474703a2f2f36382e6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f65626433643031313135393531333164616164663835396438313664323632642f74756d626c725f6f676665753955696e52317573686578636f325f3430302e676966?s=fit&h=360&w=360&q=80

    Ana let out a laugh in response to his words of whether she planned to curse them all simply by cursing him, his fake concern causing her to roll her eyes. "I could care less about everyone else, honestly. Anyone who wrongs me, will get cursed. You are a perfect example of just that." She sneered, remembering the day the law got into contact with her, saying she needed to do something about it as if the murders and havoc were occurring in town solely because of her which was the only reason she even had her witch go after him to begin with. "I could easily lock you away, maybe get your Vampire Queen involved but something tells me that would do nothing."

    She circled him as if she was the predator and he was her prey. "But I guess I can lift this curse.." The brunette began, letting him think she would without wanting anything in return, but she definitely did. "On one condition." She held up a finger, giving him this smile that said she had ulterior motives. "You will be working for me, including doing my every bidding, no matter the costs." She said. "If you agree, I will lift the curse and create a new daylight ring for you." Ana began, arching a single dark eyebrow his way. "If you disagree, however, I will make this curse permanent and let you continue to suffer in the dark." She shrugged, nonchalantly. "Your choice, Mr. Carter."

  • Vampire


    While her words had piqued his interest in parts, Theodore regarded her digs as nothing more than tedious, for there was nothing she could say that he couldn’t brush off. Pathetic, you say? He silently pondered on her insult for a moment, far longer than he should have. Before he could serve her an insult like no other, one that she well and truly deserved, the name of his only weakness was voiced, causing his features to grow twisted, turning his expression into one that solely spoke of the hatred he had in his heart for the cunning Witch. “You seek to provoke me, Miss Thornbrook?” He challenged with his gaze possessing a chilling stillness, “Do you honestly think that wise?” Shaking his head slowly, he looked away from her and glanced at the stake, it was only the slip of a finger away from his hand, and in disappointment, tutted lowly beneath his breath to inform her that she had made a grave mistake. “You are correct, you could lock me away, but to deprive the world of this face would be an unforgivable crime, Miss Thornbrook. As for this," He pointed out, brushing his thumb across the splintered plank of wood, "Well, it can have many uses, Anastasia. However, I don’t intend to kill you with it; I have my hands for that.” 

    Theodore was incensed by Anastasia, his desire to retaliate by lashing out only strengthened and intensified with each word that escaped from her lips. The thought of killing Anastasia was tempting and incredibly inviting; especially now that he was alone with her in the room. All he had to do was retrieve the stake, which would be easy enough and then drive it through her heart. Or, perhaps he could have history repeat itself. Yes, he could lure her close, which would prove to be a simple enough task given his compelling ability to charm, and then rip her beating vessel from her chest. Hmm, that would surely silence her. Contemplating the matter further, he tracked her every movement with a relentless gaze. First, his gaze locked onto her feet as she shifted around the table towards him, closing the space that had stood between them, then his ebony hues fell upon her hands, which she raised, and folded across her chest, making quite the impression on him. 

    tumblr_lcruo2vGk01qealwto1_400.gifArching a strong brow, he repositioned himself, standing back from the table with his torso pointing towards her and his hands clenched at his side. Finally, he was ready to break away from his silence again and entertain another discussion of sorts with the brunette, "Such courage in that heart of yours…" He dryly remarked reuniting his ebony hues with her gaze, although her emerald hues appeared innocent and alluring on the surface, he could see a darkness in their depths; one that he knew well. "…and a darkness." He added, his tone softening slightly as he observed her move. The way she circled him; as if to intimidate him, had his insides twisting into knots. How the hell had he - a thousand-year-old Vampire who survived nothing but destruction and war - come to be at the mercy of a young, Regent Witch? Following her movements, his gaze turned vengeful. 

    Oh, how he wanted to use his strength and slam Anastasia's slim physique against the wall and pin her in place with an unforgiving hand snaked around her throat. To squeeze the air from her lungs and crush the bones of her neck before causing fatal damage to her spinal cord. That he thought, that would be just the trick to rid the smug look from her face, furthermore, it would be a good opportunity for him to demonstrate his power against her. If only, he thought. What choice did he have other than to conform and comply with her demands? The effects of the hex she cursed him with had weakened him... he was her prey, she had his life in her hands and though she was young, Theodore wasn't naive, she had the ability to alter his fate. Within weeks, if he refused the terms to her removing the hex, his state would only worsen, and it would be irreversible. Permanent

    And, still, a part of him would rather continue to suffer the consequences of the hex, than give the Regent Witch his word; that kind of power, she didn't deserve. Nevertheless, he had no choice. If he were ever to get his revenge, he needed to be free of the hex first. "That's quite the ultimatum…" He speculated, "What a risk you're willing to take, Miss Thornbrook." Nodding his head slowly, he made a confident stride towards her. "As for my serving you…" Tilting his head slightly to one side, raising his hand to stroke his chin, he offered the brunette a ghost of a smile with his burdened hues darkening upon her features. "I suppose I've little choice in the matter." He concluded, raising his hands in defeat, then forced an exasperated sigh to convince Anastasia further that she had won. Ah, if only she knew that his sense of defeat was merely skin deep.

    giphy.gif"Well, what are we waiting for?" Smirking at the brunette, he then raised his brows. "I'm ready to be your slave, Anastasia." After a few moments of thought, he murmured his words, offering her his hand and slowly, allowed his gaze to fall away from her face, where his attention then fell upon the cross that marked his palm. "I was a fool to underestimate you, Miss Thornbrook. Fear not, I shan't make the same mistake twice," Next time, I'll hit you where it really hurts, he continued to himself. Oh, how he couldn't wait to get his revenge against the Witch. Should that require him to be her puppet and play the victim in her game, then so be it. He would play well and play hard so that when Anastasia least expected it, he could take her down.

  • Witch - Head Admin

    “You are unsurprisingly easy to provoke, Carter.” The witch mused in response and soon grew very intrigued as she watched his expression change tumblr_oa9af2FnTE1ushexco5_400.gifvto something much darker than it was before, originally giving her the impression that he was provoked by her little insults that only escaped her as a way to get under his skin. However, Anastasia knew that wasn’t the case and when she came to realize that he’d reacted in such away simply by the mention of the Vampire Queen, her amused features turned into a wide grin. Well, well, well, she thought. “Don’t tell me you’re involved with the Queen.” She said, arching a single dark eyebrow his way, clearly unfazed by the Vampire and his cold eyes that were locked on her and every movement she made. “I will be sure to remember that.” She added. The next words he uttered caused her to respond with a blank look and that was the only response she would give, her green hues following his movements in regards to the piece of wood he still held on to, practically awaiting the second he’d try to use it against her.. That was why he brought it with him when he’d entered, wasn’t it? Ana didn’t even want to think about how the area he’d retrieved it from looked like. “Well, then what are you waiting for?” She questioned, placing her hands behind her back. “I’d like to see you try to kill me. I can make sure you feel the worst pain of your existence before you can try so by all means, go ahead.” The brunette further provoked him; he wouldn’t be able to lay even a single finger on her without possibly losing it, the High Priestess knew that for sure.

    As she circled the large desk and stood before him, Ana was easily giving him the perfect opportunity to come for her throat like she knew he was yearning to do. It was as if she wanted him to try to attack her and from previous experiences with hexed Vampires, she knew the curse weakened them enough to where it also slowed down them down and knowing this, he wouldn’t be able to so much as touch her before the witch uttered those few words of a pain infliction spell that would literally bring him to his knees before her. She liked toying with the male leech so imagine how exhilarated she’d feel should such an ancient Vampire be on his knees before her, a young witch who wasn’t even half his age.

    She halted her circling, now standing by with her arms behind her back again, a soft chuckle leaving her when he’d spoke up once more. “And I basktumblr_pj15junDoD1vjkgd8o4_500.gifv in that darkness.” She said, her shoulder rolling into a small shrug. “You could say it’s in my nature.” Ana then rolled her eyes, the words she’d spoken having quite the sincerity in them. She’d come from a long line of witches and warlocks who’d reveled in the power of becoming the head of a coven, corrupting them to the point where that evil not only came out to play, but turned them into the ruthless human beings they never were. The young witch never thought having such power would make her this way, but when you had free reign to do whatever you pleased when it came to a large group of people, that darkness would have no choice but to come out. She accepted it at this point; if not, she would be the one at this cursed Vampires mercy, not the other way around.

    Once she’d voiced her proposition for him, Anastasia was taken back by Theodore for the first time since the two crossed paths so long ago. She half expected him to decline or to try his luck and come for her once and for all but what she didn’t expect was for him to agree so easily. It made her suspicious, her eyes narrowing a fraction in his direction. What Vampire would be at a witches mercy so easily? She didn’t trust it, nor did she his way of trying to convince her that he would agree to her conditions and do her every bidding. “I am certainly taking a risk, aren’t I?” She then put up a finger, an indication that she wanted him to wait when he so willingly seemed to be ready to do whatever she told him to.

    tumblr_oa9af2FnTE1ushexco2_400.gifvAna walked away from him for a moment, standing behind her desk once more as she opened up a drawer, rummaging through it until her fingers found the thing she had been searching for; an obedience bracelet. Never has she used it, but she vaguely remembered her great-grandmother using it not only on coven members but other species, leech’s being one of them, and knew it worked like a charm. This would be her way of not only humiliating him further, but making sure he listened to her, making him her own little puppet. She then headed back to where he stood, not uttering a single word or giving him time to react before latching the hideous piece of jewelry around his wrist, just above the cross. “This, dear Theodore, is an obedience bracelet.” She began after taking a step back. “It has one sole purpose and that is to enforce obedience.” Her green eyes then moved back up to his darker ones, the corner of her lips curving upwards as she spoke. “It is cursed with my dark magic and should you try to remove it, well, lets just say you won’t like the end result.” The witch shrugged. “You will not under any circumstances remove it, am I clear?” She now had this smug look on her features, knowing he had no other option but to agree with her; he had no other choice but to comply with every word that came from her lips.

    • Vampire

      tumblr_muam6yBwxn1r6f8cpo8_r1_250.gif?profile=RESIZE_180x180“What can I say? I’ve had a hard time of things as of late.” Came his serious, albeit slightly sarcastic response to the Witch. Ever since he first crossed paths with Anastasia, Theodore had only ever suffered at the woman's hands. The hallucinations and flashbacks, the starvation from not being able to feed, the isolation, it had all taken its toll on Theodore, but he tried to mask it as best as he could. It wasn't in him to show weakness or even admit to defeat, not even when it was clear to be seen. “I’m glad to see my suffering amuses you, Anastasia.” He said while taking note of her grin. “Yet you forget, durerea este motivația mea.” He explained with a low chuckle, warning the confident brunette in his native tongue that pain motivated him in life. And it did, it was how King Septimus had him trained following the Queen Vampiress’ death in 1,019 AD.

      Lifting his chin to hone in on what the brunette had to say next. Instantly, his chest tightened and his breaths of laughter became lodged in his throat. What was she fishing for? Something to hold against him— something to use over him? Theodore had no idea what the High Priestess was planning long-term, but in the interim, he had a pretty good idea; she was trying to provoke him. It was clearly one of her chosen tactics in weakening the enemy, he had resorted to similar methods in the past; provoke and rile the enemy into lashing out and you have yourself a justified kill. However, Theodore didn’t believe the High Priestess wanted him dead, if that were the case, she would’ve killed him some months prior when he was bound in chains and immobilised by vervain. It was like she wanted his violence. Thus giving him a slight advantage point.

      tumblr_muuepbkixU1rp4duqo5_250.gif?profile=RESIZE_180x180When it came to him defending his involvement with the Queen Vampiress, he remained perfectly calm and collected, and simply cleared his throat before detailing the necessary truths, “Of course I care for Rose, she is the Queen of my kind. And I’ll care for you a whole lot more once you remove the hex, dear Anastasia.” The art of deflection was one of Theodore’s strengths, but he could tell that the Witch wasn’t buying into his response, which was inwardly beginning to grate on him. Exhaling a breath with his gaze drifting down to the piece of wood against the table, his attention hovered upon the stake for a moment before he glanced back to the brunette. With his lips curling at the sides, he folded his arms across his chest and with feigned interest, pretended to regard another one of her warnings. “Though I find your pitch to be awfully compelling, Miss Thornbrook. As I said, I don’t intend to kill you, least of all with that.” He reiterated his point, glancing down, running his tongue over his bottom lip before straining his neck to give a tiresome roll of his eyes as Anastasia proceeded to circle him. He really was beginning to regret killing the Witch over his daylight ring. Had he known it would lead him into such uncharted waters with the Witches, especially, Anastasia,  he would've made different, perhaps better choices. Needless to say, it was too late. There was no turning back, one could only deal with what cards remained on the table. Thus, he decided to test his charm upon the brunette.  

      tumblr_muam6yBwxn1r6f8cpo9_r1_250.gif?profile=RESIZE_180x180“And where others may well fear of the darkness I see in you, I do not.” He chose and posed his words carefully then proceeded to follow her movements in the room with an unwavering gaze. “I understand far more than you realise, Anastasia.” Came his hushed admittance as he tried to reach out to her with the ghost of a smile. “Therefore allow me to say this with conviction, darkness is not in your nature. It’s a choice we make; a means of avoidance. I acknowledge my greatest affliction, tell me, what is it that poisons your soul?” Raising his brows, genuinely intrigued to know, he relaxed his posture before her with his arms falling back to his sides. “Hmm?” He breathed to further prompt an answer before resigning to give her one of his most content smiles. In all honesty, Theodore didn’t particularly care for an answer, his main objective was to shed a greater light on that which she had spoken so vaguely of; it wasn't just that though. No, he wanted Anastasia to know that he could see the give-away cracks in her facade. 

      “Ah,” He lightly scoffed towards her as he felt her gaze narrow upon him. Perhaps he had been too forthcoming with agreeing to her terms. “What is it, have you not had a man surrender to you in this way before, Anastasia?” He chuckled lowly, shaking his head, relishing in the tease that accompanied her next question. He could hardly deny it, she was taking quite the risk by involving herself with him in this way. Of course, he wasn’t going to point that out to her. Not when he needed to fool her into believing that she had him right where she wanted him. “I do hope you are sticking to the terms of what we agreed, Miss Thornbrook. The cross, I want it gone.” He said sternly, observing the Witch make her way across the room towards the desk. Her movements had him on edge, he could tell that she was concocting another plan. He had half a mind to leave, but he needed the hex removed and time really was of the essence. A few more days, give or take, and he would never recover from the side effects of the curse. He couldn’t risk it, so he had no choice but to stay.

      Whatever the Regent Witch discovered while rummaging through the draw, Theodore didn’t trust it nor did he trust her, so as she returned to where he stood, he broadened his stance before her to gain a posture that spoke of his remarkable physical strength; straightening his spine, his chest puffed out slightly and his broad shoulders grew wider. “What is that?” He challenged with his focus falling solely upon the bracelet the Witch held within her hand. “This is not a part of our deal, Miss Thornbrook.” He protested coldly against her silence, tearing his eyes away from the bracelet to rest a dark gaze upon her features; his ebony hues looking to her with nothing but sheer contempt. Before he could utter another word or even snatch his hand away, he felt the cold metal of the bracelet snag against the skin of his wrist.

      “Obedience bracelet, you say?” No, goddammit, no! Anastasia, what have you done? You shall live if only to regret this. At first, he tried to his luck with pulling at the bracelet now adorning his wrist, but the damn thing was indestructible. Still, he continued until Anastasia gave him an order to stop. “No.” He stubbornly fired back through gritted teeth, fighting the urge to adhere to her order for as long as he could before giving in. “Remove it.” He warned with his gaze turning into that of a glare. “I said remove it!” He demanded again, only this time while waving his wrist in front of her face. “I will take everything from you, Anastasia.” He sneered and offhandedly moved swiftly to gain a merciless hold of her throat, catching a few loose curls of her chestnut locks between his fingers. “You hear me? Everything.” He then jolted her head with his grip on her neck growing ever stronger, just enough to silence her and prevent her from breathing another word. None of this was bringing him closer to his goal, quite the opposite, but he couldn’t stop himself. “I should kill you.” He said, cocking his head to one side, biting against the side of his lip. “But that would start a war.” He tutted lowly, disapprovingly shaking his head as he pondered on the opportunities the brunette had missed to bring about his end. “You are allowing the darkness to consume you. Mislead and misguide you." He stated with a chilling coldness to his tone. "I am telling you, you have a choice here. You have the power to stop this.” He continued with nostalgic memories surfacing in his mind causing his hold on the woman's throat to weaken.

      tumblr_inline_n3yhzdShnh1sp5ew5.gif“Would you like to know what I find most astonishing about you?" He glanced away for a split second. "It's the way you continue to judge me for my ways when you are no better?” He shrugged with his ebony hues possessing a look of knowing. "I could try to kill you right now, I could plan an attack on you in the future. I could hunt down all those that you are close to and strike them off one by one. I could cause you so much chaos, Anastasia." Pausing to take a frustrated breath, "Hell, when I release you, you could well kill me, and with great ease, I don't doubt. But that isn't what you want, is it? It's not what I want either." He said while searching the depths of her green pools for an honest answer. Yes, he had done many bad things, at times some truly unforgivable things, but killing the Regent Witch was not what Theodore wanted anymore, so he was going to fight his violent impulses with all that he had to prevent Anastasia's name from being added to the long list of his victims. "Whatever it is that you want from me, I will do it..." He inched himself closer to her, shuffling his feet a couple of inches across the floor.


       "Not because of this bracelet, but because I know that I have wronged you." He confessed, hoping she would trust that he was being sincere and began to relax the hand he had used to pin her in place. It wasn't easy for Theodore to give himself up to the High Priestess, but in a bid to avoid starting a war between both of the species, surrendering himself to Anastasia without a hidden agenda meant that he was making a better choice for once. He didn't half doubt that he would come to regret it, but for the time being, he was willing to take the risk. "Now, please remove the hex." He sighed with furrowed brows, his charcoal hues practically pleading with her while he uncurled his fingers and allowed his hand to slip free of her shoulder to now stand before her with his arms crossed against his chest. 


  • Witch - Head Admin

    “Oh, I don’t think anything has been as amusing as your misery is, Theodore. It brings me great pleasure to see you suffer.” Anastasia mused in response to his sarcastic words, her grin remaining in place. He did kill one of her witches who had simply been doing a job assigned to her, hetumblr_inline_p1c4puyrXo1t8bm8b_250.gifv deserved all the misery in the world according to the High Priestess. This curse, however, was just the beginning to her methods to make him suffer; the witch had far more up her sleeve than he could possibly imagine. She could see right through that façade he suddenly had on and with the hex still coursing through his veins, she knew he wanted nothing more than to rip into her, something he’d done quite often in the past couple of months and though it had come to the point to angering both the law and the council, Ana wanted to continue her little game for a little longer. It didn’t hurt anyone if he was cooped up in her office, now did it?

    If it were even possible, the witches grin seemed to widen more when she saw his expression quickly change and it seemed she had directly hit a weak spot of his; the Queen Vampiress. Ana knew just about everything that went on in this town and she knew his relationship with the Queen had surpassed her simply being his Queen. Hell, her great-grandmother had told her stories and stories and the elder was known to never utter a lie in her life unless it truly benefited her in some way. “Lying will get you nowhere.” She commented with a tsk, moving to lean against her desk as she watched the male Vampire with this knowing look on her features. “I know your relationship with Rose is far more than that, dear Theodore.” She stated the obvious, leaning away from her desk to pace around. “How she can be involved with someone who’d killed her once, though, is completely beyond me.” Anastasia was quick to add with a shake of her head and a look on her face as if she was honestly confused. When he continued to try and avert her attention to that of removing the hex, she just laughed. “I don’t think you’re in the position to make demands so shut it.” She said with this sickly sweet smile.

    “Well, than it’s a good thing you don’t plan on killing me. I’m sure your Queen won’t appreciate the war my people will start against her.” She sighed softly as if she was afraid he’d kill her because he could certainly try, she wouldn’t let him though. It was, however, entertaining to see how unhappy her mentioning of the Vampire Queen made him but she’d move away from that topic for now because even though she had fun when angering him in this way, these two had more important things to proceed with. Narrowing her eyes at him, Anastasia arched a brow. “I don’t understand why this conversation keeps turning back to me.” She said with a shake of her head. She knew exactly what he was doing and one thing the witch hated was when others thought they knew her or thought they saw right through her, something she wouldn’t allow. “I don’t believe that’s any of your business, sweetheart.” She added with an eyeroll.

    tumblr_inline_p1c5b0jg9H1t8bm8b_250.gifvScoffing, the brunette stood before the male with a bored expression on her features. “Oh, trust me, I’ve had many men surrender to me in more ways than just this.” Ana said before her expression became blank when he again demanded she remove the hex and knowing the High Priestess, she hated when someone else tried to make demands to her when she had more power over him. “Again with these demands of yours, Theodore. Do you not know how to stay in your place?” She questioned. “Last I checked, I am the one who can remove this hex and if you keep trying to act like you’re above me, I may just make it permanent.” The witch threatened before quickly adding, “don’t test me” with a stern look on her face, a finger pointed in his direction.

    She heard him speak to her, that was obvious, but Ana chose not to care as she clasped the ugly bracelet around his wrist before taking a step back with her green hues glued to the jewelry as if she were admiring her handy work. Clearing her face of any expression, her eyes moved to his face, watching and listening as he threatened her before failing to hold in a laugh. “Yes, keep threating me! That will get you places.” Ana spoke with clear sarcasm and as she was expecting him to retaliate, she was hardly taken back when his hands suddenly wrapped around her throat, her lower back colliding with the harsh corner of her desk, causing a small yet manageable pain to shoot up her spine. As his grip tightened, however, it began to cut off her air flow as well as any sound from coming out of her but instead of letting the panic set in, she chose to just look at him blankly. His grip did thankfully loosen and she welcomed the air that filled her lungs. “I have the power to do much more than just stop this.” She uttered and as he continued to speak, she waited without uttering another word until he let go of her completely and stepped away. Cocking her head to the side a little as she watched him, Anastasia proceeded to lift her hand into the air, not moving it any further up past her head before clenching her hand with her eyes dead set on him, her action soon prompting a sharp, unbearable pain to shoot through his skull. She waited until he had fallen to his knees while clutching his head to kneel before him, her face mere inches away from his. “I should just kill you right now.” The witch said through clenched teeth.tumblr_on4i0haQX51vrkkaco2_250.gifv

    She didn’t care at this point if he was truly begging her to set him free of the curse because once he’d decided to lay his hands on her, that’s when a burning rage shot through her body. Ana was angry, that was obvious however, as he remained on the floor still in pain, she stood up and walked towards her desk area towards a very large drawer in particular. This drawer typically contained items needs to perform spells, including candles, herbs, and such along with her grimoire, a drawer she kept sealed. Unsealing it, she took out a candle, a silver knife, and a white muskroot before sealing it using a sealing spell. With these items in hand, the High Priestess approached Theodore once more. She lit the candle before setting it and the muskroot down in front of him on the floor. Kneeling before him, she harshly tugged his wrist with the hex mark on it forward. “Niax en at tem alach ti. Niax en at tem alach ti…” The witch chanted over and over, coating the silver knife with her dark magic as she brought the blade to the mark on his skin, grazing it over and over his flesh until the blade began to remove the mark little by little with the help of her incantation.

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