Finding the Truth - Isabelle and Gael

tenor.gif?itemid=11841059Gael had finally taken the plunge and told Stefan that he was ready to get married, even though he still didn’t know what he was. His best friend had been helping him to try and discover the mystery that was his own life. Gael remembered growing up with his mother, she was the kindest most gentlewoman in the entire world. Nothing could ever colour that view he had of her, or so he thought. His mother was keeping his father a secret she knew exactly what Gael was and had witches and Heretics lock that part of him away from him.

With the passing of his mother Gael felt lost and the only people he felt at home with Were Stefan and Bells. Making his way into the Cambion home the Second in Command looked for the woman he loved. Running up the steps three at a time, a box tucked under his arm he loved Stefan and the man had supported him for the last 70 years but this was something he could only go through with his best friend. He felt like she was the only one who could help him through it.

Entering her bedroom he walked over to the bedside and plopped the shoebox down on the nightstand and he himself flopped into the bed next to the sleeping woman. “Wakey wakey pretty lady.” He whispered as he wrapped his large arms around the Cambion. 

Gael always felt comfortable around her, they had basically become siblings over the many years together and anyone who dared to threaten her they had this large man to deal with. Though only human, he was willing to take on Demons, Angels or even Cambions if he had to. He feared nothing when it came to protecting those he loved.

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  • Cambion

    Isabelle had barely gotten any sleep lately, especially with a certain werewolf on her mind, so when she was finally about to get a couple hours of sleep tonight before training started, she literally cherished it. You could only imagine how annoyed she was to be awaken early in the morning, especially by her second in command. "Gael, you son of a bitch." The cambion mumbled, having the sudden urge to push him off of her bed in hopes of getting tumblr_om78sasPKE1utrtino1_500.gifvmore rest. However, when she was waken up, Belle had the hardest time going back to sleep so she squirmed out of his arms, sat up, and glared.

    They had a pretty comfortable relationship with one and other, one that probably confused most people. Though, Belle knew it was just because they'd literally been through hell and back together so she cherished this friendship, ignoring the looks these two might receive from people who thought they were bat shit crazy.

    She was glad he'd stayed by her side for this long, especially after she'd overthrown her own father, the former king of the underworld, and basically had a bounty over her head. Not only did satan want her head, but their were hunter who found that her species needed to be hunted. The cambion Queen had dealt with her fair share of hunters, all of which she'd either killed or sent back to those who'd sent them with only their heads. She was known to be ruthless when she wanted to be, some could say she got it from her father, a saying she absolutely despised.

  • Nephilim

    “Now now is that any way to speak of my parents?” He teased her. He lay back on her pillows and watched her. “So something weird happened to me last night, I had a dream... A vision or something?” He made a weird face. “I had like this light about me. It was weird, almost angel-like I would think.” He made another face. “Bells I feel like it is trying to tell me something, can you help me figure it out.” He asked.


    Gael had been feeling off lately like something was waking up inside him, ever since the Angels had come into town. He was feeling different, he was not sure what it is, he needed Bells, he was always there for him and now he needed her.


    “I am telling you Bells something isn’t right, we all know I am not human, we don’t know what I am but there is something going on inside me and I need to figure it out. The angels coming into town make me feel threatened they make me feel scared. I can’t figure out why.”

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